Mini St. Bernard Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Mini St. Bernard is the hybrid of the Cocker Spaniel and the St. Bernard dog breed. The registration of this hybrid with Dog Registry of America shows that it is formed in recent years in America. It would not be wrong to say that Mini Saint Bernard is a shrunken version of the original Saint Bernard parent.

Mini St. Bernard History

Mini St. Bernard Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowIt is best to look at the history of Mini St. Bernard’s parents to know its origin and background in detail. One of its parents, the Cocker Spaniel, originated in the 1800s. It is thought to be originated in Spain, where the hunters used dogs for hunting birds when there were no rifles. The Spaniels were divided as land and water spaniels, and the Cocker Spaniel was a great hunter and retriever dog. The word Cocker in its name is due to its prowess in hunting Woodcock birds.

The AKC registered this breed in 1878 and was listed as the 29th most popular breed in the U.S. On the flip side, we have the St. Bernard dog, which originated in Switzerland in the Swiss Alps earlier in 980 A.D. It is named after its breeder Bernard de Menthon who used this dog to help rescue victims trapped under the snow. The great sniffing prowess of this dog made it capable of doing so, and it also makes him the best search and rescue dog even to the present day. The AKC accepted it as a breed in 1885.

Mini St. Bernard Characteristics

The appearance of Mini St. Bernard may vary dependent on which parent genes are dominant. This hybrid takes on two sizes named Micro and the Nehi. The Nehi St. Bernard weighs about 50 pounds, while the Micro is smaller, weighing around 25 pounds. Other characteristics of this adorable breed are its domed skull, pointed muzzle, heart-shaped black nose, floppy feather ears, and kind expressions.

How Big to Mini St. Bernard Get

Mini St. Bernard is around 15-20 inches in height and weighs between 20-60 lbs. The female is comparatively smaller, weighing around 15-55 lbs. standing 14-19 inches.

How Long Does Mini St. Bernard Live

The Mini St. Bernard has a long lifespan of a small-sized dog. Its longevity depends on its health which you can improve with proper supervision and care. On average, it can live for around 13 to 15 years.

How Much Does a Mini St. Bernard Cost

For a dog like a Mini St. Bernard, you should expect to spend $500 and $1,000. Make sure to buy from a breeder who takes pride in their business and reputation and take the time to show you around their facility. You will also need to invest in other necessary stuff like Dog Crate, Dog Bowl, etc.

Mini St. Bernard Temperament/Personality

Being friendly, sociable, and affectionate, the Mini St. Bernard enjoys the title of the family dog. In essence, it is a working dog and is much happier with a job to do. Therefore, we recommend you always provide this active buddy with tasks, and if you don’t have a task to give, your dog can play with different interactive and puzzle toys.

Just make sure this cute furry being is never boring, as the boredom can lead to separation and anxiety issues. Not only is separation anxiety bad for your pup, but it can also be bad for your carpets, and furniture, etc., as it scratches the stuff around when anxious. Also, it is highly intelligent but sometimes stubborn, so make sure you use positive techniques while training.

Caring for Mini St. Bernard

Mini St. Bernard is an easily handled canine with little dietary needs. However, it needs immense care and supervision, especially when outside. In the heading below, we will look at his needs, which you need to consider.

Mini St. Bernard Nutrition

The Mini St. Bernard will eat 2 cups full of dry dog kibble approximately every day. Would you please make sure the diet you feed him must be of the best quality that you can afford? High-quality food will ensure that all of your pup’s dietary needs are taken care of. Some of the quality and affordable dog food brands are Dogswell Dog Food, Dr. Gary’s Best Breed Dog Food, Dr. Tim’s Dog Food.

How to Groom a Mini St. Bernard

A gentle clean and daily brush will help Mini St. Bernard to remain healthy. Pay close attention to the long hair around the face and legs. Check ears for dirt that can get trapped and cause inflammation. Other maintenance issues involve tooth care and hygiene which is essential to keep away from dental diseases.

Mini St. Bernard Activity Levels

The Mini St. Bernard is a hybrid with medium levels of energy and varying intensity needs. It can enjoy most of its activity indoors but need to get out in the fresh air every day. Therefore, it would be best to provide them a house with a fenced yard to play in.

Caring for Mini St. Bernard

Mini St. Bernard needs daily exercise to stay fit. It is an intelligent canine that needs mental stimulation as well. However, it can be quite destructive due to boredom if left alone for long or insufficient exercise.

The small size of this canine provides it with the ability to live in an apartment or small-sized home; however, it needs daily exercise and long walks in the spacious area daily to use its energy productively.

Mini St. Bernard Health

In general, the Mini St. Bernard is a healthy dog. Its parents are purebreds, and it doesn’t have as long of a line of inbreeding to tend toward more diseases. The diseases to which this hybrid is prone are Canine Hip Dysplasia (Chd), Seborrhea, Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV), Bloat, Entropion, Ectropion, Skin-Fold Dermatitis, Retinal Dysplasia, and Exposure Keratopathy. Take your pup to the vet for their regular check-up and more frequently as they get older.

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