Miniature Ausseippet Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Miniature Ausseippet is a cheerful blend of two working breed dogs, the Miniature Australian/American Shepherd, and the Whippet dog breeds. This dog is the perfect addition to an active family with kids and pets. An adorable, loyal and affectionate canine loving with children easily trained and makes a great family addition! This article will provide everything that you are looking for regarding this hybrid.

Miniature Ausseippet History

Miniature Ausseippet Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowLike other hybrid dogs, the history of Miniature Ausseippet goes back approximately 20 to 30 years, being developed in the US for what appears to be the purpose of combining both parent dog traits. Its parent dog, the Miniature American Shepherd, appears to be a hybrid itself and is recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2015. It is a new breed of dog that started in 1968, and it is a smaller version of the Australian Shepherd. The FCI also recognizes it in the year 2019.

In sharp contrast, the Whippet dog is a medium-sized dog that originated in England during the 19th century. Whippet is a sighthound breed coming from the ancestry of Greyhounds, and it has a great resemblance with Greyhound except for colors. It was famous as a working dog and as a companion of eminence. After getting excellence in dog sports such as agility, dock diving, flyball, this breed was used in agilities like coursing competitions, rabbit-luring, rag-racing, and the novel show fancy. The AKC accepted it as a breed in 1888.

Miniature Ausseippet Characteristics

The Miniature Ausseippet is a medium-sized canine that can have varied looks depending on the dominance of either parent. It has an athletic body and solid build with a dense coat. The hair can be long or short. The head is wedge-shaped with an elongated muzzle that ends in a black button nose. The feet are oval-shaped, the tail docked, while the ears are triangular and erect.

How Big to Miniature Ausseippet Get

Miniature Ausseippet is medium in size, around 14-22 inches in height, and weighs between 20-40 lbs. The male canine is bigger than the female, while the female is few pounds less in weight and few inches less tall than the male dog.

How Long Does Miniature Ausseippet Live

The Miniature Ausseippet is a fairly healthy breed, though little is known about his exact life expectancy. However, it is estimated to be somewhere between 10 and 13 years which is the average life of a medium-sized breed.

How Much Does a Miniature Ausseippet Cost

Miniature Ausseippet will run you almost $500-$800 for his adorable looks, friendly nature, and great working skills. The price you pay will depend largely on the reputation of the breeder you select. Another cost for the dog’s initial items like Dog Bed, Dog House, or Dog Crate can be around $150.

Miniature Ausseippet Temperament/Personality

Miniature Ausseippet is described as a loyal and affectionate canine loving with children and family and easily trained. This furry fellow will make a great family addition! Quite intelligent and social, eager to please and gentle, it makes the perfect choice for anyone, even a novice owner.

They are also very good with pets like the cat, canines, and other animals, with early socialization helping to achieve this.

It is easy to train as long as training is positive, fun and offers the occasional tasty reward. Owners tell about this canine that everyone who sees him wants a dog just like him.

Caring for Miniature Ausseippet

The Miniature Ausseippet is a relatively new breed, but we can conclude them based on all we know about their parents. Below, we will walk you through important things to consider before taking this pup to your home.

Miniature Ausseippet Nutrition

Plan to feed your Miniature Ausseippet 2-3 smaller meals each day, taking an estimate of 3 cups full of a good quality dog kibble. Avoid free-feeding as it can cause obesity which leads to mobility issues in dog’s senior years.

How to Groom a Miniature Ausseippet

Your Miniature Ausseippet will require grooming for 30 minutes each month. It should consist of brushing its coat for few minutes twice a week, and nails clipped once per month. During shedding season, you may need to brush him daily with a Dog Brush to keep the loose hair at a minimum.

Miniature Ausseippet Activity Levels

These highly active canines can run into destructive behavior and if they didn’t get their physical or mental stimulation. Take them to a long walk daily and also give them the chance of exercising. Because Miniature Ausseippet’s heritage incorporates hunting and tracking, you should keep your pet on Dog Leash whenever he is outside the house or yard.

Caring for Miniature Ausseippet

Miniature Ausseippet is an adaptable canine that can live in an apartment or yard. Just make sure to provide activity daily to keep your puppy active and fit.

These dogs should be brushed regularly and bathed as necessary. Talk to your vet about what to feed your dog or if it needs a special diet. With all training and socialization, it is important to potty-train it from the early years. Mental, as well as physical stimulation is necessary for the fitness and wellbeing of this canine.

Miniature Ausseippet Health

Bot, the parents of Miniature Ausseippet, are susceptible to various diseases. Although hybrids are produced as healthy dogs, they don’t inherit all parental diseases, but this breed didn’t walk away unscathed. A few conditions can include Cataracts, Retinal Dysplasia, Color Dilution, Alopecia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Phosphofructokinase (PFK), Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis, Elbow Dysplasia, Ear Infections, and Cataracts.

It is important to maintain regular veterinary scheduled checkups of your dog to ensure that any potential health issues are identified and treated as early as possible. Even if the pup seems healthy and happy, it is worth visiting a vet to check in to know if any health issue is arising.

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