Miniature French Schnauzer Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Miniature French Schnauzer is an intentional cross between the two well-known dog breeds, the Miniature Schnauzer and the French Bulldog. The clubs and registries which officially recognize it as a breed are the American Canine Hybrid Club and the Dog Registry of America, Inc.

Owing to their small size, they don’t need large yards since they’ll mostly follow you around. It makes them great options for those who live in an apartment. Let’s explore everything about this modern hybrid in the guide below.

Miniature French Schnauzer History

Miniature French Schnauzer Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowLike many other hybrid breeds, the Miniature French Schnauzer is relatively new and doesn’t have a very detailed origin story yet. Therefore, it is essential to learn about the origins of the parent breeds. To start, let’s take a look at the Miniature Schnauzer’s history. A small variety of the Schnauzer dog type traces back its origin to 14th century Germany. The breeders produced these little Schnauzers with the smallest specimens of the Standard Schnauzer.

Also, it is believed to have smaller breeds like Poodles, Affenpinscher, and Miniature Pinscher in its ancestry. The French Bulldog is a smaller version of a Bulldog and a breed of domestic dog that originated in the 1800s. The breeders intentionally crossed the Toy Bulldogs with local ratters in Paris, France, to get this little compact and strong canine to be used as a companion and herder. These little canines got fame with time, and till 2020, they were the second-most popular AKC-registered dog in the US.

Miniature French Schnauzer Characteristics

The typical look of Miniature French Schnauzer is a small to medium-sized canine with floppy ears, dense fur, shiny eyes, and a compact body. Despite their little stature, they are strong and active. Their coat color patterns can vary from grey, black, brown, and tan with white markings. They usually have a double coat with moderately long and dense fur, while they may also take on the single-layer coat of the French Bulldog.

How Big to Miniature French Schnauzer Get

The Miniature French Schnauzer is a small-sized pup, around 11-14 inches in height, and weighs between 15-22 lbs. The female dogs are mostly seen to be smaller than their male counterparts.

How Long Does Miniature French Schnauzer Live

A Miniature French Schnauzer can live a longer life of 15-17 years given the circumstances suitable for its health. However, it can reduce this life expectancy if not meeting its needs properly. In contrast, the best type of care will result in increased longevity.

How Much Does a Miniature French Schnauzer Cost

Even though Miniature French Schnauzer is a hybrid of two famous US dog breeds, it is not a costly as the other canines. By and large, it goes from $500 and $800. However, it may be a little expensive if sometimes the breeder is offering a highly reputable and healthy ancestry.

Miniature French Schnauzer Temperament/Personality

Miniature French Schnauzer is a highly friendly dog, and like many other companion dog breeds, it needs frequent human interaction. As a result, it can be shy to be new to the household when it comes to the first time, but you can gradually reduce this tendency with proper training and early socialization.

It rarely barks, but when do it means but is alone and boring, or sometimes, he is just talking. Moreover, it loves playing with kids and can be the best with families who have kids. Finally, its people-oriented nature makes it easier to train, even though they have tendencies to be stubborn.

Caring for Miniature French Schnauzer

There are several things you must know upfront about the Miniature French Schnauzer that involve his grooming diet, exercise, and health. Owning a pup is a substantial investment of both time and money, so there are a few things you should know before you take the plunge.

Miniature French Schnauzer Nutrition

Your Miniature French Schnauzer needs a high-quality free of fillers Dog Food with all the high-grade ingredients. Meat should be the primary ingredient, so make sure to pick up a dog food package with protein labeled on it. You can also give Dental Chews as it helps to control tartar and plaque buildup.

How to Groom a Miniature French Schnauzer

Miniature French Schnauzer is easy to groom and a hypoallergenic dog. Its coat needs weekly brushing to remove loose hair and matting. Low in smell and drooling, it needs infrequent bathing. However, you can clean its body with a damp cloth occasionally and use a Dog Deodorizer.

Miniature French Schnauzer Activity Levels

The moderately active Miniature French Schnauzer may not nag you to get plenty of exercise. Still, they must get at least 30 minutes of daily exercise or activity to keep away from behavioral and physical issues such as anxiety, obesity, and bloat. You can also provide them with Interactive Dog Toys or Puzzle Dog Toys for mental stimulation.

Caring for Miniature French Schnauzer

The Miniature French Bull Terrier is easy to groom and a highly adaptable canine. It can tolerate hot and cold temperatures and live in urban and rural settings, though homes with open space may be better. It needs to be exercised mentally as well as physically.

The maintenance needs of this breed are weekly combing and brushing weekly ear wash, weekly teeth brushing, and monthly nail trimming. In addition, start socializing and training them early, be patient and always keep an eye on them.

Miniature French Schnauzer Health

Hybrid dogs are produced as healthy dogs, and they don’t inherit all parental diseases. However, they didn’t walk away unscathed and got few parental health concerns. Your Miniature French Schnauzer may be prone to Brachycephalic Syndrome, Cataracts, Urolithiasis, Diabetes, Schnauzer Comedo Syndrome, Cleft Lip or Palate, Dry Eye, and Anemia. To ensure that any potential health issues are identified and treated as early as possible, it is important to ensure scheduled veterinary checkups of your dog.

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