Miniature Labradoodle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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Miniature Labradoodle is a famous hybrid dog produced due to the cross between Labrador Retriever and Miniature Poodle. We can speculate that this breed is native to America as it is officially recognized by only Dog Registry of America, Inc. These jolly and affectionate dogs do best in big families with large homes rather than in single-person apartment dwellings. Great with kids, quite protective of their owner and family, they can be great either in guard role or companion dog role.

Miniature Labradoodle History

Miniature Labradoodle Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Miniature Labradoodle results from a trend in the 1980s in which a demand for smaller dogs became trendy. Interestingly, the breeders are producing these hybrids in different ways. The F1 Labradoodle is 50% Labrador and 50% Poodle with Lab. The other type is F1-B which is 25% Labrador Retriever and 75% Poodle. It is more inclined towards Poodle in its traits.

The third unique type is F2 which is produced due to a cross between the two F1 Labradoodle hybrids. This combination gives the same percentage of Lab Poodle mix. The last type is F3 (or higher generation) which is then produced by crossing F2 Labradoodle designer hybrids. The last type is the multi-generation, which the breeders get by the cross of F3 Labradoodle cross.

Miniature Labradoodle Characteristics

Overall, Miniature Labradoodle balances the looks and traits of both its parents. It is a furry and small little fellow with a round face covered with wiry fur like the whole body. This breed’s shiny and curled fur makes it look cuter, and it seems like a fluffy ball. The shiny eyes have heart hacking expressions while the cherry black nose on their tapered muzzle enhances their beauty. With the uncontrollable fluctuations from dog to dog, these are the cute ever pups you will come across.

How Big to Miniature Labradoodle Get

Miniature Labradoodle is small to the medium-sized dog that stands around 14-17 inches at the withers and weighs between 35-45 lbs. The height is the same for both male and female dogs; however, females weigh less than their male counterparts, and it could be 25-40 lbs.

How Long Does Miniature Labradoodle Live

Here is good news for you in case you decide to adopt a Miniature Labradoodle. It is a small-sized doggy, and small dogs are observed to have longer life spans. Expect this pup to live around 15 years, increasing to 17 or 18 years given proper care.

How Much Does a Miniature Labradoodle Cost

You should be able to find Miniature Labradoodle for as little as $100, but we’ve also seen some go for as much as $800. Initial medical needs like deworming, shots, examination, blood tests, neutering, and microchipping will cost $270.

Miniature Labradoodle Temperament/Personality

Miniature Labradoodle is happy snuggling on the couch with their favorite person. Their temperament is mellow, affectionate, vibrant, and easy-going, making them a perfect fit for a dynamic family with many members. So highly intelligent to be trained well; they need training and socialization from a very early age to get used to it.

This loyal canine can sometimes be goofy, especially if they are left alone for extended periods. It can be a bit clingy at times and follows its owner around like a little shadow. However, they do enjoy playtime and romping around off-leash. Collectively this pooch is highly sociable that enjoys the company of children, and handles the company of other pets well.

Caring for Miniature Labradoodle

Miniature Labradoodle, like all the dogs, has its quirks and unwelcome behavior. Overall, it is a people-pleasing pup, but above all, upbringing plays a profound role in your dog’s personality. So read on to know the important points of your pup’s care and good upbringing.

Miniature Labradoodle Nutrition

Suggested by its size and high activity levels, the dietary requirements of Miniature Labradoodle are neither too low nor too high. It needs around 2 cups full of a nutritious full dog diet. We recommend you some dog food brands which you can trust. These are Purina Dog Food, Wellness Dog Food, etc.

How to Groom a Miniature Labradoodle

The Miniature Labradoodle coat tends to resemble the Poodle in that it’s full of short, wiry hair. Unfortunately, many brushes won’t work on it, so you’ll likely need to invest in a good Dog Brush and maybe even a Vacuum for Dog Hair. Keep up with other grooming needs as well, such as pup’s ear cleaning and teeth brushing.

Miniature Labradoodle Activity Levels

The Miniature Labradoodle needs a high amount of activity. As a smaller breed, it may be prone to gain weight if it can become an inactive adult. Therefore, you need to maintain an exercise regimen that includes different games and trips to the dog park. Exercise is necessary to stay out of mischief and be healthy.

Caring for Miniature Labradoodle

Miniature Labradoodle needs brushing at least twice a week and regular cleaning of his floppy ears. He tends to overeat or eat too quickly, which can lead to bloat or obesity. Split meals into short portions so that the pup doesn’t gobble up the food too quickly and stick to a feeding schedule.

All their running and jumping can put a great deal of strain on their joints as well, so you can use Dog Joint Supplement with the vet’s recommendation. To prevent tooth decay, brush his teeth at least three times a week. This compactly furred doggo is adaptable when it comes to climate.

Miniature Labradoodle Health

Genetic make-up and lifestyle will play a huge part in the health of your Miniature Labradoodle. Therefore, it is important to buy from a reputable breeder who gives the health clearance of the pup and his parents. The disease common with this hybrid is Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Hip Dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, and Elbow Dysplasia. You can keep an eye out for these ailments by ensuring your pup’s regular veterinary visit. In addition, your vet can prescribe an anti-inflammatory, and it should pass as your pup gets older.

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