Montenegrin Mountain Hound Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Montenegrin Mountain Hound is a well-mannered canine with amazing capacities, known as the Yugoslavian or Black Mountain Hound. As their name, they were reared and utilized to chase little game like a bunny, fox, and even deer for quite a long time. These dogs are hard to train, but they do well with their loving trainer and family. They are intelligent and have laid-back personalities, which makes them a great companion. However, their high energy level requires a lot of activity. They generally bark a lot, making them less appropriate for condo living, except they are completely guided.

Montenegrin Mountain Hound History

Montenegrin Mountain Hound Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThis breed doesn’t have enough history so that we will stem from the canine’s real beginning. However, the Serbian Hound shows the same needs as Montenegrin Mountain Hound, and it is highly assumed that both were cross between the quick and smooth-sight dogs that the Phoenicians and Slavic canines frequently exchanged.

History shows that hounds are the same as those utilized far back in the 1800s. There was no official affirmation until 1924 when they were first written as Standard and Yugoslavian Mountain Hound. The FCI formally changed its name to the Montenegrin Mountain Hound in 1997. Lastly, they were perceived by the United Kennel Club in 2008. They are fairly famous for chasing after different canines and yet thought to be uncommon and are not regularly found outside their space of origin.

Montenegrin Mountain Hound Characteristics

The Montenegrin Mountain Hounds are moderate-sized dogs, and they have a strong, solid, and muscular appearance. Their smooth coat can be black, brown, red, and white. They have a long head with a thick skull and a wide gag. They have a dark nose and dull brown eyes, and long oval ears. They have a profound chest, strong thighs, and a tightening tail.

How Big to Montenegrin Mountain Hound Get

The average height of both male and female Montenegrin Mountain Hound is between 17 10 22 inches, while their weight is around 44 to 55 pounds.

How Long Does Montenegrin Mountain Hound Live

The average life span of Montenegrin Mountain Hound is around 11-14 years which can be increased with better living conditions, including food and shelter.

How Much Does a Montenegrin Mountain Hound Cost

The price of an average adopted dog is $100 – $300, but the purebred puppies can be over $1000. So it’s better to find adoption.

Montenegrin Mountain Hound Temperament/Personality

The Montenegrin Mountain Hounds are great hunters and need daily exercising as they have a high energy level. They enjoy walking, jogging, and hiking as they have great athletic characteristics. They are usually attached to their masters, but they can socialize and get along with kids and other pet animals with proper training.

They also need supervision around small animals as they have great hunting drives and get easily distracted by the scent of other animals. Always use a Dog Collar when you go outside in a park and use Dog Activity Monitors at home. They can be stubborn and sensitive while training, so use positive reinforcement and give Jerky Treats for Dogs a reward.

Overall, they have a laid-back personality, but they bark quite often, making them unsuitable for apartments. They can do much better in a large property area or an apartment with a big fenced yard where they can roam freely.

Caring for Montenegrin Mountain Hound

The Montenegrin Mountain Hounds need special caring during training sessions because they can be tough but not much under the guidance of a good trainer.

Montenegrin Mountain Hound Nutrition

The average food consumption of Montenegrin Mountain Hounds is 3 cups of Food for Large Dogs, which can be divided into portions. Also, give them extra nutrients and proteins for better living. Their daily food will cost around $1.50 – $2.00, and the monthly cost will be around $45.00- $60.00.

How to Groom a Montenegrin Mountain Hound

The Montenegrin Mountain Hounds don’t need much maintenance as they have short fur, which requires brushing once or twice a week with a pin brush. You can visit a dog parlor once a month for their grooming. As they are hunters and have a high spirit of exercising, check on their nails twice a week to get dirt stuck in them.

Montenegrin Mountain Hound Activity Levels

This variety is viewed as a medium to high energy canine, as they have profound muscle bodies created by hundreds of years of chasing. They need 45 minutes of activity each day and 14 miles of walk per week. You can also take them to a fenced yard or a dog park where they can run freely. Lack of activity can cause restlessness and behavioral issues.

Caring for Montenegrin Mountain Hound

The Montenegrin Mountain Hounds are very loving, intelligent, and caring dogs that love to spend time with their owners. They are great hunters and loyal companion variety which stays with his family in time of any danger. They need the right amount of care and space to grow independently. They are not hypo allergic and shed very little. Their smooth and silk coat still needs special care, so they don’t get any infection regarding skin. Please give them a moderate amount of food and water and provide them proper shelter in extreme weather conditions.

Montenegrin Mountain Hound Health

The Montenegrin Mountain Hounds are a healthy breed, but they still get some health issues. One of the major health concerns in Montenegrin Mountain Hounds is Canine Hip Dysplasia, while the minor health concern is Ear Infections. They are also occasionally diagnosed with Ectropion. You can arrange a monthly checkup for your dog. Ask your veteran for occasional tests of X-Rays, Physical Examination, and Ear Examination so that you can diagnose the disease on time.

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