Morkie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Morkie is one of the most dynamic breeds. It has the presentable talent of the most charismatic breeds and the beauty of the most beautiful breeds. The Morkie in short has the best of both the Yorkshire Terrier and the Royal Maltese. Both of these breeds are of slight loyal birth, with thousands of fans worldwide.

If you think that you can run away from the beauty of the Morkie or ignore it, then you are wrong. Why? You will understand that soon enough.

Morkie History

Morkie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Morkie is a more modern breed developed in the late 19th Century. It does not have a long history, so to spice things up, we will look at the history of its parents. The Yorkshire Terrier was first developed entirely for Hunting. Their prey was mostly mice. The breed was bred in England during the Industrial Revolution. The breed has Old English Toy Terriers and Waterside blood flowing through its veins.

The Maltese are a royal breed that was developed in Malta. The birth of this beautiful breed remains a mystery to this very day. We do know that the Maltese are a cross of the Bichon and the amazing Spaniel category. The breed was used entirely to be a companion dog. The Romans took a fondness for this Dog because of its calm nature.

Morkie Characteristics

The Morkie is a small breed with big booms in beauty. It has a small but toned physique. The Morkie will have a medium-length coat that will mostly be straight. The color of the coat will vary between Gray, White, Fawn, Black, and Brown. The Morkie will have small round eyes and long ears. The feet of the Morkie will be well padded and short.

How Big do Morkie Get

The Morkie is a feather when compared to the other breeds. Normally the Morkie will weigh 4 to 7 lbs. The height of the Morkie will be between 8 to 10 inches. These ranges remain true for both males and females of this breed. It would be best if you kept an eye on its diet because the Morkie can gain weight quickly.

How Long Does Morkie Live

The lifespan of the Morkie will usually vary between 10 and 13 years. We know that it is slightly less based on the Dog year standards. The reason for that is the genetic problems that ail the Morkie. If you want, then you could probably expand that lifespan by a short figure. How? You only have to take care of its health and diet.

How Much Does a Morkie Cost

The Morkie isn’t a cheap breed. It has two amazing parent breeds that can cost you quite a sum. Accordingly, the Morkie will most likely cost you quite a sum. The most prominent determining factor for the price of the Morkie is its pedigree. According to that, it can cost you as much as 4000 dollars. The minimum figure that you will have to pay for the Morkie is 900 dollars. We recommend a price in between somewhere around 1500 dollars to 2500 dollars.

Morkie Temperament/Personality

The first thing that you should know about the Morkie is its neediness. The Morkie thrives in constant attention. It loves having affection directed towards it. If you can give it a lot of love, then that would be best. The other most important thing is to understand that the Morkie is slightly territorial. We believe that the Morkie should be given ample socialization to make it tamer and friendlier.

Training the Morkie won’t be that simple. You will have to be extra careful about how your approach to training it is. If you falter, then make no mistake; its stubbornness will surface. We recommend looking for professional guidance. You could also use a Dog Training Book. The use of Dog Treats in its training would also be appreciated.

Caring for Morkie

Like every small breed, the Morkie requires care and caution from its owners. To help you take care of the Morkie in the right way, we have compiled the following section.

Morkie Nutrition

The size of the Pomsky remains uncertain, which is why we can’t give you a fixed amount for its diet. The best volume, in the end, can only be recommended by the vet. The type of food or the brand can be Iams Dog Food or Wellness Dog Food. You can go for more options in the Dog Food section based on your needs.

How to Groom a Morkie

Taking care of the Morkie’s grooming routine won’t be that easy. You will have to brush its coat every day. If you don’t, the coat will tangle up and become matted. Brushing the coat is of vital importance. Bathing the Morkie won’t have to be a frequent activity. You can get away with one bath per month. You will have to be careful about its nails and teeth. Make sure that it doesn’t develop cavities.

Morkie Activity Levels

The Morkie is a small breed that doesn’t need a lot of exercises. To be completely honest, it cannot stand excessive exercise due to its small size. It will require only 30 minutes of exercise at most. You should still keep Morkie’s activity in its check. Make the sessions as formative and productive as you can.

Caring for Morkie

The Morkie does require some additional care and precautions about its health. Cleaning its ears takes priority. You will have to use clean swabs and a sterile solution to clean its ears. It would be best if you also kept it safe from extreme heat. Otherwise, it will suffer quick warm-ups, which may prove fatal. Keep chocolaty condiments away from the Morkie as much as you can.

Morkie Health

The small size of the Morkie doesn’t play out in its favor. Its genes and its size severely hamper the health of the Morkie. Numerous conditions are waiting to pounce upon the Morkie. These conditions include the likes of Portacaval Shunt, Portosystemic Shunt, Tracheal Collapse, Patent Ductus Arteriosus, Obesity, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, Patellar Luxation, Mono/Bilateral, Dental Disease, Cryptorchidism, Hydrocephalus, and Shaker Dog Syndrome.

Yes, that is a long list, and yes, you should be concerned. The Morkie will require the utmost care concerning its health. It would be best to take it to the vet’s office at least four times per month. At the slightest hitch, it should be in the vet’s office. You can never be too careful. Again please be careful about what it eats. Chocolate and Alcohol are a major no-no. Keep its diet healthy and crisp.

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