Mountain Cur Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Mountain Cur is a medium-sized, strong, muscular dog that can appear intimidating to those who meet him. Although this breed’s origins are unknown, as it is registered with mainly American-based canine clubs (American Kennel Club, American Canine Association Inc., and Dog Registry of America, Inc.), it might be native to the United States. The breed is considered to be quite friendly and playful, making them an excellent companion for families.

Mountain Cur History

Mountain Cur Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Mountain Cur is probably originated in Europe and came to America some two hundred years ago. It is a working dog that served as a companion and small game hunter. As its name revealed, this dog is a cure where the curs are known to be the members of the Hound group. Besides being a companion, it is the best watchdog also used for treeing, chasing, hunting, and water dog. This breed became rare after World War II, and some enthusiast breeders regained it and set its standards.

In 1956 this breed lover founded a club with its name. The main countries where this dog is specifically bred are Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. In 1998 the UKC officially registered this breed. However, the AKC added it to its Foundation Stock Service in 2017.

Mountain Cur Characteristics

Mountain Cur has a well-proportioned stocky body, and a medium-length tail carried slightly higher than their back. It is a powerful, heavy-built dog with a smooth, dense coat with rough patches giving this dog a rugged look. Its double coat protects it from harsh environmental conditions. The eyes are usually short and flop down; the eyes are dark while the nose is black on a pointed gag.

How Big to Mountain Cur Get

Your Mountain Cur is a medium dog around 18-24 inches in height and weighs between 45-60 lbs. The bitch is comparatively smaller, standing around 17-22 inches.

How Long Does Mountain Cur Live

Unfortunately, like many large breeds, the Mountain Cur doesn’t have a long lifespan, and 8 to 10 years is the average. However, you can increase this value with your dog’s better living conditions, including food and shelter.

How Much Does a Mountain Cur Cost

On average, the price of Mountain Cur puppies runs between $800 to $1,500. Don’t buy from unreputable breeders or Puppy mills that aim to produce as many puppies as possible in the shortest time. It can lead to poor conditions and immune-compromised puppies.

Mountain Cur Temperament/Personality

The Mountain Cur is a courageous and confident guardian for flocks of sheep and people alike. It is intelligent and relatively easy to train but will do best if it gets a firm handler who can show leadership and consistency. You may find it a little yappy, but you can train out the susceptibility to more barking, though. It enjoys digging holes throughout your backyard and doesn’t grasp that you might not like it.

However, with all their faults and qualities, the Mountain Cur will be devoted to you. As a puppy, it loves being the center of attention and entertaining its families. Like other breeds, early socialization and obedience training are recommended for this breed. It is not only a strong and courageous dog that can do well as a guard or working dog but also a gentle and a trusted family member. Its mellow and affectionate nature makes it easy to coexist well with children and other small pets.

Caring for Mountain Cur

With a little time and training, you can build a steadfast bond with your dog. Give your Mountain Cur plenty of space needed for exercise and healthy living habits that will help him lead a healthy and happy life.

Mountain Cur Nutrition

Dogs are individuals, just like people, and their dietary needs keep changes with their age and activity. An ideal Mountain Cur Dog Food should be formulated for a medium to large breed dog with high energy. A highly active canine will need more than a couch potato pup.

How to Groom a Mountain Cur

Your Mountain Cur is easily maintained and needs weekly brushing with a Dog Brush. In addition, daily brush their teeth and clean their ears after bathing. Using harsh soaps or bathing too often will strip away protective oils from their skin, which leads to dryness and breakouts, so we recommend you to use Dog Shampoo that is mild.

Mountain Cur Activity Levels

The Mountain Cur has hunting instincts in its blood and would enjoy a couple of hours chasing small animals in a park every day. You can use a Dog Leash and Dog Collar to prevent your dog from chasing after things but taking it to a dog park is the best for its exercise and socialization.

Caring for Mountain Cur

Give your Mountain Cur mental stimulation along with physical exercise to supervise him at all times as even a fenced yard. It is because these canines are highly intelligent and can be great escapers. Also, for being hypoallergenic, they can be the best choice for people with allergies.

Keep up with a good dog grooming and finish off grooming by checking its nails and clip gently when required. Dental problems can be a concern of many dogs so take some time each day or week just for routine dental upkeep.

Mountain Cur Health

There are no reported breed-specific health issues for your Mountain Cur which means that it is a healthier dog breed. However, watch for common issues like ear infections, allergies, etc. Dogs that get stress on joints sometimes behave strangely with muscle spasms and may have cramping. Thus, you have to ensure that your dog doesn’t jump from high surfaces to avoid joint stress and issues (until the joints are fully formed). Taking your little furry fellow for their regular health veterinary visits is crucial for their health, especially as they get older.

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