Mountain Feist Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Other names for this breed are Treeing Feist, American Treeing Feist, American Feist, and Mountain Terrier. As it originated in America, it is registered with American Canine Association Inc., American Pet Registry, Inc., American Treeing Feist Association, and Dog Registry of America, Inc. This dog gets on well with children and will need regular exercise to keep fit and happy. So, is the Mountain Feist the pup that you need to bring home to your family? You have come to the right place to find out. Keep your eyes stick to this page and scroll away as you will know all about Mountain Feist at the end.

Mountain Feist History

Mountain Feist Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowMountain feist is a small hunting dog that was developed in the Southeastern US in the 19th century. It became known as Treeing Feist; feist is a derivation of a fist. The South Americans used this term for a small, fierce dog. This dog is a descendant of the terriers brought over to the US by English miners and other immigrants. Often referred to in the past as “fice” or “fyce” dogs at the time, it was bred to be a utility breed, able to help farmers and ranchers. The most acceptable lineage of this dog is Smooth Fox Terrier and the Manchester Terrier; both were used as ratters. However, other breeds like Greyhounds, Whippets or Italian Greyhounds, Beagles, in their lineage are also speculated. The UKC recognized this breed in 1998.

Mountain Feist Characteristics

The Mountain Feist is a stockily build, rugged-coated dog that is bred for its working ability. Because of its similar coat texture, colors, and patterns greatly compares with the Jack Russell Terrier and other breeds of the type. The heads are proportionate to their overall body size, while the tails may be docked or natural (long and tapered).

How Big to Mountain Feist Get

Mountain Feist is around 12-18 inches in height and weighs between 12-30 lbs. The female dog is always comparatively smaller as compared to its male counterpart.

How Long Does Mountain Feist Live

The Mountain Feist live, on average, for about 10 to 15 years. Still, they make up for their short life expectancy by being fiercely protective and loyal companions that will never leave your side until the end.

How Much Does a Mountain Feist Cost

Feists are not overly expensive, and you can expect to pay around $500 – $800 for a Mountain Feist puppy. However, some unscrupulous breeders meet public demand with scant care for pups’ health and wellbeing, so it is crucial to make sure you buy from a reputable and reliable breeder.

Mountain Feist Temperament/Personality

Easygoing and well-tempered with people of all ages and other pets, the Mountain Feist is an adaptable breed that does well in most households. However, it is not submissive and can be harsh if someone treats it harshly or with tough hands. However, if socialized early, it will be mellow and gentle and enjoy meeting and interacting with other dogs.

It is best to keep your dog always busy to refrain from bad habits. A trip to the dog park, a day at the beach, or a brisk walk would also be good exercise. These dogs are best suited to a single pet household as they can’t see any other animal in their home as competition and won’t back down from a fight.

Caring for Mountain Feist

Like all other breeds, your Mountain Feist needs the right amount of care and space to grow independently. However, as there is far too much variation among individual dogs, their care needs also vary. Here in this heading, we have detailed its dietary exercise and grooming needs.

Mountain Feist Nutrition

Mountain Feist needs the food formulated for medium-sized breeds. They’re very energetic and require carbohydrates like oats or barley because this will help keep your puppy from getting too tired out during playtime. Consider some good dog food brands like Blue Buffalo Dog Food, Purina Dog Food, Taste of the Wild Dog Food, etc.

How to Groom a Mountain Feist

The smooth coat of Mountain Feist is not prone to matting, but weekly brushing will help with great maintenance. Brushing also helps distribute the natural oils on your dog’s skin and stimulates blood flow. In addition, the pup’s teeth should be brushed with Dog toothpaste several times a week to help prevent periodontal disease.

Mountain Feist Activity Levels

Mountain Feist s a moderately active dog and requires 40-50 minutes of less intense activity per day. It is essential for the health of their bones and joints to be cautious and not cause undue strain to the legs and hips, especially till the joints are not fully formed. You can use Dog Ramp to avoid jumps from high surfaces and joint stress.

Caring for Mountain Feist

Mountain Feist needs daily exercise with some great play sessions and mental stimulation games. Ensure to check your canine’s ears each day and clean them with a cotton swab and veterinary-approved solutions.

Trim its nails regularly and bathe using a gentle dog shampoo to maintain the coat’s natural oils. It would be best to give plenty of obedience training and other physical activities to do from puppyhood on so that you can have an easygoing and well-behaved dog as an adult.

Mountain Feist Health

There are no reported breed-specific health issues for your Mountain Feist which means that it is a healthier dog breed. However, watch for common issues like ear infections, allergies, etc. It may also get hip dysplasia which is the condition of dislocation of the hip bone that causes swelling and extreme pain. To avoid this, ask the breeder for a hip score or records on the parents to see if they ever had hip dysplasia. Moreover, taking your pups for their regular health veterinary visits is crucial for their health.

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