Mountain View Cur Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Mountain View Cur is a loyal dog and will protect his family, even to the death. The dog was produced in the 1980s to work. Thus, he needs a task to do to expend all of his energy. He could turn to bored, destructive behavior if forced to lead a more sedentary lifestyle. He does best with a more dominant owner who uses a consistent and positive approach.

Mountain View Cur History

Mountain View Cur Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Mountain View Cur is not a very old dog breed and originated in the 1980s. The dog is named after the living place of its breeders (Michael and Marie Bloodgood), the Mountain View Kennels. The intention behind producing this dog was to get one with power, hunting abilities, and companionship qualities alongside good looks. So, the Mountain View Cur excelled in hunting and remained hunter’s assistant, and today it is more popular as a guard and companion dog. It is a loyal and eager to please canine who never hesitate to work in any situation or climate. It is recognized by various dog clubs and registries, including the National Kennel Club, American Pet Registry, Inc., Dog Registry of America, Inc., Mountain View Cur Registry, Professional Kennel Club, etc.

Mountain View Cur Characteristics

The Mountain Cur is a medium-sized dog with a sturdy build. The coat is smooth and commonly having yellow, brown, or fawn coloration. Some animals will also show white markings on the toes, face or chest. In addition, these dogs might have bobtails or naturally long tails that may be docked. The ears are flop down, the eyes dark while the muzzle is tapered.

How Big to Mountain View Cur Get

Mountain View Cur is around 18-26 inches in height and weighs between 30-60 lbs. The female dog is always comparatively smaller and stands 16-24 inches at the shoulders and weighs around 25-55 lbs.

How Long Does Mountain View Cur Live

The Mountain View Cur live, on average, for about 10 to 13 years. It is quite a healthy breed but may have a few health issues which an owner should look out for to increase the pup’s longevity.

How Much Does a Mountain View Cur Cost

A Mountain View Cur puppy from a good breeder will cost about $500 on average but might go further should you go for a top breeder. For a healthy puppy, it is important to consider where you buy from. Health basics like vaccinations, Flea Treatment for Dogs, regular checkups, and then Medications for Dogs or pet insurance will be about $460 a year.

Mountain View Cur Temperament/Personality

The Mountain View Cur is a very intelligent and easy-to-train dog. However, he is highly active, and an untrained Cur can wreak havoc in your home. You need to provide enough physical and mental work to keep your dog away from destructive or negative behavior. He is a gentle dog by nature and never exhibits shyness or viciousness, and is always willing to do what he can to please his family.

Early training is essential to reduce all the negative tendencies of your puppy and make him grow into a well-mannered boy. It would be best to give treats and pat on the back to speed up training. However, he may suffer from separation anxiety if he is left alone for too long. He may not be likely to be aggressive but is generally protective.

Caring for Mountain View Cur

When you bring your puppy home for the first time, please give it a Dog House, a cozy Dog Bed, and other similar things of giving him the best life. It would help if you considered the cost of your Mountain View Cur’s diet, grooming, toys, etc., and never hesitate to invest in your pup.

Mountain View Cur Nutrition

As with all dogs, the Mountain View Cur’s dietary needs will change from puppyhood to adulthood and continue changing into senior years. It’s best to ask your veterinarian for recommendations about your dog’s diet. Choose a high-quality canine-appropriate food to nourish your Mountain Cur’s body and avoid overfeeding.

How to Groom a Mountain View Cur

The Mountain View Cur will require a moderate amount of grooming. For having a smooth coat, it is less prone to tangling and will be easy to brush. It only requires bathing when very dirty, and frequent bathing can cause skin irritation or dermatitis. The dog is not known to drool and has no doggy odor.

Mountain View Cur Activity Levels

Mountain View Curs have high energy levels. Make sure this canine gets at least one good hour long walk daily with a few active play sessions. He will learn to walk/run/jog on a Dog Leash and enjoy doing so; he is happiest with an open space to run.

Caring for Mountain View Cur

The Mountain View Cur does not typically tend to gain weight since he is such an active breed, but you must ascertain it is getting the proper nutrition. High energy levels energy of this dog can be applied negatively if you do not properly manage it.

Mountain View Cur is good for a family but may need a little patience when training. However, he is very adaptable and can live in any environment. They do well in homes with a fenced yard, either it is urban or rural.

Mountain View Cur Health

Every pet parent wants their kid to be as healthy as possible, and no one wants to go through the heartache and expense of a sick dog. Therefore, buying from a trustworthy breeder and asking to see health clearances to take a healthy puppy home is crucial. Mountain View Cur is a healthier breed but chooses a reputable breeder for buying it. It is only prone to minor concerns like Ear Infections and Eye Injuries. Regular veterinary checkups will help to keep these issues away.

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