Munsterlander Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The hunting dog Munsterlander can be found in two sizes: small and large. It traces back its origins in the Munsterland (Germany) in 1870, while its division in two sizes occurred in the mid-19th century. Both sizes are rare, with the qualities like skilled hunters and high intelligence. Munsterlanders love the sound of their voice, and therefore they are a little yappy. They may also bark to warn you of a stranger or intruder.

With a furry body, domed head, a slender athletic body, and tapered muzzle, it has adorable looks and catches everyone’s attention. Continue reading to learn all about this breed before bringing one of these wonderful pups home with you.

Munsterlander History

Munsterlander Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe history of small and large Munsterlander is almost the same. Both these types have their origin in Europe, and they were quite famous there. The Munsterlander dog traces back its origins in the Munsterland (Germany) in 1870. However, the ancient artworks of the 13th or 14th centuries have the same dog. The breed was divided into these two sizes in the mid-19th century.

Although the history in the US and Canada of this breed is little as it came here in recent years, it gained popularity here. The Large Munsterlander is a German sporting dog widely used for hunting, pointing, and retrieving. The Small Munsterlander is also known to be a great hunter for its high endurance and stamina. In Europe the Small Munsterlander is known as “Kleiner Munsterlander” while the Large Munsterlander as “Grosser Munsterlander.”

Munsterlander Characteristics

The typical Munsterlander resembles a hound with a slightly domed head, a slender athletic body, tapered muzzle, and wide-set eyes. The flop-down ears are covered with fur, while the dark round eyes convey a wealth of emotions. Their legs are straight and strong, with the front legs straight and the hind legs slightly bent. They have a long coat that is featherier around the chest, legs, and tail.

How Big to Munsterlander Get

The Munsterlander is around 20-25 inches in height and weighs between 40-75 lbs. The female is marginally smaller, weighing around 35-75 lbs. while standing 19-25 inches.

How Long Does Munsterlander Live

Munsterlander is a beautiful and loving pet that can live 13 to 15 years on average. But with just love and care, it will be living for many more happy years than this.

How Much Does a Munsterlander Cost

The average price of a Moscow Watchdog puppy is around $2000 – $2500. The variation in cost depends on the breeder. Breeders with good reputations typically charge higher. Also, you can find this puppy at a reasonable price in rescues or shelter homes.

Munsterlander Temperament/Personality

Munsterlander is naturally social and friendly, but all dogs benefit from early socialization to help them learn how to react to other animals and strangers properly. Friendly, affectionate, and kind, this dog will give you the best option as a watchdog, hunting dog, and companion. There is never a dull moment with this guy, and he is always up to play with you and go on adventures.

This dog can be stubborn at times which doesn’t make it an ideal choice for novice pet parents. However, by providing the required physical and mental stimulation and the company, people can keep it away from boredom and anxiety. Otherwise, boredom can cause destructive behavior or separation anxiety which can cause trouble.

The Munsterlander is noted for his courage and stamina, and that is why it can be on the hunting trail with you for a longer duration. In addition, it is tolerant and patient, thus good with kids. Finally, it is extremely loyal and loves everyone in the family.

Caring for Munsterlander

It would help if you remained in touch with your concerned vet for regular medical checkups and further assistance regarding your Munsterlander. The following heading entails the essential care tips of this dog.

Munsterlander Nutrition

The Munsterlander will eat approximately 2 cups of kibble every day. It might be slightly more or less depending on the dog’s age and size. Don’t let those innocent eyes fool you and never give the food more than this required amount. Instead, try some well-known dog food brands such as Nature’s Logic Dog Food, American Journey Dog Food, and Instinct Dog Food.

How to Groom a Munsterlander

Munsterlander sheds very little and may be considered a hypoallergenic hybrid. Its coat is easy to maintain with bi-weekly brushing. Like other animals, it only requires bathing when very dirty, as frequent bathing can cause skin dryness or dermatitis. Ear cleaning is another essential grooming step to avoid infections.

Munsterlander Activity Levels

Munsterlander can get himself into trouble if he does not have an opportunity to release energy throughout the day productively. So, take it outside at least twice a day for moderate walks and exercise. This curious pup needs not only physical exercise but also mental stimulation to remain fit and content.

Caring for Munsterlander

If you use Munsterlander for regular hunting, he will likely be settled after the day’s hunt. However, if you keep it solely as a companion, it needs around 60 minutes of activity a day. Ensure not to let your pup exercise in the heat and give access to shade and fresh water. Your Munsterlander must wear a Dog Collar and Leash as it is a natural hunter and will run after things and small animals. It would be best if you accommodated this canine in a house with a yard.

Munsterlander Health

Buy from a reputable breeder and ask to see health clearances to make sure you take a healthy pup home. Munsterlander is known to be a healthier dog breed with fewer concerns like Hip Dysplasia, Cataracts. Give Dog Joint Supplement regularly with vet’s recommendation to avoid Hip Dysplasia. Moreover, take your furry fellow to the veterinarian for their regular checkup and more frequently as it gets older.

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