Neo Bullmastiff Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Neo Bullmastiff is also known as a hybrid dog or a designer dog. These dogs have grown in popularity in the last two decades. The Neo Bullmastiff is also a gift of the designer dog trend. It is a hybrid of two incredible breeds, Neapolitan Mastiff and Bullmastiff. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about this beautiful breed to decide if this is the right dog for you.

Neo Bullmastiff History

Neo Bullmastiff Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe hybrid dog Neo Bullmastiff has little documentation on its origin so let’s look at its parent history. The Neapolitan Mastiff originated in Naples, Italy. The ancestors of this dog are known to be the British Mastiff and Roman War Dogs. It has a gentle size and loose skin that hangs down in wrinkles. In 1949, its standards were set officially, and the FCI recognized it in 1956. For its enormous size and ultimate strength, this dog was used as a military guard or rescue.

The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in 2004. In comparison, the Bullmastiff is an English molosser type dog with a giant appearance. This strong dog was used as a hunter, guard, and companion dog. This dog was produced by the interbreeding of an English Mastiff and the now-extinct Old English Bulldog in the 19th-century. In 1924 the English Kennel Club officially recognized it as a pure breed.

Neo Bullmastiff Characteristics

Your Neo Bullmastiff is an athletically built muscular dog with a smooth coat and rough hair. The common colors are brindle, red, black, blue, and brown. They are rarely solid-colored, but may have complimentary colors like brown and fawn or black and cream. Long, muscular legs, sturdy rectangular body, and a large head and floppy ears further characterize this breed.

How Big to Neo Bullmastiff Get

Your grown-up Mature Neo Bullmastiff dog typically measures 27-31 inches at the withers and weighs between 130-150 lbs. Mature females typically measure around 25-29 inches and weigh between 110-130 lbs.

How Long Does Neo Bullmastiff Live

Your Neo Bullmastiff may be expected to live for about 10 to 15 years on average. However, its longevity can be increased with better living conditions, including food and shelter. In addition, a spayed or neutered canine has relatively increased longevity.

How Much Does a Neo Bullmastiff Cost

Both Neapolitan Mastiff and Bullmastiff dogs can fetch high prices for their puppies, and the Neo Bullmastiff is right on par. It can be available anywhere in the range between $700 to $2,000. It would help if you researched to find a reputable and reliable breeder to buy a healthy dog for yourself.

Neo Bullmastiff Temperament/Personality

Neo Bullmastiff is another “Gentle Giants” as it is an affectionate, friendly, and mild-natured canine. You would be hard-pressed to find a more lovable, friendly mix for your family. He does not make good watchdogs because he is so friendly to anyone. However, you can train him to be less friendly to intruders making him your watchdog.

A trip to the dog park once a week is a great activity to get along well with other dogs. While giving treats and motivation is the best way to train your Neo Bullmastiff quickly and well. He is good with other animals, but its size can cause problems if it is not properly trained. In addition, your furry fellow is likely to be prone to separation anxiety, so don’t leave him alone for more than necessary.

Caring for Neo Bullmastiff

Learning about your potential pet’s temperament traits and parentage is only half the battle when deciding on the right dog breed for you and your family. There are many other aspects of dog care that you need to consider. Read on to know these aspects for your Neo Bullmastiff.

Neo Bullmastiff Nutrition

This hybrid is large, but its activity levels are low. So, it does not have excessive amounts of food so that it may not get overweight. As a rule of thumb, Neo Bullmastiff does good on Dry Dog Food adapted to his unique needs- formula for large, less active dogs.

How to Groom a Neo Bullmastiff

The Neo Bullmastiff will require a moderate amount of grooming. Brushing once a week with Dog Brush is sufficient to remove loose hair and keep his coat looking healthy. He needs routine care, like nail trims with Dog Nail Clippers, teeth brushing with special Toothbrushes for Dogs. In addition, keeping the ears clean and dry is another essential grooming aspect.

Neo Bullmastiff Activity Levels

Neo Bullmastiff is not a very energetic dog and needs not more than an hour of moderate exercise daily to stay healthy. Some of the activities they like are running in the yard, playing fetch, and playing with different toys.

Caring for Neo Bullmastiff

The points we discussed under the heading of caring for your dog are essential to consider once you have decided to take your Neo Bullmastiff home. Here are few general things in a summary. Other than dry food, you can also give Wet Dog Food to help provide your pup with additional moisture. In addition to this, you must not ignore all-time access to fresh, clean water. Avoid giving dairy products, too many grains, chocolate, and fatty meats, which can lead to health issues. He is large but does not require a large amount of activity; your Neo Bullmastiff can do well living in an apartment.

Neo Bullmastiff Health

Because the Neo Bullmastiff is a hybrid dog breed, he may inherit the common conditions of its parent breeds. As a result, it may be prone to Elbow Dysplasia, Canine Hip Dysplasia, Entropion, Ectropion, Cherry Eye, Retinal Dysplasia, Lip Fold Pyoderma, Skin Fold Dermatitis, and Ataxia. However, a hybrid doesn’t always need to take on its parental health concerns. Careful breeding and regular health veterinary visits help refrain from these potential risks.

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