Northern Inuit Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Northern Inuit is one breed that had a lot of us confused. It is one of the most resourceful breeds, yet it remains as mysterious as ancient breeds. The history of this breed is widely disputed, as you will soon learn. Many people believe that the Alaskan Malamute and the German Shepherd may have a role in its conception. However, a lot of other people beg to differ. Therefore, we will touch upon that subject. Yet, our main focus is gauging its ability for family companionship.

Northern Inuit History

Northern Inuit Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Northern Inuit has a dispute history. According to the vote of the majority, it is descended from Wolves. Yes, the prime canine from the Primal age is believed to be the true ancestor of the Northern Inuit. However, other experts believe that the Alaskan Malamute and the German Shepherd were crossed to produce this breed. Another sect believes that Eskimo dogs and Huskies were crossed to produce this breed.

No matter who or why the breed was produced, we are thankful. If someone hadn’t done things in a certain way, we wouldn’t have this amazing dog. The breed is currently used as a companion dog. It rose to popularity with its appearance in different T.V Shows and Exhibitions. But, unfortunately, it is yet to be received or recognized by any major crediting authority.

Northern Inuit Characteristics

The Northern Inuit has an imposing build. If they wanted, they could harm you in seconds. However, we know that the Northern Inuit is perfectly tame. The Northern Inuit will have a large body with perfectly synced muscles. The eyes of the Northern Inuit will be brilliant and sharp. The colors of the eyes will vary between Hazel, Blue, Amber, and Brown. The Northern Inuit will also have a thick, weather-resistant coat. The Northern Inuit looks like a buffed up version of a Siberian Husky

How Big do Northern Inuit Get

The Northern Inuit is a medium-sized breed with moderate muscles. The height range for both males and females is bound to be 23 to 32 inches. The weight range for males will be 79 to 110 lbs. The female Northern Inuit will usually be 55 to 84 lbs. The females, in general, will be leaner in the Northern Inuit’s case.

How Long Does Northern Inuit Live

The Northern Inuit will usually live between the age of 12 and 14 years. The lifespan of the Northern Inuit is not surprising, considering its parents and their capabilities. However, you will have to be careful about certain things to maintain its health. Most of these will be explained later on.

How Much Does a Northern Inuit Cost

The Northern Inuit is a rare breed and an amazing one at that. The prices for breeds like the Northern Inuit usually remain on the high-end side. It is currently unknown and unrecognized throughout the world. Generally, it should cost you 800 to 1200 dollars. This price range is based on speculation. The average prices will vary based on where you are getting this breed from.

Northern Inuit Temperament/Personality

The main point that we should be concerned about is whether the Northern Inuit is good for families? The answer is a big fat Yes. The Northern Inuit is one of the friendliest dogs. It loves being part of active families. They are extremely patient and persevering, even with children. Other pets, if introduced properly, will form strong bonds with this breed. However, the Northern Inuit will require a lot of attention and love to grow properly.

Training the Northern Inuit will require the right amount of patience and ingenuity. It will require the love of its human to learn new things. Positive reinforcement is the best technique to teach it properly. You will also find this breed causing mischief but believe us; it’s only playing.

Caring for Northern Inuit

We hinted at some “Things” that would keep your buddy in the best of shape. This section will deal with all of those things and many more.

Northern Inuit Nutrition

The Northern Inuit has considerable size and muscles. Both of the factors will require ample food to maintain consistency. We recommend giving it three to four cups of healthy food. Overfeeding it will do more harm than good, so please be careful. You may want to use Dog Chow Dog Food and Instinct Dog Food. In addition, you may look at other choices available in the Dog Food section.  

How to Groom a Northern Inuit

The shedding of the Northern Inuit increases with the weather. You are more likely to experience increased shedding during the summer season. Typically brushing its coat two to three times per week should be enough. Along with its coat, you need to brush its teeth. You should be willing to use Toothpaste for Dogs and a Toothbrush for Dogs. You should bathe it on a strictly per need basis. You should also cut its nails short when the time arrives.

Northern Inuit Activity Levels

The Northern Inuit will require a moderate amount of activity to maintain its health. You should try to include yourself in its training sessions. If you include yourself, the sessions will become more enjoyable and healthy. The Northern Inuit will require about 40 to 50 minutes of daily exercise. These sessions may have to be extended if you are feeding it more than the required amount. The diet to exercise ratio must be balanced.

Caring for Northern Inuit

So the question now is, what can you do additionally to keep your buddy happy? The answer is a lot of things. Just taking care of the generic things should be enough. For example, keeping its ears clean. That’s a thing that needs care and caution no matter what kind of dog you have. It would be best if you also were careful about keeping it away from detrimental elements like Chocolate and Garlic.

Northern Inuit Health

Despite the belief of numerous people, the Northern Inuit does not reflect hybrid nature through its genetics. It will mainly have one of the strongest immunities. Minor conditions will tend to affect its health. However, major conditions that tend to escalate into life threats will steer clear of this breed. You should remain vigilant and careful nevertheless. If you become lax or complacent, things will become messy and unhealthy.

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