Olde English Bulldogge Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Old English Bulldogge is a more modern breed with a definite history. The development and conception of this breed are related to numerous other breeds. These breeds include Bull Mastiff, English Bulldog, American Pit-bull Terrier, and the American Bulldog. All of these breeds have similar ancestors, leading to a reduced disparity between genes in the collective gene pool. The next few paragraphs will ensure that you understand everything easily.

Olde English Bulldogge History

Olde English Bulldogge Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Old English Bulldogge, as stated above, is a modern hybrid breed. Fortunately, in its case, we have a pretty good idea of its origins. The reason for this clarity is the proper documentation of this breed. It rarely happens, but it has occurred in the Old English Bulldogge’s case. The Old English Bulldogge was bred entirely to be the perfect companion dog with a certain degree of strength. The parents of the Old English Bulldogge are believed to be the English Bulldog, the Bullmastiff, American Pit-bull Terrier, and the American Bulldog.

The man behind this breed is David Leavitt. During the 1970s, David had a brilliant stroke of luck. He wanted to create the ultimate companion and guard dog. His dream was fulfilled with the birth of the Old English Bulldogge thanks to the line-breeding technique of Dr. Fechheimer. The breed became quite famous and was recognized by the UKC in 2014.

Olde English Bulldogge Characteristics

The Old English Bulldogge is a medium-sized breed but can still be quite intimidating. The muscle density of the Old English Bulldogge is just the right amount. It’s like a Greek Statue, albeit slightly chubby. The eyes of the Old English Bulldogge will be round and slightly comical. The face is slightly cherry-shaped in general. The ears of the Old English Bulldogge will be triangular and hanging beside its head. The coat of the Old English Bulldogge will be short and shiny.

How Big do Olde English Bulldogge Get

The Old English Bulldogge, as stated above, is medium-sized. The males will be 17 to 20 inches tall. The females are bound to be 16 to 19 inches tall. The weight ranges are reflective of their superb mass gains. The males will weigh 60 to 80 lbs. The females will weigh 50 to 70 lbs. You can’t pick up the Old English Bulldogge if you don’t put your back into it.

How Long Does Olde English Bulldogge Live

The Old English Bulldogge will generally live between the ages of 12 and 15 years. The life expectancy of the Old English Bulldogge will be reliant upon the hereditary conditions that it acquires. Fortunately, in the Old English Bulldogge’s case, it doesn’t inherit a lot of conditions. The eating and exercise routines you maintain will more likely assume a crucial part in keeping it healthy.

How Much Does an Olde English Bulldogge Cost

Considering the Old English Bulldogge’s history, it will most likely cost a lot. The rarity of this breed also plays in its favor. The general figure ought to be between 2000 dollars to 3000 dollars. The cost will be reliant upon the health of your potential buddy. The better it is, the more it will cost.

Olde English Bulldogge Temperament/Personality

So is the Old English Bulldogge a family-friendly dog? Considering the reason it was bred, it would be a disgrace to say “No.” The Old English Bulldogge is a brilliant dog that loves being part of its family. You will most likely find this breed enjoying a warm snuggling session. Children aren’t at any risk from this breed. However, strangers should stay cautious, and smaller pets should be introduced carefully.

Training the Old English Bulldogge shouldn’t be that hard considering its attention-gaining nature. However, you should use routines that make sense and are engaging. The same old tiresome tirade won’t do you any good. Instead, switch things up a bit. Make it appreciate the training sessions by being active in them yourself. A Dog Training Book and a healthy Dog Treat choice should make things a lot better.

Caring for Olde English Bulldogge

All of the important stuff concerning the health and wellbeing of your buddy will be addressed in this section. So it would be wise to pay attention and learn with a good spirit.

Olde English Bulldogge Nutrition

It is a medium-sized breed with considerable muscle to maintain. It’s only natural for the Old English Bulldogge to require two to four cups of food. You should rely more on quality than quantity with this breed. The use of brands like Bil-Jac Dog Food and Royal Canine Dog Food is highly recommended. If you don’t like these choices, you can always look at more options in the Dog Food section.

How to Groom an Olde English Bulldogge

Due to most of the parent breed being short-coated, the Old English Bulldogge will also be short-coated. It means that the grooming sessions will be as simple as possible. First, you will have to brush its coat about three times per week. Use a smooth Slicker Brush to free and prevent any matting. Next, you should brush the Old English Bulldogge’s teeth every other day. Next, trim its nails when the need arises. Finally, bathe your buddy when you feel the time is right. However, remember that excessive bathing will do you dirty.

Olde English Bulldogge Activity Levels

The Old English Bulldogge will require moderate amounts of activity. You should be willing to devote at least 40 to 60 minutes of your day to its exercise. Anything less will not do. The exercise sessions should also be mildly intensive. You can break the sessions down into two or more parts based on your availability.

Caring for Olde English Bulldogge

Here we will give you the general rundown of things that you can do for your buddy. The first thing that you can do is to keep it away from detrimental elements. These elements can be related to dietary routines or exercise routines. The diet that you take should be as healthy as possible. There shouldn’t be any Garlic or Alcohol composition in it. It would be best if you also tried to keep the environment of your house positive.

Olde English Bulldogge Health

The Old English Bulldogge has parents that are genetically the same. This fact plays in favor of the Old English Bulldogge. It means that the Old English Bulldogge has fewer inherited conditions. The most that the Old English Bulldogge will have to face will be Hip Dysplasia and Bloat. However, with a bit of care, even those won’t dare to come near your buddy. You can also ensure the safety of your companion by taking it to the vet’s office often. The vet will enable your buddy to have a fighting chance.

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