Papastzu Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Papastzu is a cross between the Papillon and the Shih-Tzu. This breed has a humorous appearance forever etched on its face. The Papastzu furthermore has an outstanding personality to keep up with its appearance. Therefore, you will find the Papastzu to be the best choice for your family. If you have a hard time accepting that, the next few paragraphs should be enough to convince you.

Papastzu History

Papastzu Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe only thing that we know about the Papastzu is its possible Century of birth. We know that it was possibly conceived first in the 19th Century. To learn more about it, we will have to look at the history of its parents. The first parent for the Papastzu is the Papillon. It’s a breed that has evolved in the courts of Europe to become one of the friendliest breeds. The Papillon is believed to be at least 800 years old. The ears of the Papillon are the most prominent features since they resemble a butterfly pattern.

The Shih-Tzu is a prominent Chinese breed. The history of this breed is nothing short of a mystery. The breed was one of the most beloved breeds in China and Tibet. They were highly prized gifts. At one point, only the royalty could own this breed. Starting from the Han Dynasty, this breed remained ever-present in courts. The Shih-Tzu lost its allure after the new regime outlawed owning personal dogs. The AKC accepted the Shih-Tzu in 1969.

Papastzu Characteristics

The Papastzu will generally be a small breed with minimal muscles. The Papastzu is one fragile breed because of its tender muscles and bones. The coat of the Papastzu will generally be long and prone to matting. The coat colors for the Papastzu will include Brown, Gray, Black, and White. The Papastzu may inherit the signature ears of the Papillon. The eyes of the Papastzu will be round and ready to cause mischief.

How Big do Papastzu Get

The Papastzu is a small breed. The males and females will generally be of the same size. The height range for both genders of the Papastzu should be 8 to 11 inches. The weight range is bound to be 4 to 16 lbs. You probably understand how careful handling this breed requires. Anything extra will lead to unnecessary bumps and bruises.

How Long Does Papastzu Live

The Papastzu will normally have a long life since its folks live a long and solid life. You can expect the Papastzu to live between 10 to 15 years. Assuming you can guard the Papastzu against extra weaknesses, things will work out.

How Much Does a Papastzu Cost

The Papastzu has a developing market. It generally means that the price is supposed to stay low for a while. The Papastzu will ordinarily cost you around 150 dollars to 650 dollars. The cost will change completely based on the health of the breed and the breeder’s region. It also has substantial costs later on with its medical bills.

Papastzu Temperament/Personality

The Papastzu is similar to other small breeds in its temperament. What do we mean by that? The Papastzu will conduct all of its interactions with love and liveliness. It can’t hurt anyone, to be exact. Secretly we think it’s conspiring to mind control people with its eyes and cuteness. Nevertheless, the Papastzu will learn to peacefully live with other breeds quite quickly. Therefore, you should focus on socialization for the Papastzu from an early age.

From what we comprehend, the Papastzu will follow orders as long as there is something to work for. So what could possibly interest the Papastzu? A few Dog Treats should catalyze its interest brilliantly. Generally, even beginners can teach it effectively. Yet if there are any problems, a Dog Training Book should help.

Caring for Papastzu

The idea of the background of the Papastzu should be setting well right now. While the metals are hot, let’s strike further and understand the Papastzu’s needs to refine your perspective.  

Papastzu Nutrition

The Papastzu is a little variety that will eat almost anything. Rachel Ray Dog Food or Blue Canine Caviar Dog Food are two possible brands to help maintain its health. There are other options too that you can look at in the Food for Small Dogs section. However, please remember that giving it more than one cup of food is not wise.

How to Groom a Papastzu

The Papastzu has a long coat that, as stated above, tends to knot up. It means that the Papastzu will require extra consideration in its grooming sessions. The coat will have to be brushed every day. We do recommend utilizing a decent Dog Brush to simplify the brushing cycle. Bathe the Papastzu only when it needs a bath. You’ll probably know when the time comes for a bath. Maintain its dental health as well. Brush its teeth something like four times or five times each week.

Papastzu Activity Levels

The Papastzu is a little variety that needs a little exercise. Around 30 minutes to 40 minutes of movement should be enough for the Papastzu. We recommend keeping the Papastzu in an open house with enough space for mobility. The activity requirements of the Papastzu will remain within your grasp much better if you have more people in the family.

Caring for Papastzu

The Papastzu, as stated above, will swallow almost anything. Therefore, you should supervise it in its idleness. If it swallows something detrimental like Chocolate, things will go south pretty quickly. You should also keep any alcoholic or garlic-type things far away from it. You should maintain its cleanliness too. Keep its ears as clean as possible.

Papastzu Health

The Papastzu innately has one of the weakest immunities. Numerous conditions show their fangs to the Papastzu. These conditions are Hydrocephalus, Familial Nephropathy, Eyelid Defects, Follicular Dysplasia, PRA, Exposure Keratopathy Syndrome and various other diseases. Keeping it safe and healthy won’t be an easy job.

Taking it to the vet is vital. You will have to keep it maintained through its diet and exercise routines. You should also give it a thorough rundown of tests, including DNA tests. These should help in identifying and underlying problems. The vet will analyze the results and come up with a strong strategy to overwhelm any weak links.

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