Peka-A-West Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

What looks like a wolf but has the characteristics of a loyal dog? The answer is the Pekingese. Another trick question! What do you get by crossing the Pekingese with the West Highland Terrier? You get an absolute beauty named the Peka-A-West. Honestly, whoever thought of these names needs to step up their game. Nevertheless, the Peka-A-West has enough qualities to give the best of the best a run for their money. Why? Well then, let’s read on and understand why.

Peka-A-West History

Peka A West Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Pekingese, as you know, is a Wolfish breed. It has prominent wolf genes and physical similarities. However, there’s nothing to fear from the Peka-A-West. It has never been one for violence. The Peka-A-West, quite surprisingly, is a companion dog. It has been a companion dog for the past 2000 years. The West Highland Terrier, on the other hand, is believed to be from Scotland. The birth of the West Highland presumably occurred in the 16th Century.

Unfortunately, we don’t know a lot about the history of the Peka-A-West itself. We only know that this breed could have originated close to the mid or latter half of the 19th Century. We don’t understand its purpose as of yet. The most obvious reason would be to get a cute companion dog. Unfortunately, any major crediting authority does not recognize the Peka-A-West. Its parents, on the other hand, have been accepted by AKC.

Peka-A-West Characteristics

The Peka-A-West may inherit any single physical trait from any side of the family. The coat will usually be medium length and soft. The colors for the Peka-A-West’s coat should be Brindle, White, Cream, Black, Sable, and Fawn. The Peka-A-West will also have round expressive eyes. The general body of the Peka-A-West should be small and compact.

How Big do Peka-A-West Get

The Peka-A-West is a tiny breed. The height of the Peka-A-West will be 8 to 10 inches for both males and females. The weight for male Peka-A-West is bound to be between 10 to 15 lbs. The female Peka-A-West’s will be 8 to 13 lbs. Weight plays a deciding factor in the health of the Peka-A-West. Therefore you should keep the weight in check.

How Long Does Peka-A-West Live

The Peka-A-West should have a long lifespan. It’s too early for us to give you a specific and accurate figure. Additionally, there are more than a few factors that can change the lifespan of the Peka-A-West. For starters, if the Peka-A-West inherits a genetic condition, it will not have a long lifespan. In our opinion and conclusion, the general lifespan of the Peka-A-West should be between 12 and 14 years of age.

How Much Does a Peka-A-West Coast

Similar to the lifespan, we can’t give you a figure for the price of the Peka-A-West either. The initial cost could vary between 600 and 900 dollars for the US markets. The medical costs should remain close to 800 dollars per annum. The dietary cost will usually vary between 300 to 400 dollars per year. These values are once again speculative. The actual values can vary significantly.

Peka-A-West Temperament/Personality

Strangers should be your main concern if you want to keep the Peka-A-West. It won’t hurt people, but it tends to be shy and agitated at the same time. That’s the last thing you want for your doggie. Small pets may also be a problem. The Peka-A-West does have a prey drive derived from its parents. Apart from strangers and small animals, the Peka-A-West can coexist with anyone. You can make it more confident and accepting by giving it opportunities to socialize.

There are some elements of stubbornness in the Peka-A-West that could be concerning. In the end, your success in training depends on how invested you are in the whole training process. Also, prior experience will affect the progress speed of your training sessions. However, a lack of experience shouldn’t concern you. You can make up for it with determination and diligence.

Caring for Peka-A-West

Assuming you need to know what your pal needs and how you should deal with it. This section will tell you all about the technical aspect of keeping a Peka-A-West.

Peka-A-West Nutrition

One cup of food should be more than enough to maintain the health of the Peka-A-West. It doesn’t have a lot of muscles. The Peka-A-West itself would rather use its belly for belly rubs than to store food. You should keep the food in proportion to the exercise that it receives.

How to Groom a Peka-A-West

The Peka-A-West won’t bother you much with its grooming. You should brush its coat every other day. You will have to keep its coat in shape with a trim. You can do that by taking it to a groomer or by yourself at home. If you plan to do it home, you will require a Dog Grooming Table and Dog Grooming Clippers. Bathing the Peka-A-West won’t be much of a problem as long as you dry it properly afterward. Paw infections are usually just around the corner, waiting to pounce on your buddy. Therefore, try to keep its nails within the normal limit.

Peka-A-West Activity Levels

The Peka-A-West isn’t an explosively active doggo. Giving it 30 to 40 minutes per day should be more than enough. The weekly exercise should be equivalent to a weekly 5-mile aggregate. The Peka-A-West tends to get lost quite easily. We would recommend taking countermeasures against that. You can get a GPS Tracker for Dogs to always pinpoint their location.

Caring for Peka-A-West

There’s nothing wrong with giving your boyo a life of luxury and ease. For starters, the size of the Peka-A-West makes it an ill-match for the outdoors. So you will have to keep it inside of the house. Generally, people can’t effort to have their pillows ripped. Therefore they either buy an Indestructible Dog Bed. You should also keep your furniture safe from being scratched. An Anti-Chew Dog Spray should be enough to keep the Peka-A-West from chewing on all of it.

Peka-A-West Health

The Peka-A-West has about 25 possible conditions that could destroy it. These conditions include Cryptorchidism, Copper Toxicosis, Addison’s Disease, Entropion, and Legg-Calves-Perthes Disease. To keep the Peka-A-West safe from these conditions, you will have to pay extra attention to its routines. By routines, we refer to its diet and various activity requirements. You should also keep it in contact with your vet.

Ignoring any subtle changes is the worst possible thing that you can do. Also, please listen to the vet. Home remedies probably won’t do you much good. Look for guidance in places that are meant to guide you!

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