Pekarin Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Pekarin is a cross between the Pekingese and the Cairn Terrier. Both of these breeds are pretty formidable family breeds. They will protect you, but if not provoked, they are harmless breeds. This sense of harmlessness passes onto the Pekarin adequately. By the end of this article, you should have enough information to understand your compatibility with the Pekarin.

Pekarin History

Pekarin Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Cairn Terrier is a small hunting dog. It got its name from the Cairns or Piles of stones that were gravesites or memorials from which it would drive otters and badges away. The Cairn Terrier has always been a formidable force despite its small size. The Pekingese has been the exact opposite. It is believed to be descended from Wolves. Somehow it ended with a miniature height and a tendency to cuddle. It has always been a companion dog.

The Pekarin is the result of crossing both these breeds. That statement is all that we know about this breed’s history. We don’t know why someone decided to cross these breeds or when. We only know that someone did, and we are thankful for that. Unfortunately, the Pekarin, despite its alluring coat and cute face, has not managed to get into the AKC registry. The Pekingese, on the other hand, got registered with the AKC back in 1910.

Pekarin Characteristics

The Pekarin may inherit any of its parent’s characteristics. Therefore, putting a standard appearance down for the Pekarin is close to impossible. You can, however, expect the coat of the Pekarin to remain either long or at least medium length. Remember, the longer the coat is, the more effort it takes to remain untangled. The eyes of the Pekarin tend to be either Hazel or Amber in color. The face of the Pekarin may have a slightly snubbed nose, which leads to a few medical problems in some rare cases.

How Big do Pekarin Get

The Pekarin will, in general, be 7 to 10 inches tall. The weight for both genders will be 9 to 12 lbs. It should be noted that the females will be lighter and more refined than the males. On average, they will weigh about one pound less in their maximum and minimum limits.

How Long Does Pekarin Live

The normal life expectancy of the Pekarin should be close to 12 or 13 years of age. Give it a proper diet and exercise, and it will live even longer. The previous fact is basic knowledge, but a majority of people tend to overlook or ignore it. Please be a part of the minority in this case.

How Much Does a Pekarin Cost

The cost of the Pekarin is controlled by different elements, including the region that you live. The annual medical costs and dietary costs should amount to about 900 or 1000 dollars. The initial cost should be close to 600 or 800 dollars. The figure stated above is purely speculative.

Pekarin Temperament/Personality

The Pekarin, like its folks, is an agreeable breed that loves being around people. We suggest giving it early socialization to decrease any shyness that it may develop. It will coexist well with every individual from the family, particularly with kids. Different pets in the family will not be an issue for the Pekarin. Even outsiders can become accustomed to this breed. It wins everyone over.  

Training the Pekarin will normally require a bit of effort. Why? The Pekarin may inherit a bit of stubbornness. You will only have to the element inducing that stubbornness, such as Boredom. It hates being scolded, so please don’t scold it (That was obvious). You should make the training routines more inclusive to eliminate any stubbornness.

Caring for Pekarin

The Pekarin will, for the most part, attempt to deal with its minor issues without anyone’s intervention. The serious issues, however, will require your attention, which is why you should focus on the following section.

Pekarin Nutrition

The Pekarin hasn’t ever needed a lot of food which is understandable. Giving it one cup of food should be more than enough to maintain its health. You might utilize brands like Dave’s Dog Food and Authority Dog Food to give it that additional oomph and taste.

How to Groom a Pekarin

The Pekarin will be a good luck charm for you. First of all, it won’t need a lot of grooming.  Pekarin will require about three brushing sessions each week. We suggest utilizing a Pin-Type Dog Brush to keep its coat from tangling up. You may also want to get a Dog Grooming Table. You should also get some Dog Grooming Clippers to keep the coat managed. Bathe the Pekarin but not excessively. You should brush its teeth with canine toothpaste somewhere around three to four times each week.

Pekarin Activity Levels

Thirty to forty minutes of activity is all that the Pekarin needs. It would rather enjoy a peaceful stroll than run around like some crazy doggie. Therefore, you are advised to divide the activity time between the mental and physical aspects of the daily activity sessions.

Caring for Pekarin

The Pekarin is a small doggie. Like every reckless little doggie, the Pekarin has a couple of extra issues. The main issue is simply the inclination of this breed to swallow almost anything. You should try to keep it away from things like these. Keep the floor clean. You don’t want your dog to be that doggie from Florida. The one that swallowed thirty-something forks. Please remain vigilant if you want your buddy to remain safe and healthy.

Pekarin Health

The Pekarin has nearly 20 major diseases and 15 minor diseases that could wreck its health. The list includes conditions like Mitral Valve Disease and Liver Shunts. All of these conditions are again more than enough to harm the Pekarin significantly. Therefore it is important to take your companion to the vet. If you ignore its weekly check-ups, then everything will come back to bite you. It would be best if you took your vet’s advice with regards to suitable dietary routines and prohibitions.

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