Peke-A-Boo Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Calling the Peke-A-Boo a royal prince or princess would not be wrong. However, the Peke-A-Boo has Bolognese and Pekingese blood coursing through its veins. Both of these are breeds with deep-rooted histories and connections. Through an analysis of these parents, we can understand the temperament and ideas behind the Peke-A-Boo. Hopefully, the next few paragraphs will be enough to help you unravel the mystery of the Peke-A-Boo.

Peke-A-Boo History

Peke A Boo Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Bolognese and Pekingese are both companion dogs with slightly different classes. Their general purpose has always been to keep their humans accompanied. The Pekingese have an interesting history. Despite its harmless attire, this breed has the most dangerous links. According to prominent theorists, the Peke-A-Boo is directly related to wolves. Considering its size and cuteness, you would think otherwise, but genetics don’t lie. The Tang Dynasty records mention this dog, which places them as at least 1200 years old. The Pekingese was registered with the AKC in 1909.

The Bolognese is another royal companion dog. The birth of this breed has no viable records. We do know that it is related to the Bichon Frise family in general, just like the Coton De Tulear. The Bolognese was generally used as a prominent companion dog. Their small size and cute appearance made them the favorites of royals and aristocrats worldwide. The Bolognese first came to the USA in 1985.

Peke-A-Boo Characteristics

The appearance of the Peke-A-Boo is bound to vary significantly. The coat of the Peke-A-Boo is bound to be slightly long or medium-sized. The general colors for the coats will include Brown, White, and Brindle. The face of the Peke-A-Boo will either be flat or more protruded. The Peke-A-Boo will have a small compact body that can be easily maintained. The general proportions of the Peke-A-Boo have been mentioned below.

How Big do Peke-A-Boo Get

The Peke-A-Boo is even smaller than the Pekehund. The height range for the Peke-A-Boo is 6 to 9 inches for males. The females are even shorter at 7 to 8 inches. The weight ranges for both genders tend to vary by a few pounds. The weight range for the males is 8 to 14 lbs. The females weigh less at 7 to 13 lbs.  

How Long Does Peke-A-Boo Live

The Peke-A-Boo, based on the life spans of the parents, should live a long life. Individually we can’t give you a figure of the Peke-A-Boo’s lifespan. But, on average, we put its lifespan close to 12 and 15 years. Diet and exercise are two vital things that require the attention of its humans.

How Much Does a Peke-A-Boo Cost

Like the lifespan of the Peke-A-Boo, the price range is based on speculation. Due to the rarity of this breed, we can’t say for sure how much it will cost. The Peke-A-Boo will cost between the figures 400 and 650 dollars. You might have to pay more if the puppy is healthier. Hazel-eyed breeds also tend to cost more than the average breeds.

Peke-A-Boo Temperament/Personality

With a cute name like the Peke-A-Boo friendly comes packaged. The Peke-A-Boo won’t ever hurt youngsters or any other pets. Think about the Pomeranian personality but nicer, and you have an accurate representation of the Peke-A-Boo. However, the Peke-A-Boo may develop shyness if not managed properly. Therefore we recommend giving it a wholesome environment to grow up in. 

Training the Peke-A-Boo should be easier than eating rice cakes on a rainy day. You only need a clear purpose and firm routine. If you manage both properly, then the training sessions will be effective. We suggest planning and preparing a viable routine beforehand. If you need help and pointers, then a Dog Training Book should do nicely.

Caring for Peke-A-Boo

The Peke-A-Boo is a small breed that needs your assistance. What sort of assistance? Why should you help it? (The answer to the latter question is pretty obvious) To find the answers to these questions, read on.

Peke-A-Boo Nutrition

The Peke-A-Boo is a small breed. You are encouraged to give it only one cup or less food in a day. You may use an Automatic Dog Feeder to make its life and your dietary planning easy. You might utilize Natural Balance Dog Food or Annamaet Dog Food to give its taste buds a remarkable experience.

How to Groom a Peke-A-Boo

The Peke-A-Boo has a coat that tends to knot up quite easily. To counter this, daily brushing of its coat is necessary. Likewise, at whatever point you wash the Peke-A-Boo, utilize a Dog Shampoo. The skin of the Peke-A-Boo also tends to dry up after baths. A suitable solution to this is the use of Coconut Oil for Dogs. You should manage its nails whenever the necessity arises. Guarantee consistency in brushing its teeth. All of these are generic duties that should not be avoided or delayed at any cost.

Peke-A-Boo Activity Levels

You will have to give the Peke-A-Boo no more than 30 minutes of exercise. You could play more games with the Peke-A-Boo, but the required amount is 30 minutes. Try not to overdo it.  You should try to increase or decrease the intensity of the sessions per the diet.

Caring for Peke-A-Boo

The Peke-A-Boo won’t need much at all. However, there are two special things that you need to be mindful of. There are just two significant things that you should pay special mind to. Above all else, please clean its ears. Honestly, it is a simple thing, yet so many people overlook it. The dampness and dirt caught in the ears can prompt frightful conditions. The second thing is to maintain the love and understanding between this breed and yourself. Without it, there is no point in keeping it as a pet.

Peke-A-Boo Health

The health of the Peke-A-Boo isn’t something to write home about. The current list of potential risks holds about 29 to 35 conditions. All of these could easily overpower the Peke-A-Boo. So what can you do to save your buddy? Taking it to the vet is the first thing.  The second thing is to look for potential gaps in its diet and exercise. There should be no cracks in the routines, so make them as effective as possible.

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