Plica Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Plica is the hybrid mix of an Ori Pei and a Basset Hound. All of these breeds possess a loving nature; that’s why Plica is an amazing family pet for everyone. He’s very friendly with humans and other pets. It is also very easy to train him, making him an excellent choice for people who never kept a dog before. They can have varied colors such as bindle, white, brown, cream, fawn, etc. He loves to cuddle, sleep on the couch as well as play in the yard.

Plica History

Plica Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowOri Pei (one of the parent breeds of Plica) is a mixed breed of Pug and a Chinese Shar-Pei. So that makes Plica a new designer breed of three different breeds. To determine his history, we’ll have to check his parent breed’s history. The Basset Hound has been around since the 1500s, and it was used for hunting small prey. This hound was bred from the Basset d’Artois, the Basset Normand, and other hounds. In the 1800s and 1930s, the Basset Hound was bred with the Blood Hound to make him larger. American Kennel Club registered him in 1935 when he became the 39th most popular dog breed.

Aaron Silver, an American dog lover who developed Ori Pei from the Pug and the Chinese Shar-Pei. The reason behind producing this hybrid was that he loved the Shar-Pei breed, but he wanted to reduce their size and some hereditary health conditions.

Plica Characteristics

His nose color is either black or brown. He has large brown eyes and a round, small, wrinkly head. His short and soft coat has white, sable, brown, brindle, silver, pied, red, or fawn. He has short, sturdy legs. His ears are teardrop-shaped. His hair is usually medium-sized and straight to wiry.

How Big to Plica Get

He is a medium-sized breed. Male Plica has an average height of 14-16 inches. He weighs between 40-50 pounds. But the female Plica stand between 12-14 inches. Her weight lies between 35-45 pounds.

How Long Does Plica Live

Being a new hybrid breed, the Plica hasn’t been around long enough to determine their lifespan. However, based on his parents’ lifespan and size, the experts estimated that he could live for around 13 and 15 years.

How Much Does a Plica Cost

The cost of a Plica pup can range somewhere between $200-$650. It is just the buying price. There are other aspects to consider, such as food, toys, costumes, and health expenses. So instead of buying, we recommend you adopt them as there must be many of them waiting to be adopted.

Plica Temperament/Personality

His parent breeds are very friendly, and he has a sweet nature. He is energetic at one time but lazy at other times. Sometimes, he loves to chase and run after small animals. He is an intelligent dog so training them is not difficult. Use special dog treats to ease the training process. Early training is recommended to ensure the best behavior and habits in him.

He is very friendly with humans and the kids around him. But we do not advise you to leave him with kids unattentively. He is also playful and friendly with other pets in the house. He doesn’t show any behavioral issues if he gets enough love and exercise to keep his body and mind fit.

Caring for Plica

Once you get a Plica to your home, he’ll not take much time adjusting with the other family members in the home. He’s an affectionate dog and quickly bonds with humans or other pets at home. But he demands attention and love in return. Therefore, it is essential to take very good care of them. So, the following are some tips that will help you keep your pup in the very best possible condition.

Plica Nutrition

An adult Plica consumes an average of 2.5 cups of food daily. So instead of making the food at home, we recommend buying it from a good dog food supplier. Because the commercial dog food is specially designed for doggies, it is not only full of nutrition but also satisfies the taste buds of your pups. But it would help if you went for a brand such as Merrick, which provides organic and healthy dog food.

How to Groom a Plica

Plica has short fur, but it sheds easily. So, it needs light daily brushing and thorough weekly brushing. Bathing is done when it is needed; always use a mild and good shampoo. It would help if you cleaned its teeth twice a week. The amount of maintenance of your hybrid depends on the thickness and length of the coat he inherits from either parent.

Plica Activity Levels

Plica has a low activity level, so only 30 minutes of physical activity each day is enough to fulfill his playing requirements. In addition, he needs 5 miles regular walk per week.

Caring for Plica

Good quality food having the best nutritional value is essential to keep Plica healthy and fit. In addition to the food, so always treat him with a positive attitude. His behavior can become aggressive with time if he’s not given proper attention.

If you are too tired to play with him or you have a pending office assignment, then we recommend you get some of the interactive dog toys for him. He needs an experienced owner for his grooming and care. So, it would help if you also learned about taking good care of him before bringing him home.

Plica Health

We recommend you buy your pet from a trusted buyer to avoid any health problems in the first place. But having a healthy Plica pup doesn’t necessarily ensure his health if proper measures are not taken. Occasional tests such as X-Rays, ultrasound, skin evaluation, eye and ear examination, blood, and urine analysis should be taken to diagnose Hypothyroidism, Gastric Torsion, Platelet Dysfunction, Seborrhea, Intervertebral Disc Disease, and a few other concerns.

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