Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Polish Greyhound or Chart Polski is a medium-sized dog that is an ancient Polish breed. It is an ancient breed of sighthound that is rare outside Poland. The registries to accept this breed are Federation Cynologique Internationale, United Kennel Club, and CKC.

Please do not be misguided by its lean appearance; this slim and tall dog is immensely strong and is very protective of its family and territory. It is a great companion best suited to a place with a yard and active owners.

Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) History

Polish Greyhound (chart Polski) Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Polish Greyhound or Chart Polski is a rare breed of sighthound that originated as far back as the 16th century. Bred for hunting large and small game such as wolves, hare, and fox, it descended from greyhounds in Poland and was famous among the Polish nobility. After World War I and II, the breed faced a downfall, but the enthusiasts revived it in the 1980s.

The experts believe the Chart Polski to be a descendant of a Saluki-type Asiatic sighthound. Their revival was the cross between Taiga and Struska (female dogs) and one dog Elbrus. After that, its standard was established, and its club named Polish Kennel Club was formed. Finally, in 1989 the FCI accepted this breed officially, and the UKC accepted it in 1996.

Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) Characteristics

The Poitevin Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) resembles Foxhounds or Greyhound, such as muscular appearance, long nose, and whip-like tail. However, it is a medium-sized, very active, and agile dog with strong herding and hunting instincts. The skull is broad, and the ears are wide-set on it at eye level, hanging down. The body is long, compact, muscular, and longer than it is tall. The coat is smooth, usually coming in dark colors.

How Big to Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) Get

On average, Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) weighs around 59-69 lbs, and it stands around 28-31 inches at the shoulders. Thus, the female dog tends to be marginally smaller than the male counterpart standing approximately 27-30 inches at the shoulders.

How Long Does Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) Live

Expect your Polish Greyhound to live for around 12 and 15 years. However, you can increase this lifespan with proper care and suitable living conditions.

How Much Does a Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) Cost

The Chart Polski dog may run around the minimum of $800 or the maximum of $5000. The variation depends upon the breeder and the availability of canine. It is not a very popular dog, so many dog breeders have not branched out to raise it. The investments other than the purchasing cost of canine are its Dog Food, Medications, miscellaneous items (bed, bowl, toys), neutering, microchipping, etc.

Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) Temperament/Personality

Polish Greyhound is loyal to its owners and a well-rounded canine in general. Because of his pack hound instinct, he can stay comfortably in Outdoor Dog kennels even with other dogs. He is also a good house guard and is amenable to training by dog-experienced people and those that enjoy primitive dog behavior.

This breed is intelligent and fairly easy to train; however, he becomes independent if an inexperienced owner trains his kicks. He is not appropriate for very young kids, strangers, or other animals, but proper socialization can resolve this issue. Therefore, train and socialize him from a very early age with a positive and firm approach to have a wonderful dog.

He has a balanced nature and natural guard dog instinct. He always warns you by barking if an intruder comes in.

Caring for Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski)

Poitevin has high energy needs, which need to be fulfilled to avoid destructive behavior. Use Dog Calming Aids made with natural ingredients such as melatonin, chamomile, L-tryptophan, hemp and promote calming and stress relief. Always remain in touch with your dog’s vet for its better upkeep.

Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) Nutrition

The Polish Greyhound loves to eat and can easily overeat if allowed. You should give it a monitored food in its Dog Bowl, taking the quantity for a medium-sized athletic breed. Consult your vet if you’re considering a homemade or raw dog diet or if you have any concerns about its weight.

How to Groom a Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski)

For having a smooth coat, the grooming requirements of this dog are fairly simple. Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) needs regular coat brushing with intervals. He only needs to be bathed unless they get especially dirty or smelly due to drooling. You can also use a Dog Deodorizer to prevent doggy odor.

Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) Activity Levels

Polish Greyhound requires at least 65 to 75 minutes or more of daily physical activity and is best suited to active owners. This active doggy must be homed with a family willing to dedicate the time and effort needed to ensure this pup is sufficiently exercised.

Caring for Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski)

If your Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) is under-exercised or under-stimulated, there are great chances that he will use their energy to do something else – whether it be digging in the yard or chewing up your belongings in the home. Therefore, you must always keep his mind occupied by engaging in different activities/games and giving Interactive Dog Toys.

Don’t ignore to clean your Chart Polski’s ears and brush its teeth. Also, clip the nails regularly to keep them from cracking or becoming ingrown. Crate training benefits every dog and is a kind way to ensure that it doesn’t have accidents in the house or bump into things.

Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) Health

The Polish Greyhound (Chart Polski) is considered a primitive breed, so he is largely untroubled by genetic health problems. There are, however, few genetic disorders that have been seen in these breeds Cardiomyopathy, Cancer, Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV), or Bloat. Regardless, be sure to maintain good care and regular veterinary checkups.

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