Poovanese Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Poovanese is a modern-day designer breed. Since its birth, it has had several names, including Havadoodle, Island Mini Doodle, and the coveted Hava-Poo. It has the Poodle and Havanese as parents, so the beauty department is pretty blessed. The friendliness department for the Poovanese is also well-managed. The next few paragraphs should be enough to give you the basic rundown of its nature and compatibility with humans.

Poovanese History

Poovanese Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowUnlike its parents, there is a lack of info on the Poovanese. So we have to make do with what we have. What we mean by that is that we have to analyze the Poovanese through its parents’ history. The Poodle, for starters, was a breed meant to be a waterfowl hunter. The breed was birthed in Germany and gained prominence in France. The Havanese is related to the Bichon Frise family of dogs. It was birthed in Havana, which is pretty obvious from its name.

We know that both of the parents are practically companion dogs. Considering this, we can assume that the Poovanese was also bred to be a companion dog. The Poovanese has yet to be registered with any proper crediting authority. However, its parents are registered and widely acclaimed. The AKC accepted the Havanese in 1999.

Poovanese Characteristics

What should a cross between the Poovanese look like? Probably like one of the parents! There are no real standards for the Poovanese’s appearance for now. However, we do know the general figures for their appearance. The coat should be Medium length or slightly longer. The Poovanese should have the generic colors inherited from both sides of the family. These colors will include Blue, Black, White, Brown, Gray, Silver, and Fawn.

How Big do Poovanese Get

It’s rare for the offspring to have greater proportions than the parents. The same remains true for the Poovanese. The males and females are commonly 8 to 15 inches tall. The weight range for both males and females is bound to be 15 to 45 lbs. These are pretty much the same height and weight ranges for their parents too.

How Long Does Poovanese Live

To our knowledge, the Poovanese should live between 12 and 14 years of age. Again this is a potential range derived from an ideal situation. If the conditions are unfavorable, then the Poovanese will most likely not reach this age. The health and diet section should be enough to give you a few hints to maintain its health.

How Much Does a Poovanese Cost

The rarity of its parents makes the Poovanese a rare and desirable breed too. So it’s only natural for the price of this doggie to remain elevated. The general lifespan of this breed should stay between 500 dollars and 1500 dollars. A perfectly healthy doggie with specific characteristics may even cost you 2000 dollars.

Poovanese Temperament/Personality

The Poovanese is a family canine, and it will love its family. It is one of the most loyal dogs. You can expect it to stand up for your family. This doggie will even coexist with other dogs if you give it the right socialization. Even cats can befriend this doggie quite easily. You only have to eliminate the initial shyness.  

You can train the Poovanese easily. The Poovanese won’t need excessively harsh regimens. Positive reinforcement is the best teaching technique. Diligence and consistency are two other elements that will make your teaching methods more efficient. You may acquire professional guidance as well if you have no prior experience.

Caring for Poovanese

The Poovanese is a cutie that will require your attention and care to maintain its health. Therefore, you should pay attention to the next few paragraphs to understand your role and responsibility in its maintenance.

Poovanese Nutrition

The Poovanese has a small size and doesn’t need a lot of activity. Giving it two cups at max is more than enough. You will have to be careful about what you feed your doggie. Anything that has chocolate, alcohol or garlic, etc., is poisonous for your doggie. You should also maintain the exercise/diet ratio properly.

How to Groom a Poovanese

To our knowledge, the Poovanese doesn’t shed much. However, the coat of the Poovanese does become tangled quite easily. If the coat becomes tangled, then you will have to work the knots out with your hands. You will also have to keep the coat trimmed to prevent accelerated matting. You can groom your doggie by yourself if you wish so. You will only require a Dog Grooming Table and Dog Grooming Clippers. You will have to bathe the Poovanese as rarely as possible. The Poovanese doesn’t drool much, so there shouldn’t be any unpleasant smells.

Poovanese Activity Levels

Saying that the Poovanese needs a lot of exercises is an understatement. The Poovanese will need at least two hours of daily exercise. The Poovanese tends to accumulate a lot of energy. This pent-up energy, if not released, could manifest in the form of unruly and destructive behavior. You can use an Automatic Fetch Machine to release this energy if you have a yard. Otherwise, use a Dog Treadmill.

Caring for Poovanese

We know that you want your doggie to have the best life. But how can you accomplish that? Beyond the normal routines highlighted, is there anything more you should be doing? Yes. For starters, you can get your doggie a Dog Playpen. It will keep your doggie happy and engaged within the house.

Poovanese Health

There aren’t enough specimens of the Poovanese to standardize its immunity and health condition. We do believe that Hip Dysplasia and Joint Problems will most likely affect the health of the Poovanese. You should also be careful about Eye problems and Skin Problems in the Poovanese’s case. The mixed genes and the small size will most likely lead to a lot of conditions.

You will have to be careful about the Poovanese’s health because there is nothing for you to compare against. You will have to take it to the vet almost every other week. Ignorance to any such conditions could prove to be fatal. The vet should be able to highlight any hidden conditions.

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