Portuguese Podengo Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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If you love dogs with deep-rooted history, then you are bound to love the Portuguese Podengo. The Portuguese Podengo, in general, looks like a Shiba-Inu crossed with a Chihuahua. However, we can tell you with 100% surety that it is a pure breed.

The nativity of this breed is Portugal, and it has had quite a few names over the past few centuries. You will learn a lot more about this dog in the next few paragraphs.

Portuguese Podengo History

Portuguese Podengo Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowWe said that the Portuguese Podengo has a deep-rooted history, and we will back that claim up. The ancestors of this dog were brought over to the Iberian Peninsula about 2000 years ago. The ancient Phoenicians and Romans were the first people who spread this breed. The breed was an exemplary hunter. The main prey or opponents of this breed were Boars and Bears, and even Rabbits. Talk about being diverse.

The Portuguese Podengo has gained quite a following today. However, this popularity is restricted to the country of Portugal. The PKC has accepted the Portuguese Podengo. The Portuguese Podengo is also the official dog of the PKC and Club for Portuguese Podengo. The Portuguese Podengo has yet to make a global impact. It came to the US in the 90s. The Portuguese Podengo will surely be officially registered with the AKC in the next few years.

Portuguese Podengo Characteristics

The Portuguese Podengo has established perimeters of its appearance. We will start with the coat. The length of the coat will be medium, and the texture will be slightly wiry. The colors of the Portuguese Podengo will be Black, Fawn, and Gray. The general body shape of the Portuguese Podengo is strong and muscular. The jaws of the Portuguese Podengo will be firm and slightly chiseled. The ears of the Portuguese Podengo will be triangular and erect.

How Big do Portuguese Podengo Get

The Portuguese Podengo has a height range of 16 to 28 inches tall. The height range is pretty wide for the Portuguese Podengo. On average, it will be medium-sized. The weight range of the Portuguese Podengo is 35 to 66 lbs heavy. You will have to keep the weight within bounds by maintaining its diet. For more info on a diet, you can look at the nutrition section.

How Long Does Portuguese Podengo Live

The typical lifespan of the Portuguese Podengo is near 12 or 14 years. However, you can expect the lifespan to increase if you pay extra close attention to its health. For information on health and diet, we recommend looking at the Care section.  It should give you enough hints for the longevity of its lifespan and maintenance.

How Much Does a Portuguese Podengo Cost

The cost of getting a Portuguese Podengo is somewhere beyond 1000 dollars. This price has been determined after evaluating and analyzing numerous marketplaces. However, this is an average figure, and the actual price will vary. In addition, the health of your doggie and the area you live in will also affect the lifespan of your doggie.

Portuguese Podengo Temperament/Personality

The Portuguese Podengo has evolved over the years to become an excellent family dog. Living with other dogs shouldn’t be a problem if introduced properly. Small dogs will be at a major risk from this breed. You can feel the killing intent in the air. Surprisingly children get along with this doggie. If brought up together, they are inseparable. Socialization is a necessity for this doggie.  

The Portuguese Podengo is a brilliant dog. It’s resourceful and efficient. Some people even keep it solely as a guard dog. Training it isn’t easy if you have no prior experience. If you have experience, then teaching it should be easy enough.  You can acquire professional guidance to make your teaching experience easier and effective. In the end, it all boils down to your determination and diligence.

Caring for Portuguese Podengo

The Portuguese Podengo has certain requirements that must be met to maintain its health. A majority of these requirements will be explained in the next few paragraphs. We would advise paying attention.

Portuguese Podengo Nutrition

The Portuguese Podengo will require an appropriate diet to maintain its health. You will have to give it between two to three cups of healthy dog food. You may use brands like Dave’s Dog Food and Black Gold Dog Food to give it nutrition and taste. You may look for appropriate food in the Food for Large Dogs section.

How to Groom a Portuguese Podengo

The Portuguese Podengo will need to have its coat brushed about three or four times every week. We recommend using a Pin-Type Dog Brush to maintain its coat. You may also need to get a Dog Grooming Table to keep its coat trimmed and primed. Don’t bathe the Portuguese Podengo excessively. Excessive bathing will ruin its skin. Brush its teeth whenever you smell something unpleasant wafting from it.

Portuguese Podengo Activity Levels

Thirty to forty minutes long exercise sessions are for the Portuguese Podengo. The exercise sessions may have to be extended based on the diet that you are giving it. Managing the exercise sessions shouldn’t be that hard. There won’t be any problems if you know how to divide the time between mental and physical stimulation.

Caring for Portuguese Podengo

The Portuguese Podengo won’t need much. It’s also apparent from the rest of the procedures. You should, however, be careful about what you give it to eat. Things with Caffeine and Chocolate are a major no-no for this doggie. Giving it anything with Garlic in it is like giving it a dose of poison. So please pay attention to what your dog eats. You should also pay attention to its ears. They can collect moisture and dirt, leading to horrifying infections. Google a few pictures if you don’t believe us.

Portuguese Podengo Health

The Portuguese Podengo has minimal health conditions. When you take into account its history and genes, it’s not that surprising. However, it still doesn’t mean that you should relax more and shun your duties. Conditions like Toenail Infections and Muscle Strains can still give your doggie a lot of pain.  Since the natures of the conditions that will afflict the Portuguese Podengo are physical, you will have to take physical precautions.

The first thing is keeping its activity moderate. Excessive activity will lead to muscle strains and fatigue. Despite its strong immunity, you should still give it a check-up at least once per month. Get the blood works done and the X-rays too. These should be enough to identify any major problems. For the rest of the procedures, only your vet can recommend them.

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