Posavac Hound Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Posavac Hound is an efficient dog that can give the best hounds a run for their money. The breed has been called the Posavski Gonic and Posavaz Hound. The Posavac Hound has been known for its efficient hounding abilities, but is it a good match for your family? Today we will answer this question. We will shed light on the defining properties of the Posavac Hound’s temperament and its needs. It should give us a basic idea of what the Posavac Hound needs.

Posavac Hound History

Posavac Hound Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Posavac Hound has been around for a long time. The earliest records of this breed are at least 500 years old. The breed is native to Croatia. The specific area is the Sava Valley, hence its name. There are no accurate reports on its lineage. Experts believe that the Sight-hounds from Egypt and Molossian-Hunting dogs could be possible ancestors. Others beg to differ, citing other scenting hounds, like Beagles and Harriers, as possible parents.

The Posavac Hound became more constant in its appearance by the end of the 19th Century. The doggie spread to neighboring territories of Croatia through trade. The FCI registered this doggie in 1955. The UKC recognized it half a century later, in 2006. The breed is currently standardized and making progress splendidly.

Posavac Hound Characteristics

The Posavac Hound is a trailing hound, and its proportions are, at best, medium. The body of the Posavac Hound is usually longer than its height. The Posavac Hound will also have a strong nose. The muzzle of the Posavac Hound is of medium length. The ears are large and leaf-like. The ears also bend over to the front. The coat of the Posavac Hound is resilient and short. Colors for the coat usually vary between Isabella, Fawn, and Red. Usually, the coat is a combination of two colors.

How Big do Posavac Hound Get

The Posavac Hound is a medium breed. The males and females of this breed usually have the same height and weight range. The height range for the Posavac Hound is normally 17 to 23 inches. The weight range for both genders is 35 to 45 lbs. You will need to control its weight through proper routines throughout its life.

How Long Does Posavac Hound Live

The life expectancy of the Posavac Hound is around 12 years. On average, the range for the lifespan of the Posavac Hound will be 11 and 14 years. The life expectancy of this doggie will remain normal if you know how to keep its diet healthy and relevant.

How Much Does a Posavac Hound Cost

The Posavac Hound is a pure breed that will usually cost somewhere around 1000 dollars. The Posavac Hound will usually cost more if the doggie is in exceptional health. The cost will also vary based on the region that you live in. The price can go up by a few hundred dollars at max. You shouldn’t pay anything more than 1500 dollars.

Posavac Hound Temperament/Personality

The Posavac Hound is a high-energy dog that somehow loves snuggling as well. This prime predator will look to main you with its cute eyes and over-the-top antics. The Posavac Hound is known to be very friendly, especially with children. Rarely are there any problems with keeping this dog around humans. Other smaller pets, though, may experience some health problems. Therefore, we recommend socialization from an early age.

Training the Posavac Hound is as simple as saying, “Long live Pineapple Pizza.” In short, if you are interested in training it, then it will be easy. If you are training it half-heartedly, then you will come to despise the training sessions. You will have to create clear lines and pecking orders. The Posavac Hound must understand that you are in command. Therefore, please pay attention and focus on what you are teaching it.

Caring for Posavac Hound

The Posavac Hound is a dog breed that needs your help to maintain its health. The next few paragraphs should give you enough info about the kind of help that you must provide.

Posavac Hound Nutrition

The Posavac Hound is a medium-sized breed. You will need to give it two to three cups of food daily. You will need to give it the right diet. Giving it things like Chocolate and Garlic are prohibited. Anything from the Onion family is toxic for this doggie. Giving it a healthy food choice like American Journey Dog Food or Annamaet Dog Food is recommended.

How to Groom a Posavac Hound

The Posavac Hound doesn’t have a problematic coat. Since a coat is the main component of grooming routines, the Posavac Hound won’t need much effort. Brushing its coat about three to five times per week should be enough. You should also bathe the Posavac Hound. Bathe it when you feel like it needs a bath. Excessive bathing isn’t good for its health. Equally important is brushing the teeth of the Posavac Hound. Ignoring the teeth will only lead to pain later on. Trim its nails and keep its ears clean as well.

Posavac Hound Activity Levels

The Posavac Hound is high-energy and almost always explosive. You will have to give it at least an hour of daily exercise. Anything less, and things won’t work out. The exercise sessions should be divided into two main parts. One of the parts should be for mental exercises. The other should be physical exercises.  

Caring for Posavac Hound

Certain things will make the life of your doggie better overall. Dog Calming Aids, for starters, are vital in sticky situations. If your doggie becomes aggressive due to an intrinsic or extrinsic element, use it. Apart from this, you can also use Dog Calming Apparel to maintain the peace of your doggie. The Posavac Hound doesn’t become aggressive often. However, a lot of pent-up energy will lead to self-destructive behavior. Being cautious is better than being late.

Posavac Hound Health

The Posavac Hound, despite its pure-breed nature, has a certain set of conditions that it is weak to. These conditions include Gastric Torsion, CHD, Ear infections, and Hypothyroidism. Some conditions are more problematic, like Epilepsy. Certain tricks can save your buddy from these conditions.

The first trick is to give your buddy a healthy diet. You will have to use a dietary routine that doesn’t lead to weight gain. You will have to be extra careful with things like fleas. You should use a Flea Collar to reduce and eliminate the damage caused by fleas. You should also take the Posavac Hound to the vet often. These visits are vital for the survival of your doggie.

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