Powderpap Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Powderpap is an equal portion mix between the Chinese Crested and the Papillon. One of these breeds is from China, while the other one is from Europe. The Powderpap is a modern designer breed, and thus the data on it is minimal. Our goal isn’t to dig into its root all the way through. Our goal is to understand whether the Powderpap is a fit for your lifestyle or not. Fortunately, we have enough info to come to that conclusion.

Powderpap History

Powderpap Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Powderpap, as stated above, has the Chinese Crested as one of its parents. It is a bony dog that has been around for a very long time. An accurate figure is stating that it has been around for more than 700 years. The hair on this dog is almost non-existent. The Chinese Crested has been a popular companion dog for generations. The Papillon is a dog better known as the Butterfly eared canine. The Papillon is a companion dog and has always remained that way.

Numerous countries, including France, boosted the Papillon’s popularity. Considering both of these parents, we can come to a speculative conclusion. Though not 100 percent accurate, we can say that the Powderpap may have been bred for its companionship abilities. The reason stated is purely based on speculation, and it could be wrong. Any major organization has not accepted the Powderpap till now.

Powderpap Characteristics

Both of the parents are quite bony in structure. Therefore you can expect the Powderpap to be thin and lean. The size of this breed will also be small. The coat of this dog will be long, which could lead to a few problems. The colors for the coat are Brown, Cream, Silver, and Black. It may have the distinct ears of the Papillon. The eyes of the Powderpap will be large and beady for its head.

How Big do Powderpap Get

The Powderpap is a small doggie genetically. The males and females will usually be between 8 to 13 inches tall. The weight range for both genders is 5 to 12 lbs. You will have to keep the weight within bounds if you don’t want problems to develop.

How Long Does Powderpap Live

The life expectancy of the Powderpap is exceptionally long. Generally, you can expect it to live between 12 and 16 years of age. However, if you want it to reach the maximum limit, please pay attention to the “Care” section. Obesity isn’t a major problem for this dog breed, but remaining cautious is still advised.

How Much Does a Powderpap Cost

The Powderpap doesn’t have enough specimens to be considered a marketable doggie. It also means that determining an “accurate” price for a puppy or adult Powderpap dog is impossible. We can, however, give you a speculative price. According to our insight and experience, the Powderpap shouldn’t cost you more than 900 dollars. A healthy puppy should be around 600 to 700 dollars on average.

Powderpap Temperament/Personality

The Powderpap is a friendly breed. With two uber-friendly dog breeds as parents, the Powderpap is bound to be as friendly. Commonly the Powderpap will coexist with almost any type of pet. Coexisting with humans isn’t a problem either.  Children are often ideal companions for this dog. If you want to eliminate any hidden shyness, then early socialization is recommended.

The Powderpap might become slightly stubborn. Its brilliance combined with its stubbornness can make training very difficult. You will have to keep the Powderpap as engaged as possible in its training. The more immersive sessions you design, the better it will be.

Caring for Powderpap

What would make the Powderpap happy? What can you do for the health of your potential companion? If you add powdered milk to a glass of milk, is that milk two times as strong?  The answers to a majority of these questions except the last one lie in this section.

Powderpap Nutrition

One cup of dog food is more than enough for the health of this doggie. The measurement being used is the US standard cup. It is equivalent to 8 fluid ounces or 237 ml. If you feed your doggie more, then adjust the exercise sessions accordingly.

How to Groom a Powderpap

The coat of the Powderpap is usually long. It automatically means that the coat is prone to tangling and knots. The coat of the Powderpap will need to be brushed every day. You should also trim the nail occasionally. We would recommend the use of proper Dog Grooming Clippers and a Dog Grooming Table. You should also trim its nails every two to three weeks. An indicator for its nails is the distinct click sound that comes from when it walks. You should also bathe the Powderpap. Frequent baths are a major no-no.

Powderpap Activity Levels

The Powderpap is considered a moderately active breed. However, the activity requirements are outrageous for people who prefer laid-back dogs. On average, the Powderpap will require two hours of daily activity. You will have to break down the sessions into two or more parts if you can’t keep up with its energy all at once.

Caring for Powderpap

The Powderpap will need a nutrient-rich supplement for its coat. Research has found Fish Oil for Dogs and Coconut Oil for Dogs highly effective in maintaining its physical beauty and health. This fact is general, and it applies to every dog breed. The same holds for its ears. The ears of the Powderpap, like most of the Papillon mixes, tend to gather moisture and dirt. You will have to clean them with a Dog Ear Cleaner about three times per week.

Powderpap Health

The immunity of the Powderpap isn’t much to boast about. Therefore, numerous conditions tend to afflict this canine. The most prominent conditions are PRA, CHD, and Patellar Luxation. Apart from this, Deafness and various Skin allergies are more general problems. We know that this is disturbing. 

Excessive concern and panic won’t do you any good. What can help you is maintaining its diet. A living thing is basically what it eats (Our team is, for example, coffee and bread!). In general healthier you eat, the healthier you will be. You can ask your vet for the right routine. Typically you should take your doggie for a vet check-up at least once every month. More regulars would be even better.

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