Presa Bulldog Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Presa Bulldog has the Presa Canario and the English Bulldog as its parents. The Presa Canario is considered a large dog by stature. The Bulldog, on the other hand, is a medium-sized dog. Apart from physical proportions, both of the parents also have different personalities.

The goofy side of the Bulldog is being mixed with the slightly strict side of the Presa Canario. It will be interesting to note how the differences of both parents manifest in the Presa Bulldog. In the next few paragraphs, we will dissect the personality of the Presa Bulldog. Hopefully, it will give you a pretty good idea of whether it is compatible with you.

Presa Bulldog History

Presa Bulldog Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Presa Canario is native to the Canary Islands. It has been around for more than six centuries. It has always been a farming-related dog. It had the size to safeguard livestock from medium-sized threats. Even today, it is considered an adept guarding dog. It also had considerable expertise in the field of Shepherding. If it wanted a resume made, you could expect the Skill section to be filled. The English Bulldog is English (Always wanted to say that).

The English Bulldog is, according to experts related to the Molosser Dogs and Mastiffs. Like the Presa Canario, the Bulldog was put on trial in the Pit. The Bloody Pit that took the lives of numerous dogs was fortunately outlawed in 1835. Afterward, the Bulldog became friendlier and tamer. With two parents like these, the Presa Bulldog is bound to have both loyalty and ferocity. Unfortunately, the Presa Bulldog has yet to be recognized by any major crediting authority.

Presa Bulldog Characteristics

The general body of the Presa Bulldog will be muscular and strong. It could wrangle a crocodile if it felt like it. The coat of this doggie is bound to stay short. The possible colors for this doggie are diverse as well. You can expect it to have Cream, Black, Pied, Fawn, and Brown colors. The eyes are usually like the Bulldogs. The muzzle is thick and medium-sized. All in all, the Presa Bulldog looks like a Bulldog but more athletic and tall.

How Big do Presa Bulldog Get

The Presa Bulldog should usually be 15 to 25 inches tall. The weight range of the Presa Bulldog is 50 to 110 lbs for males. The weight range for female Presa Bulldog is 40 to 100 lbs. The weight range has to be kept within the normal range.

How Long Does Presa Bulldog Live

The Presa Bulldog, despite being a mixed breed, has a healthy immunity. The life expectancy of this dog breed is close to 13 to 15 years. The lifespan of this doggie can be expanded with the help of proper care. The proper care that we refer to has been covered in the sections below.

How Much Does a Presa Bulldog Cost

A Presa Bulldog is one dog that you probably won’t find easily. It is rare, even more so than its parents. If you do find it, then the initial cost should be close to 1000 dollars. The price range can fluctuate by 100 or 200 dollars. The medical cost per annum should remain close to 1200 or 1300 dollars.

Presa Bulldog Temperament/Personality

The Presa Bulldog may look menacing, and it is menacing. Looks can be deceiving, but this isn’t true in the Presa Bulldog’s case. The Presa Bulldog is ruthless in its reign. It isn’t violent but slightly inconsiderate around other pets and children. You shouldn’t leave it unsupervised around any child for any period. The Presa Bulldog can be affectionate, but it depends more on the conditions that it has been brought up in. Socialization is necessary in this doggie’s case.

Training the Presa Bulldog won’t be a piece of cake. You will have to be super careful about maintaining supremacy. It will become unruly if it senses weakness. You will have to make the training fluid and encouraging. Being excessively harsh will lower its self-esteem and makes it more rebellious. Overall, we recommend getting the Presa Bulldog as a puppy so that you can bring it up as a part of the family. It will make things way easier for you.  

Caring for Presa Bulldog

Your Presa Bulldog will need your support to maintain its health and happiness. The “Care” section will deal with everything you can do for your doggie. We advise paying attention to this section.

Presa Bulldog Nutrition

The Presa Bulldog has varying sizes. You will have to maintain its diet according to its size. Two to three cups is the normal volume for its daily diet. Try not to exceed this limit. If you do give it more food, then ensure proper exercise to lose the additional calories. You can look for appropriate food for this doggie in the Dog Food section.

How to Groom a Presa Bulldog

The Presa Bulldog won’t shed that much. Accordingly, you won’t have to brush its coat that often. Normally brushing the coat three times per week should be enough. The baths should be managed properly. The nails of the Presa Bulldog should be trimmed to reduce the chances of wear and tear. The teeth of this doggie should be brushed at least three times to maintain its dental health.

Presa Bulldog Activity Levels

The Presa Bulldog can be classified as a restless dog. On average, the Presa Bulldog needs at least two hours of daily activity. We know that devoting this much time every day can be slightly hard. Instead, you can use a Dog Treadmill to deplete its energy. An Automatic Fetch Machine will also help you considerably.  

Caring for Presa Bulldog

The Presa Bulldog tends to be a bit big. You probably should get a Dog House for it. It will allow the Presa Bulldog to have a personal space. In effect, it will reduce separation anxiety. You should also get your Presa Bulldog a Dog Blanket. We all need a warm blanket every once in a while. Dogs tend to get attached to things like these. Plus, you can tuck into bed. Isn’t that awesome and adorable at the same time?  

Presa Bulldog Health

The Presa Bulldog is bound to ill-fate and an even sourer immunity. With conditions like Laryngeal Paralysis, Spina Bifida, Cleft Lift, Hydrocephalus, and Hypothyroidism, fooling around is out of the question. There are at least seven to eight more conditions that the Presa Bulldog is weak to. Listing them all is futile and useless. What’s not useless is, understanding what you can do to save your day.

The first and final thing is taking it to the vet. Please try to understand that the vet is the only person who can help you. A vet can identify hidden discrepancies and give you medication accordingly. So please do not ignore the weekly visits to the vet’s office.

Breeds Similar to Presa Bulldog


Best Dog Food for Presa Bulldogs

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Adult Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

The best dog food for Presa Bulldog is Diamond Naturals Large Breed Adult Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food, 40-lb bag. This dog food has been developed through rice and chicken as the key ingredients. It ensures good taste, muscle growth, and a healthy lifestyle for your pal. 

  • Superior digestion through probiotics.
  • Better coat and skin with omega fatty acids.
  • Provides healthier joints with chondroitin and glucosamine.

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Best Puppy Food for Presa Bulldogs

Purina Pro Plan Puppy Large Breed Chicken & Rice Formula With Probiotics Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Presa Bulldog is Purina Pro Plan Puppy Large Breed Chicken & Rice Formula with Probiotics Dry Dog Food. This puppy food has been crafted with healthy ingredients that provide overall body growth and nourishment.

  • Boosts muscle health.
  • Live probiotics support digestion.
  • Contains DHA for improving vision and cognition.

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Best Dog Crate for Presa Bulldogs

Lucky Dog Sliding Double Door Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Presa Bulldog is Lucky Dog Sliding Double Door Wire Dog Crate. This crate is made of strong wires that make it more secure and durable. 

  • Features a sliding door system for convenient usage.
  • No accidents or rattling with corner stabilizer.
  • Better rust resistance through coated and reinforced wires.

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Best Dog Bed for Presa Bulldogs

Furhaven Nap Ultra Plush Orthopedic Deluxe Cat & Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Presa Bulldog is FurHaven NAP Ultra Plush Orthopedic Deluxe Cat & Dog Bed w/Removable Cover. This bed is equipped with an egg-crate foam that distributes weight and ensures relaxing sleep. 

  • Relieves from joints and muscle pain.
  • Easy to get on with the step-on design.
  • Washable core and covers.

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Best Dog Harness for Presa Bulldogs

Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Presa Bulldog is Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness. This harness has weather-proof fabric that provides a strain-free walk to your dog.

  • Ensures higher comfort through the padded handle.
  • Provides natural movements through non-restrictive design.
  • Supports dual-clip attachment to attach the leash.

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