Travel Tips: Preventing Motion Sickness in Your Dog with Cerenia

Preventing Motion Sickness in Your Dog with Cerenia

When traveling with your dog, there are a variety of health complications that may arise. Of the complications, motion sickness seems to be most common with your dog at-risk for falling ill on planes, trains or in the car.

To avoid motion sickness in your dog, it is important to visit with a veterinarian before you travel. Following evaluation by your dog’s veterinarian, medication can be prescribed that will alleviate your dog’s risk for vomiting during your travels. With proper administration, your dog’s vacation, and your vacation, can be rather uneventful in terms of doggie sickness.

For most dogs, the veterinarian chooses to prescribe the medication known as Cerenia. While not approved for dogs less than 16 weeks of age, most dogs manage to use Cerenia successfully. As a convenient once-per-day dosing formula, most dogs manage motion sickness well on Cerenia and the medication can be used for as long as five consecutive days which means you can travel long distances and use Cerenia without risk for long term health complications.

There are some disadvantages associated with the use of Cerenia in your dog while you travel. Most notably, your dog should not eat for one hour after Cerenia has been given and the dose should be given on an empty stomach. Therefore, it will be necessary that you plan your travels and your dog’s meal time accordingly. Another adverse side effect associated with Cerenia involves the risk of your dog developing a complication involving excessive salivation. For this reason, be certain you are carrying extra towels or blankets as your dog may dampen area rugs or seats in a car.

Your dog may appear depressed or drowsy while on Cerenia. This is to be expected and is not an indication of any adverse health risks. As with humans, if your dog is taking other medications, or suffers from any other ailments, be certain you clear these conditions with the veterinarian prior to accepting a prescription of Cerenia for your dog’s motion sickness.

If, for some reason, your travels will extend beyond five consecutive days, the use of Cerenia may not be indicated. Because Cerenia is only recommended for use at a maximum consecutive day count of five, your veterinarian may need to consider other options for your dog’s motion sickness remedy.

Motion sickness is one of the most common ailments in family dogs. When traveling, it is important to mange your dog’s motion sickness effectively so that your vacation, as well as your dog’s vacation, is pleasant. When considering options for alleviating motion sickness, ask your veterinarian about the use of prescription Cerenia.

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