The Problem with Allowing Your Dog to Run Loose

The Problem with Allowing Your Dog to Run Loose

Letting your dog lose can cause some serious situations. There is a problem with dogs getting to fights. Even if you dog is not the type to get into a fight, a fight could happen. Another dog might start a fight with yours. If your dog is hurt, or hurts another dog. The damage could be so bad that one or both of the dogs will die. You could be faced with paying the medical bills for your dog, and also the other dog. It would be your fault for letting the dog lose. Veterinarians can sometimes cost as much, or more than if a man was in the hospital.

Dogs can be a danger to other pets and animals. Dogs like to give chase to animals that run from them. Sometimes a dog can get carried away, and hurt another animal so bad it will die. If your dog hurts or kills anthers pet, you could be faced with the medical bills for the veterinarian visit(s). Children will also run from dogs, and dogs will give chase. And children will sometimes tease a dog, or hurt it. Causing your dog to turn on the child in defense.

A lose dog could be in danger of other people. Some dogs are stolen, and sold. Some dogs are put into illegal dog fights. Some people will take the dog for their own pet. Some people get offensive at dog in their yard. And will do things to run them off. Some people go as far as shooting them with a gun. People will call the dog catcher on a lose dog, and some dogs will get misunderstood as abandoned.

If your dog ends up in a animal shelter, or in the hands of animal control. Your dog could get put down if not adopted. If your dog is missing check the local animal shelters and control. It is a good idea to call them, and call them on more than one day. Your pup could end up in one of these places if lose. And the day, if any is uncertain.

Letting your dog lose can be a bad thing to do. If your dog leaves your yard into other peoples properties, you could be responsible for anything your dog does. Put up an electric fence around your yard if you are able. Dogs like to run free. And keep a leash for dogs that pull and tag on your dog. Give your dog a walk, dogs love to get out and be walked. They love to explore new places. But be careful of other dogs, and animals.

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