Pugairn Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Pugairn is a cross between the Pug and the Cairn Terrier. There are numerous features of this doggie that make it a commendable companion. You want a family-friendly dog; the Pugairn has you covered. If you want a dog that can adapt to varying surroundings, the Pugairn has you covered again. The best thing about the Pugairn is its jovial personality. It can uplift the whole mood of the room. What more could anyone want.

Pugairn History

Pugairn Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Cairn Terrier has a name derived from the Ceremonial Stones found around the Skye Isles. The Cairn Terrier had a remarkable streak of driving away animals like Badgers and Otters. It had the reflexes and muscles to strike them easily and scare them away. Their birth took place on the Skye Isles. The Pug is more of a royal breed. It has some deep affiliations.

The earliest records of this doggie are from the Han Dynasty Era of China. The emperors prized this doggie as the best companion dog. Nobility was often found doting on this chonky canine. So what do we learn from this? The Pugairn could perhaps be an attempt to get a Pug-like dog, with the physical attractiveness of the Cairn Terrier. The other possibility is that the breeding was random without any real motive. Either way, we are thankful to whoever undertook the task of getting this doggie.

Pugairn Characteristics

It’s a modern designer breed, so pinning down standards for it isn’t that easy. However, we can say that it will have a short to medium-length coat. The color variations for the coat will most likely be White, Brown, Gray, and Brindle. The size overall should be small. According to our data, the overall body shape should be compact. You could even compare its shape to a square like the Pug. The eyes of the Pugairn will be bulgy like the Pug.

How Big do Pugairn Get

With parents like the Pug and the Cairn Terrier, the Pugairn will undoubtedly be small. Males and females of this breed will be 8 to 12 inches tall. The females will usually have a maximum height of two inches less than the males. The weight range of both genders is usually the same. Commonly the weight varies between 10 and 18 lbs.  

How Long Does Pugairn Live

The Pugairn will have a lifespan based entirely on speculation. Commonly the lifespan range of 11 to 15 years is acceptable for this doggie. The unfortunate thing is its genetic fragility. You will learn more about this in the Health section below. Generally, a healthy diet and exercise positively affect the lifespan of this doggie.

How Much Does a Pugairn Cost

The Pugairn doesn’t have a proper market value due to its rarity. This rarity in itself is related to the lack of knowledge about this breed. Once the breed becomes more recognized, breeders will quickly cash in on the proposition. Harsh, but that’s the reality. To discourage such practices, rely on credible breeders for this doggie. The price should be close to 800 dollars, give or take 300 dollars.

Pugairn Temperament/Personality

The Pugairn is defined by the words “Always Happy, and Mischief filled.” Do you want a dog with an energy level that can match a child’s? The Pugairn is the best choice for you. Do you want a dog that can adapt to other pets? The Pugairn has you covered again. What more could you want from a dog. Unfortunately, its Cairn Terrier genes may make it a bit aggressive towards small pets. To counter this aggression, have it socialized from an early age.  

The Pugairn should be easy to train. But, could it prove to be stubborn? Could training this doggie become a major pain? Yes, to both of those questions. However, this only happens when the Pugairn is bored with its usual routines. If you can make the routines engaging, then everything should be manageable. Finally, the Pugairn can be kept in apartments and flats. But, you will still have to keep its outdoor activity in check.

Caring for Pugairn

By now, you should have a lot of questions regarding the Pugairn. Most of these questions will be answered in this section. Again we will only cover the most important things.

Pugairn Nutrition

Gaining excessive weight is a major concern with this doggie. Maintaining its diet is all the more important. Giving it one cup of food is more than enough. Giving it any more is like inviting diabetes and joint problems for permanent companionship. You should keep inconvenient components like Garlic and Chocolate away from its food. These are purely poisonous to its health.

How to Groom a Pugairn

The grooming routine of this doggie is centered on its coat. First, brush its coat at least four times per week. Next, bathe it when it needs a bath. Normally the Pugairn will need a bath every 40 days or so.  The other thing is brushing its teeth. Dental health holds equal health value, if not more.  Finally, trim its nails. That’s all it takes to take care of the Pugairn.

Pugairn Activity Levels

For a doggie of its size, the Pugairn is more than restless. It needs between 40 and 50 minutes of daily exercise. Ignoring the exercise sessions could lead to a fair bit of self-destruction. You might not be able to match its energy.  In case you can’t devote enough time, use an Automatic Fetch Machine. A Dog Treadmill is also recommended to keep its energy levels in check.

Caring for Pugairn

The absolute care of your doggie is your responsibility. Our role is to bring to your attention the things that you can do for your doggie. For starters getting a Dog Raincoat is recommended, especially in countries like the UK and specific areas of the USA. The Pugairn is a small and fragile doggie. Which means it can get hurt easily if improperly handled.

For transportation in a vehicle, use a Dog Car Seat. With a seat comes the need for a Dog Seat Belt. Nothing is more important than the safety of your doggie. Plus, the risk of traffic accidents increases with a loose doggie inside the car. We believe insurance companies don’t cover accidents due to face-licks and dogs.

Pugairn Health

The Pugairn is a mixed doggie. Normally it means a whole list of potential threats to the health of the Pugairn. A few possible conditions are Patellar Luxation, CHD, Portosystemic Shunt, Corneal Ulcer, and Flea Allergy. Hip Dysplasia and General Joint conditions aren’t that far off in their old age either.

Taking care of the Pugairn’s health isn’t that hard. Giving it a thorough check-up every once in a while is all that it needs. By once in a while, we mean at least once every month. If Check-ups can be undertaken more frequently, then that’s even better. Diet and exercise play a vital role, but they have already been covered in the paragraphs above. 

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