Pugalier Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Pugalier is a cross between the Pug and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. With two royal breeds as parents, you can expect it to be interesting. Unfortunately, the data on this doggie remains scarce. Therefore, most of the information about it is based on speculation. There are some general facts that we will discuss soon enough. However, apart from those, all of the info will be derived from an analysis of the nature of its parents. With that, we should get a pretty good idea of the Pugalier’s compatibility with you.  

Pugalier History

Pugalier Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Pug is a royal dog from China. It was the favorite court dog of the Chinese Emperors. It reached its peak popularity in China during the Han Dynasty reign. It came to Europe after the 17th Century. The Pug has always been a companion dog; expecting aggression from it is illogical. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is also a royal dog, but it is related to European Rulers. The peak of this breed came due to King Charles I and II.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was at one point the official court dog. It was replaced by other dogs later on. According to mainstream theories, the Pugalier was bred to minimize the breathing problems that most Pugs encounter. Other sources believe that the Pugalier may have been a result of pure luck. Whatever the reason, we got the Pugalier, and we are grateful for it.

Pugalier Characteristics

Genetic dominance is the main deciding factor for the health of this doggie. You can expect it to have a short coat. The coat will usually be Fawn, Black, White, or Gray colored. The eyes of the Pugalier will look more like the Pugs. Rarely the eyes may exhibit more of the Cavalier features. The muzzle is more protruded, unlike the Pug’s snub nose. The ears of this doggie are usually drooping.

How Big do Pugalier Get

The Pugalier has proportions that classify as small. The height range for the Pugalier is 10 to 14 inches. The weight range for the Pugalier is 10 to 20 lbs. The weight range of the Pugalier should be managed through a proper diet. Overall, even children can carry it around easily. 

How Long Does Pugalier Live

The average life expectancy of the Pugalier is close to 12. You could blame its immunity for this reduced figure. You could also blame its genetics. We know for sure that if you don’t take care of it, you will definitely end up blaming yourself. Please do not ignore your doggie’s diet or exercise. Both of these play a vital role in their lifespan.

How Much Does a Pugalier Cost

The Pugalier isn’t that recognized for now. It means that the price should remain reduced compared to other dogs. The average price of the Pugalier should be close to 600 or 700 dollars. This range is normal for most designer breeds. The annual dietary bills and medical costs should amount to 1200 dollars.

Pugalier Temperament/Personality

The Pugalier has a lively and lovable personality. It is a needy dog that tries to keep all the attention on itself. However, the Pugalier isn’t excessively loud or troublesome. It gets along with other dogs and other pets. Early socialization is still recommended to eliminate the chances of shyness developing.

Training the Pugalier shouldn’t be that hard either. You can easily train the Pugalier if you know how to draw its attention. You can keep the Pugalier engaged in its training by giving it some form of reward. A good wholesome pat on the back also counts as a reward. Overall anyone can train the Pugalier if they have enough creativity and determination.

Caring for Pugalier

The following paragraphs deal with all of the necessities of this doggie. All of it will highlight what you need to do and what you should be doing. So please pay attention and take a few notes if you feel like it.

Pugalier Nutrition

The Pugalier is a tiny dog breed. You shouldn’t give it more than one cup of dog food. The nutritional requirements of certain types of dogs are different. Accordingly, you might want to use Dog Food for Pugs as its main dietary component. You can use Wet Dog Food or Dry Dog Food based on your doggie’s preference.  

How to Groom a Pugalier

The Pugalier’s coat is short and doesn’t shed much either. It means that the effort you have to put in is reduced. Commonly brushing its coat two to three times is more than enough. You may brush its coat more if you feel up to it. Brushing its teeth is equally important. Bathe the Pugalier as per the need. Excessive bathing will only lead to problems.

Pugalier Activity Levels

Thirty to forty minutes of exercise is enough for the Pugalier. Vigorous activity should be avoided considering its size. Instead, you should make the activity sessions more engaging. It will allow the Pugalier to make meaningful connections with you along with maintaining its health. Playing games and undertaking drills with it is one way to do this. The other way is to use various toys and trinkets.

Caring for Pugalier

The general care for the Pugalier can become tiresome sometimes. However, there are a few essentials that will make taking care of the Pugalier easier. The first thing is disposing of excrement properly. We know it’s not the most pleasant topic to approach. However, it is a necessary topic. The use of a Poop Bag will make things easier for you. No mess, no smell, and no hard feelings, right?

The second essential thing is related to the accommodation of the Pugalier. You can get your doggie a Dog House. It can be modified for the appropriate comfort levels. A dog house will also serve as a safe zone for your doggie. In essence, the chances of separation being developed will be reduced. 

Pugalier Health

The Pugalier is a mixed doggie. Normally this is a death sentence for most doggies. However, the Pugalier doesn’t have that much of a problem. The conditions that affect the Pugalier include Patellar Luxation, Dry Eye, general Heart Conditions, and Hip Dysplasia. The heart condition part is problematic. A bit of extra weight and some genetic defect could prove fatal for this doggie. So what can you do for your buddy? What should you be doing for your doggie?

For starters, you should be taking it to the vet’s office more often. Ignoring the check-ups and being irregular with them will weaken the Pugalier’s health. A thorough examination every month is necessary for this doggie. You should also maintain a healthy diet for this doggie. The healthier the diet, the stronger your canine companion will be.

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