Pugapoo Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Pugapoo is a hybrid of the Pug and the Poodle. It is a small-to-medium-sized athletic dog breed with a short to long and rough or silky coat. The variation depends upon the genes which are dominant from either parent.

Grooming will also depend on the type of coat it inherits (long from Poodle or short from the Pug), but generally, you’ll need to brush his coat at least thrice a week. Below, we will provide all the details on what it’ll take to make this little furball a great companion for you.

Pugapoo History

Pugapoo Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Pugapoo is a hybrid mix of the Pomeranian and the Pug, a fairly new hybrid with little to no information. We’ll take a brief look at the histories of the parent breeds to get an idea of how this canine might look and behave.  The Poodle is an ancient breed of water dog recognized as originating in France. It was known for its water retrieving and duck-hunting abilities. It also performed in circus and served as a companion as well.

The second dog used in the Pugapoo’s lineage is the Pug. This dog’s history is not so clear, while many claims that it originated in China. This toy-sized dog has a compact torso, a strong body and serves well as a companion and guard dog. It made its way to Holland around the 16th century and in England in 1689. It was one of the favorite companions of nobles and royals. In 1885 the AKC officially recognized it as a breed.

Pugapoo Characteristics

The Pugapoo is a small-to-medium-sized athletic dog breed that can be used as a working dog, herding dog, watchdog, or companion dog.  It can be short to long and rough or silky with small ears that hang down. The head is broad and squared shaped, whereby the muzzle tends to be medium in length and slightly stubby. Eyes are dark, bright, and almond in shape. This well-balanced, compactly built hybrid carries itself confidently.

How Big to Pugapoo Get

A fully grown-up male Pugapoo range from 15-30 lbs. He will likely stand around 10-15 inches tall at the withers. The female dog is comparatively smaller than a male dog with around 8-12 inches in height and 10-25 lbs. weight.

How Long Does Pugapoo Live

Under suitable living conditions, your Pugapoo can complete his life expectancy of 14-15 years. You can also exceed this value by giving proper consideration and love.

How Much Does a Pugapoo Cost

The Pugapoo puppy has an average price of $600. However, some top breeders and show dog breeders charge a lot more than that! You’ll likely need to go through a breeder to get your hands on this hybrid canine and avoid any risk of complexities in the future.

Pugapoo Temperament/Personality

Pugapoo has all the markings of a puppy with a wonderful personality! This hybrid canine brings an overwhelming blend of traits to the table, and it’s a combination that you’re bound to love. Being a mix of the Poodle and the Pug, he can inherit the temperament traits of both parent breeds.

Overall, he is friendly, loyal, affectionate, and easily trained. The Pugapoo should be fairly easily trained, provided you keep your training periods short, incorporating lots of fun in them. Additionally, the vocalization and ability to alert people to potential threats make this hybrid a good watchdog.

Like their parents, they are becoming popular as working dogs, watchdogs, and guard dogs on riverboats, barges, and farms. The Pug parent contributes a tendency to hunt and wander. So, you should make sure to keep this pup mentally and physically engaged and active.

Caring for Pugapoo

Dogs are not too complex when it comes to their grooming, dietary and other needs. However, they are completely dependent on their human fellows to fulfill their requirements. Below we will give you the information about living with the Pugapoo.

Pugapoo Nutrition

Pugapoo needs a cup full of good quality kibble every day. It would help if you were mindful that the kibble you choose is age-appropriate. For example, you can feed the puppy on Puppy Milk Replacer while a grown-up dog has different dietary needs. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation, and don’t let your little fellow free feed.

How to Groom a Pugapoo

Pugapoo needs regular coat brushing to retain the coat’s sheen and health. Examine his ears regularly and clean with dog ear cleaners. Bathe only when needed, using gentle dog shampoo to protect the natural oils in his skin. He sheds his coat twice a year with spring and winter, so increase brushing in these seasons.

Pugapoo Activity Levels

Pugapoo adapts quickly to a condo life if they get the desired company. He will enjoy being taken for a walk and will play for as long as his stamina lasts. It’s important to start training and socializing your puppy at a young age to avoid aggressive behavior and chasing instincts.

Caring for Pugapoo

Pugapoo hybrids need regular grooming and good teeth brushing routine to keep them in tip-top shape. Grooming will depend on the kind of coat your pup has, but generally, you’ll need to brush his coat at least thrice a week.

Because he is small to medium in size, he can adapt to condo or apartment living, provided her exercise needs are met. Pugapoo has moderate energy levels. These pups need a few short walks per day and plenty of potty breaks. It would be best to potty-train them using Dog Potty Pads.

Pugapoo Health

One reason for creating hybrids is to get dogs that are hopefully healthier than either parent. Therefore, Pugapoo is healthier as compared to its parent breeds. However, it may be prone to a few of its parental health concerns, which include Patellar Luxation, Cataracts, Hip Dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s Disease, Addison’s Disease, Legg-Calve Perthes Disease, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) Allergies, or Epilepsy. A regular veterinary visit will help to prevent these potential ailments.

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