Pungsan Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Pungsan is a breed from North Korea. It’s a breed with ancient origins and looks remarkably similar to the Spitz. The Pungsan is considered one of the most intelligent dogs. Its silent but vigilant nature makes it a good watchdog. It’s a fairly good family dog as well. The details of the Pungsan’s origin and its traits have been explained in detail below. Hopefully, all of it should be enough to give you a good idea of the Pungsan and its personality.

Pungsan History

Pungsan Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Pungsan is one of the rarest breeds in the world right now. It hails from Korea. It has been tempered in the mountainous regions of that country. However, it has endured so much that nothing can faze this doggie now. The breed is believed to have risen to prominence during the Joseon Dynasty’s period. Its primary use during that time was hunting.

Its sharp fangs and agility could catch the most nimble prey with ease. According to some people, the dog is a descendant of wolves. It would also explain its similarity to other Nordic and Spitz dogs. Unfortunately, due to useless wars, this dog suffered along with the people of Korea. As a result, the breed is currently starting to spread outwards from North Korea.

Pungsan Characteristics

The Pungsan is a breed that somehow looks more like the Spitz than the actual Spitz. It has pointed ears and a long coat. The possible colors are mostly White and Cream for its coat. The eyes of the Pungsan are sharp. Somehow the words “Ideal Wolf Dog” come into mind when thinking about the Pungsan. The muscles on this doggie are nothing short of amazing, which reflects in its weight. The tail of the Pungsan is usually curled up over its back.   

How Big do Pungsan Get

According to the general standards, the Pungsan should be between 21 and 24 inches tall. The weight range for the Pungsan should be close to 68 lb at max. The weight should be at least more than 48 lbs. Maintaining the weight between the range is highly recommended. You can find more information about the proper diet of the Pungsan in the “Nutrition” section below.   

How Long Does Pungsan Live

The lifespan of the Pungsan is bound to stay between 12 and 14 years. Compared to other pure/mix-breed dogs, the Pungsan lives an average life. The good news is that with proper care, this figure can be increased even more. If you maintain a healthy grip on its diet, everything should work out perfectly.

How Much Does a Pungsan Cost

As to our knowledge, the Pungsan currently has no suitable markets. There aren’t enough breeders with this doggie to make a market. Therefore the price of this doggie should be highly subjective and volatile. Anyhow, it still shouldn’t cost you more than 1200 dollars. The average costs, later on, should be about 1400 dollars per year.

Pungsan Temperament/Personality

The Pungsan is a lovable dog. The most commendable thing about the Pungsan is its loyalty. It will step up at every junction to protect its family. It is one of the reasons why it is considered a good guard dog. The Pungsan is sociable only with its own family. As for other pets, the Pungsan loves dominating its opposition. Even other dogs may not be able to coexist with the Pungsan.

Training the Pungsan is problematic, according to a majority of people. Inexperienced people will have a hard time training this dog. In addition, pleasing the Pungsan through training could prove to be problematic. Therefore, extra attention and consideration are required when planning out their training routines.

Caring for Pungsan

The following will answer and explain all of the things hinted at in the paragraph. Hopefully, by the end of it, you will know what your doggie needs.

Pungsan Nutrition

The Pungsan is a medium-sized dog. It will need at most three cups of dog food. There are various types of food with different nutritional values. You can switch between these different types of food at different stages of your doggie’s life. First, you could use a Puppy Milk Replacer to get it used to a different variety. Later on, you could use some Organic Dog Food.

How to Groom a Pungsan

Every dog needs grooming, but some just need more effort compared to others. The Pungsan is more on the demanding side. Yes, the Pungsan tends to shed significantly. If you don’t like having hair all around the house, then get to it. You need to brush its coat every day. The Pungsan also needs to be bathed at least once every month. Coconut Oil for Dogs is a good source of nourishment for the Pungsan’s coat. We recommend using it sparingly. You should trim its nails once per month (Stay on the safe side!).

Pungsan Activity Levels

The Pungsan is an energetic dog breed. There is nothing that the Pungsan will hate doing as long as it’s outside. According to our knowledge and experience, giving the Pungsan mental stimulation holds equal importance as physical stimulation. You could get some Rope and Tug Toys to deplete the Pungsan’s energy levels.

Caring for Pungsan

There isn’t a lot that the Pungsan will need as long as you give it basic love and care. Yet, some things could prove problematic if ignored for long. The first thing is its ears. The Pungsan can get some really nasty-looking ear infections if you ignore them for long. So what do you do? You clean them with sterile swabs. You could also use a specialized Dog Ear Cleaner to make the job easier.

Apart from this cleaning its teeth is also very important. Drying its coat after baths of being wet is also important. All of these are small things that play big roles. Ignoring them is like tipping a domino. It could escalate into anything.

Pungsan Health

The Pungsan has been around for a long time. It means that its immunity has evolved to a certain degree. As a result, there aren’t a lot of conditions that will affect its health. The known conditions that are likely to threaten it are Ear Infections, Ectropion, Entropion, and Bloat. So you don’t have to worry excessively. However, being too reckless won’t be good for the Pungsan’s health either.

One simple thing should be enough to safeguard your dog. You can save your doggie by taking it for check-ups at least once a month. Diet and Exercise play a vital role in maintaining its health. However, since they have been explained in the Nutrition and Activity section, we won’t go into the details again.

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