Purebred Shih Tzu Breeders Around the Country

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Purebred Shih Tzu Breeders Around The CountryShih Tzus are cute, compact dogs that are the 20th most popular dogs around the world (according to the American Kennel Club), which comes as no surprise. These adorable dogs love to please their owners and have a lot of affection to share, charming anyone they meet in just a few minutes. In this article, we share the best and highly recommended purebred Shih Tzu breeders that you can find throughout the country.   

Best Purebred Shih Tzu Breeders Around the Country

Because Shih Tzus have minimal need for exercise as well as a small stature, they can be the best apartment dogs. Here are reputable breeders for you to check out if you want one of these beautiful dogs in your own home. 

Shih Tzu Garden

California: Central Coast

If you’re looking for a small Shih Tzu breeder that pays attention to each and every one of their pups, look no further than Shih Tzu Garden located between the Monterey/Carmel area and San Francisco. Offering nothing but healthy, loving, and adorable purebred Shih Tzu puppies with fantastic lineage in a wide range of colors. With the goal of raising their fur babies within a safe and homey environment, they provide health testing on all mothers while providing vet health checks. 

Shih Tzu Garden strives to better the breed in every litter, offering a 2-year health guarantee along with lifetime support for all pet parents who purchase their pups. Every pooch comes with a goody bag that contains the following: 

  • Food 
  • Toys
  • Information caring for pups
  • AKC event details
  • Soft blanket with the mother’s scent

The blanket works to help your pooch adjust to its new environment, and the breeder will also provide you with a written health record of your little one. You will see that they are always up to date with shots, wormings, and other vaccinations while providing socialization to ensure each puppy is full of love. Shih Tzu Garden is committed to providing happy and fulfilling experiences and has always strived to exceed expectations, which is why they’re highly recommended.  

Cobb Mountain Shih Tzu

California: North

If you live around North California, you’ll be happy to know that Cobb Mountain Shih Tzu is run by passionate Shih Tzu lovers who work tirelessly to produce dogs as close to AKC standards as possible. Because they want their puppies to be loving and devoted to their new families, each one is kept healthy and free from genetic issues while going through early socialization. Their adult Shih Tzus have long and stunning double coats that will need daily brushing to maintain their beauty, along with short muzzles without any breathing problems. 

All of their Shih Tzus have access to indoor and outdoor areas that are air-conditioned and heated to provide comfort throughout California’s seasons. Each dog comes with vaccinations, worming, a health guarantee, food, and a toy with their mother’s scent. Because their dogs have been carefully bred, they all come with gorgeous, soulful eyes and exceptionally loving temperaments.  

High Point Shih Tzu

New Jersey

This family-owned and operated breeder is AKC-inspected and approved for standard-size Shih Tzus that come in a variety of colors. While most of their puppies come with a limited registration (which means you can’t breed them), full registration can be given to the right pet parents. Their puppies are trained and socialized during their first weeks of life, and also vaccinated after 6 weeks old; they will happily show you photos of your growing puppy until they can be released. 

Their puppies come with AKC registration, a health guarantee, health records, a toy, and a Eukanuba puppy pack. Moreover, they’re vet-checked, have updated vaccinations, dewormed, and have started with heartworm prevention. At High Point Shih Tzu, you can be sure that you’ll take home a puppy with a friendly, cheerful, and loving personality which is backed by several clients who have already taken home their bundle of joy.  

Twa-Nas Pe-kae Shih Tzu


Every puppy from Twa-Nas Pe-kae Shih Tzu comes from a healthy, beautiful, and intelligent Champion sire that has exceptional pedigrees and is registered with the AKC. As such, every litter results in excellent puppies that have good health and wonderful temperaments with baby doll faces and luxurious coats. These pure-bred, excellent-quality dogs receive the care and effort that only a true dog lover can give, which is why each puppy is well-loved in their new home.

The team at Twa-Nas Pe-kae Shih Tzu is dedicated to helping you find the perfect little pup for your home and does everything they can to ensure that their puppies are perfect. From taking great care of their dams and sires to providing a comfortable and safe environment for their pups, the Shih Tzu you take home will surely be happy and healthy. Their well-adjusted puppies will surely bring a new kind of energy and love into your home, so be sure to reserve your pooch today.     

Patchwork Pups


A small in-home breeder located in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, Patchwork Pups is focused on giving their tiny canines all the care and love they deserve. They specialize in standard-sized Shih Tzus but also have imported dogs in their pedigrees, which result in gorgeous and unique puppies. They always strive hard to raise every litter in a loving, safe, and comfortable environment where they can send pictures and updates on your growing puppy every week. 

Each puppy they breed has current vaccinations, has been de-wormed, and has been vet checked — they also come with a health guarantee and a contract. You’ll be happy to know that their pups are also well-socialized and will do well with other dogs and even young children. When you choose a puppy from Patchwork Pups, you’ll be sure to get all the support you need since they encourage you to contact them should you have any questions about your new puppy.  

Puppies on the Prairie

South Dakota

As its name suggests, this great breeder is located on the prairie of northeastern South Dakota where Shih Tzu puppies are lovingly raised in the family home. Their puppies are available in several different colors which range from traditional to exotic, while their sizes are between small and standard. When you purchase a puppy from them, you can expect the following: 

  • Vet visits starting at 6 weeks old along with required vaccinations
  • Health preventatives such as de-worming, flea treatment, and vitamins
  • AKC registration as well as spay and neuter requirements
  • 1-year replacement guarantee in case of genetic defects

As a result, you can be sure to bring home a healthy, intelligent, and well-socialized furbaby that will be thrilled to have you as their parent. You’ll also get a “Welcome Home” bundle that contains instructions on puppy care, food samples, treats, a toy, and a blanket. Finally, Puppies on the Prairie offers support over the puppy’s whole life so you can ask about anything; references are also available when requested.   

Serendipity Shih Tzu


With 8 years of experience behind their team, Serendipity Shih Tzu has taken such pride in the quality of their litters and has bred gorgeous Shih Tzu puppies for many delighted owners. They are delighted with every puppy they send to each family and carefully select parents, ensuring that each one has an excellent pedigree and is AKC registered. Every puppy is raised in their own home and is given the proper care and attention their puppies need for early socialization and development.  

Their team strives to breed dogs with the best possible health, beauty, build, and temperament. They also focus on smaller Shih Tzu sizes which come in many colors, including traditional and rare — be sure to visit their website to see just how exceptional their puppies are. This breeder also offers a 2-year written health record and guarantee, along with a generous puppy bundle full of goodies, and lifetime support for each and every puppy that finds their new home.   


Be sure to do your due diligence before buying a puppy to ensure that you don’t end up buying from a puppy mill while staying away from genetic problems in your new dog. When you’ve lucked out on all the local shelters and dog rescues around your town, be sure to check out these online breeders that carry more options to ensure that you find the perfect Shih Tzu for your home. Not only are they trustworthy breeders, but they also have the experience and knowledge needed to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for your potential puppy.