10 Rare French Bulldog Colors

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Rare French Bulldog ColorsJust last year, the French Bulldog knocked the Labrador Retriever off the top as the most popular dog breed in the country, and for good reason! These bite-sized dogs are alert, playful, and adaptable dogs that are irresistible as well as adorable. In this article, we share 12 rare French Bulldog colors and discuss some of the lesser-known hues that this cute dog comes in.  

What are French Bulldogs? 

According to the American Kennel Club, French Bulldogs are among the most popular dog breeds in the world. Apart from their miniature stature, their energetic attitude and expressive eyes also add to their overall charm. Their square heads, paired with their pointed ears go along with their black nose and wrinkled face which they inherited from their bigger cousins, the Bulldogs. 

As such, they also have muscular and compact bodies that display their short, brilliant, and smooth coats. The French Bulldog comes in a wide range of patterns and designs, as well as rare colors that make them stand out from the standard colors they usually come in. Below we discuss the rare French Bulldog colors that you can consider once you’re ready to get your new pet

French Bulldog Rare and Fad Colors 

Before you get your dog, you should know that rare-colored Frenchies are automatically disqualified from the French Bulldog Breed Standard set by the American Kennel Club. But if you don’t plan on entering competitions with your French Bulldog, then it shouldn’t affect your decision to look for dogs with different colors. Unfortunately, French Bulldogs are unable to reproduce naturally due to their narrow hips.

As such, these dogs require extra care and special attention as soon as they’re born, and those with the recessive color gene of color dilution alopecia (color-dilute dogs) can be highly expensive. These pups will usually have lavender, blue, blue-grey, or flesh-colored noses, eyelids, and lips. However, the determining factor in a puppy’s color is the genes of the parents.    

Below are some of the rarest colors of French Bulldogs. 

1. Pure Black

Pure BlackPure black French Bulldogs have stunning black coat that makes them look elegant and powerful at the same time. Because black Frenchies don’t possess any other traces of color or markings they possess a solid black color made of short and smooth black hairs. While it is a very popular and desirable color for French Bulldogs, their pure black coats aren’t accepted under the AKC standards.   

The black color in these dogs is so dominant that once they’re used for breeding, it will get rid of all other color traces within the bloodline. 

2. Sable

SableSable Frenchies are a rare variation of the fawn color — a tan color that can vary from a very light fawn color to more of a reddish tan. They will often have a black mask on their face and ears, along with some brindle streaks which can develop as a result of genes. Moreover, Sable French Bulldogs will have black tips at the end of each hair, giving them a wash-tipped look. 

3. Black And Tan

Black And TanThe combination of black and tan Frenchies is both stunning and rare; they will have black-colored fur with beautiful tan markings. Black and tan French Bulldogs will have these marks around their eyes, cheeks, legs, and bellies. These tan points can range in color from a kind of red to cream — any contrast between these colors and the black is completely gorgeous! 

4. Black And White

Black And WhiteBlack and white French Bulldogs possess black fur paired with white markings; the genes that carry these markings are called “Piebald” genes. The creation of white Frenchies and their markings will partly depend on the genes passed on to them from their parents. But despite having a white coat and a rare pattern, these small dogs also suffer from the same health problems that all French Bulldogs face. 

5. Blue 

BlueBlue Frenchies are among the most unique dog colors, and will often get the most attention from people because they are always trending. As their name suggests, blue French Bulldogs will have a light bluish color which is passed on through genetics, branching off from a dilute gene that’s extremely rare. The same genes also affect their eye color, which gives them gray and blue eyes, making them even more expensive and rarer to find. 

However, blue French Bulldogs will be prone to many diseases — the health of a particular pup will depend on its parent’s history. Be sure to look for puppies that have been bred by a reputable breeder and are clear of any health issues. Furthermore, there are blue Frenchies that don’t come with a solid color — some puppies will come with various markings and different nose colors, which leads us to the blue fawn Bulldog. 

6. Blue Fawn

Blue FawnThe blue fawn French Bulldog has a dominant blue color in its fur but will also have white, cream, or fawn markings around its bellies, legs, cheeks, and eyes. Blue fawn Frenchies will carry a dilute gene that’s been inherited from both of their parents which provides their bluish and shiny coat. Because celebrities are always showing them off on social media, they are the most popular of the rare Frenchie colors. 

In recent years, this color in French Bulldogs keeps increasing as a result of overproduction and irresponsible breeding. While these practices have since introduced more color variations for coats and eyes, such as silver, dark blue, light blue, and even turquoise blue, this is also the reason why it has become a disqualifying color in the AKC. Even if these stunning dogs are a sight to behold, their price can be very steep; not many people will have the budget for one. 

7. Chocolate

ChocolateChocolate Frenchies are charming dogs with a beautiful dark brown color that’s obtained through a recessive gene, known as the chocolate/brown allele (b). This gene needs to be inherited from both of the puppy’s parents, otherwise, the chocolate gene won’t be passed on. Chocolate French Bulldogs can have a variety of eye colors, such as brown, green, bright yellow, and golden, while their coats may vary from deep chocolate to something lighter. 

8. Lilac

LilacLilac French Bulldogs are among the most desirable rare colors found in the French Bulldog. The color of lilac Frenchies is highly attractive and can range from a cool blue hue to a classy silver, and a gorgeous light purple color. Some will come with white markings across their face and chest and will be more expensive compared to standard Frenchies. 

The higher price is the result of carrying their recessive gene, and these beautiful pups will often be born with light-colored eyes which can be light brown, blue, or yellow. While newborns will resemble Blue Frenchies, their coats will become lighter as they mature. 

9. Isabella

IsabellaThis fascinating and charming color is known as the rarest color of French Bulldogs and produces results that are both surreal and a delight to the eyes. Isabella French Bulldogs have a dilute grayish-silver coat and also have light-colored eyes that are either light blue, green, yellow, or light brown. This color is created due to the dilution of the black, silver, or red color genes and will often have cream or white markings on their chest. 

Isabella Frenchies will also have pink skin throughout their eyes, noses, and mouth, so owners will need to pay close attention to the protection of their pup’s skin.  

10. Merle

MerleMerle French Bulldogs have a strange yet unique coat color; it’s actually a kind of genetic condition that produces a kind of pattern on the coat. Merle Frenchies come with a distinct feature, which is their bright blue eyes — the result of random pigment dilution. The Merle gene causes the Bulldog’s coat to form tons of markings which will often be black or dark brown in color, while the most dominant color will be fawn, white, or cream mixed with darker colors.

However, they often come with a genetic condition such as blindness, deafness, or stunted limbs; as a result, they will require genetic testing, and will often be expensive to raise.      

Standard French Bulldog Colors

While it might sound strange, there are actually fewer acceptable colors of the French Bulldog compared to rare Frenchies. The most commonly found kinds of French Bulldogs include: 

  • Brindle French Bulldogs
  • Fawn-colored Frenchies
  • Cream Frenchies
  • Any variation of the colors above

These dogs are also accepted by the AKC Breed Standard, while the accepted markings for French Bulldogs are as follows: 

  • Piebald (pied)
  • Brindle markings
  • Ticked
  • Black mask

What are Pied French Bulldogs? 

PiedIf you’re looking for something really cute, then you’ll enjoy having Pied Frenchies in your home. Pied French Bulldogs feature colored patches over their white coats which appear over their head, neck, and back. According to the standard set by the French Bulldog Club of America (FBDCA), these dogs must have predominantly white-colored fur with clearly-defined patches of color such as a fawn, black, or brindle pattern. 

However, these areas with white patches will often result in their sensitivity to sunlight, so they will need constant monitoring to keep them away from health conditions such as skin cancer.

Why Does the AKC Reject Rare Colored French Bulldog?

Only 10 colors for the French Bulldog are accepted by the AKC, which include the colors and markings listed above. These colors are all considered to be common and the physical attributes of such dogs have remained consistent throughout the years. This means that dogs with these colors would have genetic codes that have stayed dormant.  

Caring for French Bulldog Coat

No matter what kind of color your French Bulldog has, there are many underlying reasons behind coat and skin disorders which range from infections to hormone imbalance. As such, it’s important that you take proper care of your fluffy French Bulldog’s coat. This includes doing the following: 

  • Bathing or showering your French Bulldog puppy once a week for overall cleanliness and promoting a healthy coat. Be careful not to bathe it too frequently to prevent stripping your pup of its skin and coat’s essential oils, which can cause irritation and dullness. 
  • Apply moisturizing made specifically for dogs to avoid irritating them. Then use a dog conditioner that’s enriched with vitamin E to condition your pet’s hair. 
  • Include salmon, tuna, or sardines in your dog’s food to give it a good dose of healthy fatty acids. You may also give it small amounts of supplements for further nourishment. 
  • Feed your pup with high-quality protein meals to support the growth and strength of its coat as well as prevent hair loss. 
  • You can also try mixing coconut oil into your pet’s food which will help to prevent itchy skin and hair damage. Keep in mind to only use tiny amounts to keep it safe from diarrhea. 


When it comes to the French Bulldog’s various colors, be sure to look into the dominant gene to find the one you’re looking for. But remember that these little dogs deserved to be loved not just for their colors but also for their bright and beaming personalities. Even if you don’t end up with a rare color variant, all kinds of fluffy Frenchies deserve our love, care, and attention, so be sure that you’re up to the task of raising them before buying one.