Reagle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Reagle has two very diverse parents. The first parent of the Reagle is the Rottweiler, known for its progressive aggressiveness. The Beagle, on the other hand, is an amazing hound known for its sharp senses. A mix of both genes makes it an interesting dog. Think about it more in terms of a mystery box. You could get anything with it. We will attempt to understand the Reagle in more detail in the next few paragraphs.

Reagle History

Reagle Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowSince we don’t know a lot about the Reagle, we have to understand it in a roundabout manner. The Beagle is a breed known for its superior sighting skill. The history of the Beagle is believed to stretch back to Roman Times. However, the most recent developments of the breed took place in the 18th Century. The Talbot Hounds, Southern Hound, and Northern Country Hound are contributors to the current version of the Beagle. The AKC registered it in 1885.

The Rottweiler is a breed with German origins. According to mainstream theories, the Rottweiler came into being after the Romans marched into Wurttemberg. There the Roman Mastiffs crossed with the Local German Shepherd and gave birth to the Rottweiler. The dog was even stronger and more resourceful than its parents. The AKC became recognized as a multi-purpose dog in 1931. Considering the parents, perhaps the Reagle is an attempt to get the Rottweiler’s size with Beagle features all in one dog.

Reagle Characteristics

Like most designer mix breeds, the Reagle has a certain variance in its physical features. The coat of the Reagle will usually remain close to medium length. The colors for the coat include Fawn, White, and Black. Overall the body shape and size vary significantly based on the dominance of genes. Generally, we do know that the size should remain between medium and slightly large. The muscle density should remain high no matter what.  

How Big do Reagle Get

The height range for the males and females of the Reagle remains between 15 and 27 inches. The height is more reliant on gene dominance. If the Reagle takes after the Rottweiler, then it will have a greater height. The appropriate weight range for the Reagle is 50 to 85 lbs. You may have to keep the weight in check through diet and exercise.

How Long Does Reagle Live

The average lifespan of the Reagle is close to 13 years. The maximum limit for the Reagle’s lifespan is 14 years. Again the lifespan can increase by a few years if you pay attention to its health. The second important thing is to understand that diet and exercise are equally important for the Reagle’s lifespan.

How Much Does a Reagle Cost

Both parents are fairly affordable and readily available. Accordingly, the Reagle has a small price range. The price of the Reagle usually fluctuates between 800 and 1200 dollars. However, certain things tend to affect the Reagle’s price. One such thing is the Reagle’s physical appearance. The area that you live in is the second thing that affects its price.

Reagle Temperament/Personality

Both parents of the Reagle have a fairly high prey drive. So naturally, you would expect the Reagle to have a high prey drive, but that isn’t the case. The Reagle has a friendly personality. It can get along with anyone. Most pets won’t have any problem getting along with it either. You can expect this amazing dog to be a loyal and trusty companion (More like a sidekick!). Early socialization will allow it to be more social and less nervous.

The best thing about the Reagle is its trainability. It is an intelligent dog with the Beagle’s obedience. You can expect it to listen to every command easily. It’s a ball of absolute joy and specifically loves Agility Training. You can start training it from an early age. Ideally, training should start from the 8 to 12 week period.

Caring for Reagle

The technicalities of your doggie have all been explained in this section. We recommend paying attention to minimize any misconceptions and mismanagement.

Reagle Nutrition

The Reagle will chow down just about anything. It still doesn’t mean that you should give it “anything” to eat. Food with excessive salt, chocolate, and garlic is strictly kept away from your doggie’s diet. All of these could potentially prove fatal for your doggie. One more important thing to note is the volume of food. Try not to give your doggie more than three cups of food.

How to Groom a Reagle

The Reagle won’t need a lot of effort when it comes to grooming. Brushing its coat about three to four times per week should be more than enough to keep its coat in check. You will also have to bathe the Reagle once every two months. You should also be willing to trim its nails. The use of a Dog Nail Clipper is highly recommended. You should also be willing to maintain a certain degree of dental health.

Reagle Activity Levels

According to reviews from some users and data from the parents, the Reagle needs at least an hour of exercise. The exercise sessions should be mild with a few Agility Drills. Switching up the exercise sessions is highly recommended. On average, the Reagle needs an equivalent of 1.5 miles of walking distance per day.

Caring for Reagle

Every doggie needs some good toys to remain healthy and happy. By every doggie, we also refer to the Reagle. Due to its restless nature, it may not sit still inside of the house. You can tame or temper this restlessness by using some toys. For example, you could use some sturdy Plastic Dog Toys to keep it engaged. You could also use some Rubber Dog Toys that can withstand its bite.

Another important thing that you can get for your doggie is a Dog House. That doggie has got to stay somewhere, so wouldn’t it be better to get it someplace good to stay in. Plus, a Dog House has a wide array of potential customizations. With the right mindset, you could make it into a fortress. It’s also a good way to spend your Sunday.

Reagle Health

Boy, oh Boy, did the Reagle draw a short stick here. The worst conditions could potentially affect your canine companion. To our knowledge, conditions like Osteosarcoma, Congenital Heart Defect, Lymphoma, Glaucoma, and many other conditions tend to affect the Reagle. Your doggie could be in some serious trouble if not taken care of properly.

You can’t be too careful with the Reagle. Weekly or Monthly check-ups are necessary. You should also try to give your doggie a Dog DNA Test. You only need to do it once, but it can give you a lot of information about the Reagle’s genealogy. It could also help in highlighting the weaknesses of your doggie’s immune system.

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