Rhodesian Boxer Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Rhodesian Boxer is a cross of the Boxer’s goofiness with the Rhodesian Ridgeback’s even-temperament. With two parents like that, the Rhodesian Boxer will be a friendly and happy dog. You could put it all the way up with the likes of the Greyhound and Great Dane. When it comes to looks, the Rhodesian Boxer has it all covered again. You will need more information about the Rhodesian Boxer before keeping it in the house. Information ranging from history to diet and health has all been amply presented below.

Rhodesian Boxer History

Rhodesian Boxer Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe information on the Rhodesian Boxer is limited. To learn about the Rhodesian Boxer, you have to understand its parent’s history. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is known for its connection to Rhodesia. Rhodesia is practically modern-day Zimbabwe. The birth of this breed occurred at the hands of the Boer farmers. They wanted a breed that could withstand the extreme temperatures of the area.

The Boxer is a breed known for its association with violence. However, all of that violence is a thing of the past. The current Boxer is very different from the Boxer of the past. The Bull baiting and dogfighting games were outlawed in 1835; after that, the Boxer became more family-oriented. There is a common misconception and misunderstanding regarding the Boxer’s violence. The truth is that it’s more of a friendly breed than anything else.

Rhodesian Boxer Characteristics

The appearance of the Rhodesian Boxer varies quite majorly. Physically, the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Boxer are quite different in appearance. We know that the coat of the Rhodesian Boxer is bound to stay close to medium length. The colors for the coat are Brown, Fawn, Cream, Red, Brindle, Black, and White. Overall the Rhodesian Boxer should have a large size and muscled body. The ears of the Rhodesian Boxer should be bent and hanging besides its head or slightly erect.

How Big do Rhodesian Boxer Get

The height range for the male Rhodesian Boxer is 24 to 27 inches tall. The female Rhodesian Boxer will be 22 to 25 inches tall. Weight ranges are perfect fits for the heights. The male Rhodesian Boxer is naturally bound to have a greater weight than the females. The female Rhodesian Boxer will have a weight range of 55 to 68 lbs, and the male Rhodesian Boxer will be 65 to 80 lbs heavy.

How Long Does Rhodesian Boxer Live

The average lifespan of the Rhodesian Boxer is bound to stay between 10 and 12 years. You can expect it to live longer if you give its health a lot of care. Another factor that influences the lifespan of the Rhodesian Boxer is its genetic conditions. The Health section should detail the things that need to be done and taken care of.

How Much Does a Rhodesian Boxer Cost

Prices for rare breeds like the Rhodesian Boxer are hardly ever accurate. Some people quite them as 5000 dollars, others quote 200 dollars. According to our information, the Rhodesian Boxer shouldn’t cost you less than 400 dollars and more than 1300 dollars. In rare cases, you may find the breeder demanding more than this range.

Rhodesian Boxer Temperament/Personality

Despite one side of the family being known for aggressions, the Rhodesian Boxer is by no means an aggressive dog. You could even say that it is the exact opposite of aggressive. It is a peaceful and affectionate canine that can even get along with children. Other pets can also befriend this generous dog if introduced properly. We still recommend supervising its interactions. The Rhodesian Boxer also tends to get protective, which makes it a good guard dog.

The ease of training depends on which parent it takes after. Either way, you have to be super careful about training the Rhodesian Boxer. The more time you put into planning the training sessions, the better it will be. You may also look towards professional guidance if you don’t have prior experience or guidance.

Caring for Rhodesian Boxer

Numerous factors combine to keep your doggie afloat in the race of life. We have divided these factors into specific segments for the Rhodesian Boxer’s needs. Hopefully, these should answer all of your concerns.

Rhodesian Boxer Nutrition

The body size of the Rhodesian Boxer hints at the consumption of no more than three cups of food. The unit of measurement here is the standard US cup. You should not overfeed since it can lead to numerous conditions. The best thing that you can do for your doggie is to give it food for it specifically. Since the body size and genetics match the Boxer’s, you can use Dog Food for Boxers as a substituent in its diet.

How to Groom a Rhodesian Boxer

The coat of the Rhodesian Boxer should be easy to manage, irrespective of gene dominance. The coat is light and usually doesn’t shed that much. Using an excellent Dog Brush, you can gently brush it and keep it free. Bathing the Rhodesian Boxer shouldn’t be that hard either. You only have to use a Dog Shampoo and a Dog Bath Tub if you don’t want to use your normal bathtub. You have to keep its nails short. You can take it to a pet parlor/grooming center to have its nails cut short. You can also do it at home, but most people prefer going to a professional groomer.

Rhodesian Boxer Activity Levels

For its size, the Rhodesian Boxer is still considered a moderately active dog. It needs about an hour of activity daily. You can use a combination of both mental and physical exercises to maintain its physical health and sanity. A daily trip to the park is highly recommended to keep self-destructive behavior at bay.

Caring for Rhodesian Boxer

What most of us fail to understand is that the physiologies of dogs are completely different from ours. Take small things, like Dairy Products, for example. These are a good source of proteins and fats. For dogs, dairy products, specifically Theobromine (Mostly found in Chocolate), can lead to the induction of Bloat. It is a condition that can lead to death in the worst-case scenario.

Caring entails supervising your doggie from every angle. If you fail to keep its diet in check, we are sorry for saying this; your doggie will not survive. The general list of prohibited items for dogs includes Chocolate, Grapes, Alcohol, Beverages, and even Excessive Coconut Oil.

Rhodesian Boxer Health

The Rhodesian Boxer is an exceptionally large dog with a lot of muscle density. However, beneath all that muscle and mass is a lingering fragility. It is weak to a lot of problematic conditions. A slight incongruence could trigger a formidably dangerous condition. Some of the conditions that it is weak to are Corneal Ulcer, Congenital Heart Defect, Hypothyroidism, and Bloat. These conditions can even spell the end of your doggie.

The only way to save your doggie from these horrible conditions is by precaution and care. You should be willing to take your doggie to the vet. The more often you can take your doggie to the vet’s office, the better it will be. You should look into the use of some general Medication for Dogs that vets recommend.

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