Rottbull Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Strength, Formidable fortune, Perseverance, and Intelligence, are qualities you would expect in a dog like the Rottbull. In addition, it has an athletic disposition, with a keen mind and senses. With both Rottweiler and Pitbull genes, the Rottbull is a good fit for situations that need an efficient guard dog. You could call it one of the best in the field. Beyond its duties, the Rottbull also makes for a reliable and loving friend. The Rottbull would be a near-perfect doggie if it weren’t for some shortcomings. But, even its imperfections make it more desirable.

Rottbull History

Rottbull Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Rottbull, also known as the Pitweiler, is a modern breed with no defined history. Its parent, the Rottweiler, is a German breed. The purpose of the Rottweiler has been defined as a working-class guard dog. The Rottweiler’s history has been tied to the Roman Dover dogs that came to Wurttemberg. These crossed with local dogs to give birth to the Rottbull. The size and strength of the Rottbull made it a good choice for pulling heavy loads and disposing of big threats.

The Pitbull is practically infamous for its relation to Bull-baiting and Dog Fighting. The Pitbull is descended from different terrier dogs. The Pitbull became a prime choice for Bull-Baiting during the 18th Century. After the ban on these inhuman activities in 1835, the Pitbull began to be more positive. The AKC registered the Pitbull under the American Staffordshire title in the 1930s. We can only assume that the Rottbull was bred to be a good guard dog.

Rottbull Characteristics

The Rottbull is, by all means, a formidable force. The Rottbull, on average, has lean muscles and agile legs. You cannot outrun this dog. The Rottbull will have a broad chest and a Rottweiler-like head. The ears of the Rottbull are triangular and erect. The Rottbull sports a short coat, which is also soft. Colors for the coat tend to vary between Brown, Black, Red, Sable, Fawn, and Blue. The back legs of the Rottbull are at a slight angle, like most agile dogs.

How Big do Rottbull Get

The Rottbull is a medium-sized dog with a lot of muscle. The males, on average, are 20 to 24 inches tall. The weight range for male Rottbulls is 70 to 75 lbs. On the other hand, the females are 17 to 20 inches tall and 40 to 55 lbs heavy. Weight maintenance should be at the forefront of your mind. Over-weight dogs; have to deal with a lot of other attached conditions.

How Long Does Rottbull Live

The average lifespan for the Rottbull is stated as 10 to 14 years. Compared to other dogs, this range is pretty normal. The thing to note here is that a lifespan depends on the care that you give it. The healthier its diet, the more it will live. The more efficient its exercise sessions, the more vitality it will have.

How Much Does a Rottbull Cost

Initial prices for the Rottbull vary between 500 and 1000 dollars. In rare cases, the price can rise to 1200 dollars. We recommend paying attention to the background of the breeder and the puppy’s parents. Ignoring either one could lead to problems later on. The costs of medical and annual dietary things amount to 1300 dollars. The breakdown of this figure has been explained in the Diet and Health section below.

Rottbull Temperament/Personality

First of all, let’s deal with the obvious info. The Rottbull has a nasty streak of stubbornness. You could say that the streak of stubbornness is a derivative of its independence. It also has a protective side, which means that it will make certain decisions without your approval. It’s all nice and good, till you start training it. If you have no prior experience, then staying away from the Rottbull’s training would be best.

Now for its compatibility with other pets, we can reply with a major “NO.” The Rottbull tends to chase (Sometimes fatally) animals smaller than it. Other dogs can be kept with it after thorough socialization. Around family members, the Rottbull transforms into a cute and cuddly little doggie. You will probably have a hard time believing its transformation.

Caring for Rottbull

The technicalities of caring for your dog have all been explained in this section. These will help you in understanding your doggie and your role as its parent.

Rottbull Nutrition

The Rottbull is a big doggie. It needs food based on its size. You will have to give it at least two cups of food. The maximum volume of food per day should not exceed three cups. You should also try giving it Dog Food for Rottweilers and Dog Food for Pitbulls. These have been designed specifically to cater to your doggie’s needs.

How to Groom a Rottbull

It has a short coat, and the coat doesn’t shed much. What more could anyone want? Therefore, you won’t have to be excessively intense about the grooming sessions. Brushing its coat thrice every week should be enough. Another important thing to note is the frequency of bathing sessions. You have to bathe the Rottbull based on the needs. However, whenever you bathe it, use a Dog Shampoo. Keeping its ears clean and its nails short is another important part of the grooming session.

Rottbull Activity Levels

The activity requirements of the Rottbull are moderate at best. By human standards, the Rottbull needs about 30 minutes’ worth of exercise every day. You can easily take care of that. The idea is to deplete its energy levels by giving it both physical and mental stimulation. As long as you fulfill that goal, you won’t have to be worried about a thing.

Caring for Rottbull

The Rottbull has a bad habit of intruding in other people’s affairs. Therefore, keeping it in a fenced yard is highly recommended. Another thing to note here is the Rottbull’s incompatibility with apartments and small living spaces. Therefore, you will need a Dog House. You might also want a Dog Gate to keep it restricted to certain areas at certain times of the day.

For general routines, we highly recommend playing some indoor games with your doggie. Also, please do not ostracize your doggie. If you plan on ignoring your doggie, then why get one in the first place.

Rottbull Health

Health isn’t the Rottbull’s strong point due to its mixed blood. Conditions like Hypothyroidism, Aortic Stenosis, Bloat, Subaortic Stenosis, and Panosteitis are almost always ready to attack your doggie. The only safety against all of these conditions is keeping an eye out for abnormalities. Keep its diet fresh and its exercise even fresher. Try to give your doggie two check-ups per month. These should be enough to identify any dire conditions.

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