Rottie Shepherd Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

You can expect the Rottie Shepherd to be a good doggie with the word Shepherd in its name. You may know the Rottie Shepherd by a different name, such as the Rotten Shepherd (Horrible name!), Shottie, or Shepweiler. It has the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler as its parents.

The Rottie Shepherd is, first of all, a strong man of dogs. It has wizened looks and sharpened senses. Hardly can anything escape its sight when it’s on duty. There are few concerning details about this doggie that you should probably know about.

Rottie Shepherd History

Rottie Shepherd Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowInfo on the Rottie Shepherd remains scarce to this day. You can only understand it through an indirect approach. One such approach is to look at it through its parents’ history. The Rottweiler, for example, is a German breed descended from the Molossus dogs. These dogs accompanied the Roman legions into Germany in 74 A.D. These dogs had the strength to pull heavy carts and protect their owners.

The German Shepherd is a (it’s literally in the name) German breed like the Rottweiler. It was also primarily a protective dog. Its main job was to keep livestock safe from predators. Unfortunately, with the development of modern farming, the need for these dogs declined. Fortunately, occupations for this dog opened up. One of these was a job as a messenger dog. Currently, they can be employed as search and rescue dogs at the price of a few bowls of food and a lot of love.

Rottie Shepherd Characteristics

The Rottie Shepherd will have varying physical features due to the disparity in genes. We do know that it will have a large and muscular body. The body of the Rottie Shepherd should also be longer than its height. The coat of the Rottie Shepherd is usually either double-coated or single based on the parent it takes after. Colors for the coat include Fawn, Brown, Red, Sable, and Black. Due to its German Shepherd genes, the Rottie Shepherd may inherit Blue, Hazel, or Brown eyes. 

How Big do Rottie Shepherd Get

The male Rottie Shepherd will have a height range of 22 to 27 inches. The female Rottie Shepherd will have a height range of 20 to 23 inches. The weight range of male Rottie Shepherd’s is 77 to 115 lbs. The female Rottie Shepherd’s, on the other hand, have a weight range of 75 to 113 lbs.

How Long Does Rottie Shepherd Live

The lifespan of the Rottie Shepherd should be close to 12 years. With average care, it should live beyond the 10-year limit. If you pay extra attention to its care, it will have an even longer and more fruitful life. The maximum documented limit for its age is 13 years. You can attempt to push past this limit with good healthcare and diet.

How Much Does a Rottie Shepherd Cost

The price of most German Shepherd mixes remains between 200 and 800 dollars. Therefore you can get a Rottie Shepherd puppy in this range. We would highly recommend paying attention to the breeder that you contact. Most backyard breeders will try to rip you off. You have to search for credible breeders who guarantee a healthy doggie.

Rottie Shepherd Temperament/Personality

The coexistence of the Rottie Shepherd depends on how well you socialize it. If left to its own devices, the Rottie Shepherd will have a high prey drive. You may even have to keep it on a leash. However, if you socialize it, then things will be way better. You can even keep it around cats. Its interactions with its family are always filled with love and goodwill. You can even keep it around children if it’s socialized well.

Training the Rottie Shepherd isn’t hard. It’s an obedient dog, and naturally, it listens to commands well. You can start training it from an early age. It should be noted that the Rottie Shepherd needs a firm leader. Showing vulnerability could make it prone to not listening. You can use a Dog Training Book if you need further guidance.

Caring for Rottie Shepherd

There are a few things that the Rottie Shepherd will need to maintain a certain degree of health. Ignoring these requirements would be the worst decision you could make as a parent. So please pay attention.

Rottie Shepherd Nutrition

The Rottie Shepherd is a dog breed with a lot of tummy space. It will need about three cups of healthy dog food. You might want to give your doggie some healthy food. Each dog has different nutritional requirements. The right choice of food for the Rottie Shepherd is Dog Food for German Shepherds.

How to Groom a Rottie Shepherd

The Rottie Shepherd doesn’t need excessive grooming. You only need to brush its coat about three times per week. You may brush its coat more often if you have the time. Keeping its dental health in check also takes precedence. Please brush its teeth about four times per week. You will have to cut its nails if they don’t wear out naturally. You will also have to bathe your doggie based on the severity of its hygiene. That’s pretty much all it takes to keep this doggie beautiful and clean.

Rottie Shepherd Activity Levels

The Rottie Shepherd is considered a highly active dog. Keeping it confined to the house is one of the worst decisions you could make. You have to take it outside for at least an hour every day. You can divide the sixty minutes into smaller parts to make the sessions more manageable. If you have other people in the family, then you can take turns taking it for walks.

Caring for Rottie Shepherd

The general care routine for your doggie is simple. You give it a lot of love, it stays happy. You give it good food; it stays healthy. Therefore it stays happy, and you stay happy. However, there are a few other things that you can do for your doggie if you so wish. One concerning thing is the Rottie Shepherd’s intolerance of heat. You might want to limit activity in extreme heat. Another portable and cheap but effective solution is the use of Dog Cooling Pads.

Another thing you should look into is keeping the Rottie Shepherd’s ears dry and clean. You might want to use an appropriate Dog Ear Cleaner for this purpose. If you fail to clean its ears with regularity, an infection might break out.

Rottie Shepherd Health

The health of the Rottie Shepherd is worrisome. Numerous conditions could affect the Rottie Shepherd. One of these conditions is Cancer; another is Congenital Heart Defect. The other conditions aren’t more colorful. It even has some conditions like Panosteitis and Aortic Stenosis. Even the names are scary.

The only true solution to these conditions is regular vet check-ups. You should give your doggie the standard routine of check-ups. If you can throw in a Dog DNA Test, it would be even better. A DNA test allows you to pinpoint any concerning details in your doggie’s immunity.

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