Rottmatian Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Rottmatian is a big dog with nothing but softness on the inside. It has Dalmatian genes, so that much was expected. The Rottweiler side of its family is also known to be lovable and loyal. The size of the Rottmatian makes it a good match for a variety of purposes. However, gene dominance is what decides how good its performance is in some of these tasks. We will get more in-depth info about this dog in the next few paragraphs.

Rottmatian History

Rottmatian Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Rottweiler is a German dog known for its strength and size. The history of the Rottweiler remains obscure till 1901. We only know general facts about it. For starters, we know that it is descended from Roman Molossus dogs. We also know that it is named after an area named Rot Weil in Germany. The original purpose of this dog is also clear as a guard dog. After its decline and rebound after the World Wars, it was employed as a law enforcement dog.

The Dalmatian is a breed from Dalmatia. It was a Mediterranean country divided and absorbed by Croatia after World War II. The Dalmatian dog is thought to be extremely old. From historical records, it could have been around since ancient Egyptian times. The Dalmatian dog has always been a life-saving dog. It has always been a friendly dog with a lovable nature. It has also been used as a guiding and rescue dog. The Rottmatian could turn out like any side of its parents.

Rottmatian Characteristics

The physical features of the Rottmatian tend to change based on gene dominance. What we know for certain about its appearance are more or less generic specifications. We know that it will have a large body. The coat of the Rottmatian should also be short. Colors for the Rottmatian vary between Black, White, Brown, Sable, Red, and Fawn. The ears of the Rottmatian will most likely be bent. It should have a medium-length muzzle and a square jaw.

How Big do Rottmatian Get

The male Rottmatian can be an imposing colossus with its weight range of 70 to 100 lbs. The height range for males of this breed is 21 to 26 inches. The females are usually a bit shorter at 18 to 23 inches of height. Their weight range is 60 to 90 lbs, again more refined and leaner than their male counterparts.

How Long Does Rottmatian Live

The lifespan of the Rottmatian is hard to determine with its varying health. The Rottmatian will typically be prone to a few medical conditions, which will destroy its lifespan considerably. According to our data, with the right healthcare and planning, it can live beyond 10 years. The maximum limit should be below 14 years for average Rottmatians.

How Much Does a Rottmatian Cost

We don’t have accurate figures to back up the price of the Rottmatian. We can only speculate on the possible price range for this amazing dog. We believe that you can get a Rottmatian puppy for a figure between 300 and 700 dollars. The speculative price range here is based on the possible price range of the parents. Other costs for this canine have been discussed in detail below.

Rottmatian Temperament/Personality

Considering the nature of the parents, the Rottmatian should be one of the friendliest dog breeds. You can expect it to get along with humans of all shapes and sizes. The Rottmatian could also be particularly fond and protective of children. Other pets can also get along with this dog, including any felines. On a compatibility scale of 1 to 10, we would say the Rottmatian is a 10 for families.

Its friendly nature, coupled with its obedience, makes it easy to train. Even people with no prior experience shouldn’t have any problems training this dog. You may train it even more easily with a few Dog Training Treats. Overall, the Rottmatian is a good choice for families who haven’t had a dog before.

Caring for Rottmatian

The needs of your doggie have all been explained in this section. Hopefully, it all should be enough to give you the right sort of insight and decision-making power.

Rottmatian Nutrition

The Rottmatian is a big dog. It will need at least three cups of healthy dog food to maintain its health. The average cost of food should be close to 500 dollars per year. You may want to use healthy dog food choices like Dr. Tim’s Dog Food. It should have all of the delicious nutrients that a growing doggie needs.

How to Groom a Rottmatian

Overall the grooming isn’t that hard if you consider the frequency of the grooming sessions. The tricky part is the sheer size of the Rottmatian. You have to brush its coat only three times per week. However, each brushing session will take you about 30 minutes. It just has that much body area. The Rottmatian may love water a bit too much if it takes after the Dalmatian. Dry it thoroughly each time it gets wet. You may use a Dog Hair Dryer to make things easier.

Rottmatian Activity Levels

With Dalmatian influence, you can expect bursting energy from the Rottmatian. It will need 80 to 100 minutes of daily exercise. You can use a Dog Treadmill to wear down and deplete its energy stores. Nevertheless, it needs at least one walk per day to maintain its sanity. Don’t we all need a good walk every day to maintain our sanity? Having a canine companion on the walk is like a win-win situation.

Caring for Rottmatian

One thing the Rottmatian needs more than anything is to be dewormed. What Is Deworming? It is the process of removing parasites, tapeworms, etc., from the inside of your doggie’s body. You probably understand why it’s important. Why would you want a giant worm squirming inside your intestines? You can take your doggie to a vet and have it dewormed, or you could use a Dewormer for Dogs. Either way, get it done to minimize problems later on.

Rottmatian Health

Osteochondrodysplasia and Laryngeal Paralysis are two not so prevalent but concerning problems for the Rottmatian. Other potential conditions for the Rottmatian include Lymphoma, Urolithiasis, Demodectic Mange, and Bloat. Bloat is perhaps the most problematic and prevalent condition since many things can trigger it. Keeping it safe from Bloat requires supervision of its diet.

Saving it from the other conditions requires a vet’s guidance. For the vet’s guidance, you need to take it to the vet. Ideally, the Rottmatian should have at least one vet visit per month. The more often you give it a run-down of standard tests, the more control you will have over its health.

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