Running Walker Foxhound Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Running Walker Foxhound is a cross between two general categories of hunting dogs. It is an exclusive US dog with numerous capabilities. The main purpose of this dog, just like its parents, has been to create a superior hunting dog. It fulfills its purpose splendidly.

Furthermore, it also presents itself as a loyal family dog. Our job is to learn more about it and form a solid and accurate perspective of its personality. The following paragraphs should be enough to explain the Running Walker Foxhound in detail.

Running Walker Foxhound History

Running Walker Foxhound Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe history of the Running Walker Foxhound stretches back to 18th Century Kentucky. Back in those normal foxhounds couldn’t keep up with the elusive Red Foxes. A man named Mr. Maupin, frustrated by this development, decided to change things. He cross-bred his foxhounds, known as some of the best in the region, with other Foxhounds. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

Later by a sudden change of fate, Mr. Maupin found a dog named Tennessee Lead. This dog became the cornerstone for a lot of other dogs, including the Running Walker Foxhound. After the development of the Running Walker Foxhound, it was hailed as ab exceptionally good hunting dog. Soon it found solace in the hands of hunters throughout the region.

Running Walker Foxhound Characteristics

Generally, the physical attributes of the Running Walker Foxhound will change based on its gene dominance. There are a few general recurring traits that we will explain below. The coat of the Running Walker Foxhound should be medium length at best. The colors for the coat should be Brown, Cream, Pied, and Black. The ears of the Running Walker Foxhound should be triangular and slightly bent. Eye color for the Running Walker Foxhound includes Brown, Hazel, Blue, and Amber. The face will have a distinct Foxhound-like look.

How Big do Running Walker Foxhound Get

The male and female Running Walker Foxhounds generally have the same figures. Both genders of the Running Walker Foxhound have a mutual height range of 20 to 27 inches. The weight range of both genders is 50 to 75 lbs. If the weight of your doggie exceeds this range, you need to be worried.

How Long Does Running Walker Foxhound Live

The lifespan of the Running Walker Foxhound is highly dependent on the genetic conditions that it inherits. If it has a lot of weaknesses in its immunity, then it won’t survive past the age of 10 or 12. Another factor that affects its lifespan is the attention that its lifestyle receives. The healthier the lifestyle, the longer it will live.

How Much Does a Running Walker Foxhound Cost

The data on the market price for this doggie is limited. The main reason for this is the rarity of this dog. You may have to pay anything in between 300 and 1200 dollars for a Running Walker Foxhound puppy. However, even before paying for this, you have to find a breeder with this dog. According to our knowledge, it won’t be an easy task, especially if you are searching for credible breeders.

Running Walker Foxhound Temperament/Personality

Friendliness is something that the Running Walker Foxhound has got covered. With a bit of effort into socialization, it can become one of the best family dogs. The only apparent problem with the Running Walker Foxhound is its high prey-dive. You shouldn’t keep it in houses with more than two pets. Small pets should specifically be kept away from this dog.

Training the Running Walker Foxhound is often hindered by its easily amusable nature. It can get distracted by just about anything, especially if it is bored. You will have to find a way to keep it engaged and interested. Repeating the same old routines will only make it less likely to listen. You should try to give a reward-based system so that it can maintain interest.

Caring for Running Walker Foxhound

We all know that living things need sustenance and maintenance. The Running Walker Foxhound, like all living things, needs maintenance in the form of grooming and healthcare. The following section will highlight all of the things that are vital for the existence of the Running Walker Foxhound.

Running Walker Foxhound Nutrition

The Running Walker Foxhound is a fairly big dog. Therefore it will need a lot of food. You will have to give it at least three cups of food. You may want to keep the food simple and tasty. The best choices that we have for food are Dr. Tims’s Dog Food and Beneful Dog Food. All of these choices have the right amount of nutrients for your doggie. For more specific information about the Running Walker Foxhound’s diet, you should consult your vet.

How to Groom a Running Walker Foxhound

No matter which parent the Running Walker Foxhound takes after, its grooming routine will still be simple. The coat of the Running Walker Foxhound needs to be brushed thrice per week. If there are any knots or matts, then gently work them out. You should also look into bathing the Running Walker Foxhound properly. Maintaining the dental hygiene of the Running Walker Foxhound should also be one of your priorities. You can use an appropriate Toothbrush for Dogs and a Toothpaste for Dogs to keep its dental hygiene in check.

Running Walker Foxhound Activity Levels

For its size, the Running Walker Foxhound has an above-average activity need. It needs at least an hour of activity. Generally, activity for the Running Walker Foxhound entails both games and exercises. A good game of fetch is also an activity for this dog. We highly recommend dividing your time between mental and physical exercises to keep your doggie fit and sane.

Caring for Running Walker Foxhound

Diet is the prime component for a doggies vitality. Simply put, the better food you give it, the healthier it will be. Healthier food in the Running Walker Foxhound’s case means not including anything detrimental to its health. Anything with dairy products, garlic, or macadamia nuts isn’t good for your doggie. Another overlooked problem for your doggie is Fleas. These pesky pests can have your doggie scratching its skin raw. A Flea Collar should prevent your doggie from experiencing the worst effects.

Running Walker Foxhound Health

Most of the conditions that tend to afflict the Running Walker Foxhound are based more on birth conditions. The most prominent condition in its case is Deafness. Another prominent condition is Thrombocytopathy. These conditions can prove quite problematic for your doggie. The only way to save your doggie from these conditions is regular check-ups. Regular check-ups allow your vet to keep any hidden conditions from sneaking up on your doggie.

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