Saint Bernese Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Saint Bernese is a giant dog with St. Bernard and Bernese Mountain Dog genes. It is a loyal and fluffy doggie that can withstand frigid colds but not cold shoulders. Yes, the Saint Bernese is a needy doggie. However, its neediness is not restricted to a certain mood or day of the time.

It needs attention every moment. Its size won’t stop it from sitting in your lap. It follows the old routine of “If I fit, I Sit.” However, we believe a few more things need to be addressed in the Saint Bernese’s case.

Saint Bernese History

Saint Bernese Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Saint Bernese is a modern dog breed with no laid-out history. We don’t know a lot about this doggie. We can only try to understand it through the history of its parents. The St. Bernard is a rescue dog recognized for its humanitarian efforts. The ancestors of the Saint Bernese were the Mastiff dogs that accompanied the Roman Armies. These dogs were employed as rescue dogs in frigid regions due to their resilience and sharp senses.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is happy and resilient. The dog was initially used as a Livestock and Shepherd dog. Its able body and stamina made it a compelling choice for guarding against large threats. Unfortunately, their numbers declined considerably by the 18th Century. Fortunately, by the mid-18th Century, the dog was revived by a Professor named Albert Heim.

Saint Bernese Characteristics

The appearance of the Saint Bernese changes based on gene dominance. The standard features of the Saint Bernese include Almond-Shaped eyes, with Brown and Amber colors. The coat of the Saint Bernese is medium length, with Pied, Black, White, Isabella, Cream, and Brown colors. The muscles of the Saint Bernese will be highly dense and tensile. The coat of the Saint Bernese may also be double and insulated. Nothing beats the snuggles that the Saint Bernese can dish out.

How Big do Saint Bernese Get

The Saint Bernese has two giant dogs as parents. It’s only natural for the Saint Bernese to be giant too. The males will usually be 28 to 35 inches tall. The females will be 26 to 32 inches tall. The weight range for the males will be 120 to 180 lbs. The female Saint Bernese will have a weight range of 110 to 170 lbs. If you don’t want obesity to overwhelm your dog, then maintain its diet and activity ratio.

How Long Does Saint Bernese Live

Like other St. Bernard mixes, the lifespan of the Saint Bernese will be short. Unfortunately, standard statistics place its lifespan between 6 and 10 years. The main reason for this is the numerous conditions that are ready to attack your doggie. Therefore, the only way to expand your doggie’s lifespan is to pay attention to your doggie’s health. Data on this has been provided below.

How Much Does a Saint Bernese Cost

The St. Bernard, on average, costs around 1500 dollars. The Bernese costs around the same figure. However, the price of the Saint Bernese is currently undocumented. We can put an average price on the Saint Bernese based on the health of its parents. According to this, the price should be between 300 and 1000 dollars.

Saint Bernese Temperament/Personality

It is genetically impossible for the Saint Bernese to be aggressive. It is a friendly dog that could very well become a therapeutic companion. It is gentle, caring, and loves sharing joy. It is also brilliant with its ability to adapt to different situations. Young, old, teen, every age group can match its energy and vice versa.

Likewise, it’s a dog that can be trained easily. People who are new to the whole dog training area shouldn’t have much problem either. If they need any help, then a Dog Training Book should be enough. Other pets, especially dogs and cats, should get along nicely with this dog. The only thing that it will require will be socialization.

Caring for Saint Bernese

Canines are at the peak of their happiness when their owners give them their well-deserved attention. But attention and love alone cannot maintain their health and happiness. The following section will list all of the other essential requirements of your doggie as well.

Saint Bernese Nutrition

The Saint Bernese, as established in the size section, is a giant dog. Therefore, it will need a large volume of food to maintain its health. According to our knowledge, it will need about four cups of food at most. It will also need at least three cups of food to maintain its muscle mass. You should give it Wet Dog Food since it’s easy to digest and nutritious.

How to Groom a Saint Bernese

The coat of the Saint Bernese is manageable. By brushing it two to four times per week, you can keep its coat free. If the coat grows a bit long, you will have to trim it properly. You will have to use Dog Grooming Clippers and a Dog Grooming Table if you want to maintain its coat at home. Otherwise, you can take it to a professional groomer. You should also brush its teeth to maintain its dental hygiene. Accordingly, you should clean its ears if you don’t want infections to develop.

Saint Bernese Activity Levels

The Saint Bernese will at least 50 to 60 minutes of daily activity. You should break down the 60 minutes into two 30-minute sessions or three twenty-minute sessions. Allot each session to a specific stimulatory experience. One portion can be for mental activities; another can be for physical activity. Again, it all depends on you and your preference.

Caring for Saint Bernese

The Saint Bernese is a healthy dog that needs the attention of its humans more than anything. There are a few things that need to be taken care of, specifically its diet. First, you will have to keep Theobromine away from its diet. Theobromine is a compound found in Chocolate. It is toxic for dogs, and it can induce Bloat.

Another thing that you should look into is disabilities for the dogs. Often disabled canines are abandoned. However, you don’t have to abandon your dog if it has any unfortunate conditions. There are Dog Wheelchairs, and Handicap Supports that can keep it mobile and independent.

Saint Bernese Health

The health of the Saint Bernese isn’t considered the best. It has a lot of conditions and weaknesses. One condition often found in the Saint Bernese is CHD. It impairs your doggie and reduces mobility. Another condition is Von Willebrand’s Disease. Bloat and Cancer are also two fatal but triggerable diseases in the Saint Bernese’s case.

We could give you a million homemade remedies and tips, but nothing would match up to the advice that a vet can give you. Therefore, we highly recommend taking your doggie to the vet. You should also supervise its diet and ensure that its weight remains in the normal range.

Breeds Similar to Saint Bernese


Best Dog Food For Saint Bernese

Purina Pro Plan Adult Large Breed Weight Management Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

The best dog food for Saint Bernese is Purina Pro Plan Adult Large Breed Weight Management Chicken & Rice Formula. This wholesome food contains oatmeal, fish meal, dried eggs, rice, wheat bran, etc., but the first ingredient is the boneless chicken. The flavourful dog diet provides 361 kcal/cup of energy to the dogs and keeps them disease-free all through the year.

  • Vitamin C, taurine, DHA, Selenium, etc., make the food one of the most sought after ones in the market.
  • Packed with several natural extracts, the food maintains a sharp vision, and its garlic oil deters arthritic pain.
  • Combines several animal fats, and so, to preserve them, tocopherol is used.

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Best Puppy Food For Saint Bernese

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Saint Bernese is Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Large Breed Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe. The holistic puppy meal combines essential vitamins, vital minerals, antioxidant-rich ingredients, DHA, ARA, etc. Manufactured in 15 lb and 30 lb bags, the dog recipe includes chicken meal, peas, menhaden fish meal, dried egg, alfalfa meal, etc. 

  • Crafted with 26% of crude protein, the puppy kibbles have fish oil which improves the skin quality.
  • Sweet potatoes, carrots, turmeric, kelp, etc., contribute to the proper functioning of vital organs.
  • Responsible for skeletal growth and steady blood circulation.

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Best Dog Bed For Saint Bernese

Furhaven Nap Ultra Plush Orthopedic Deluxe Cat & Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Saint Bernese is FurHaven NAP Ultra Plush Orthopedic Deluxe Dog Bed w/Removable Cover. This dog bed has a thin layer of faux fur on the top part. It is ideal for a short yet restful nap, and it features a fine quality polyester cover.

  • It is lightweight, so can be carried easily.
  • Features a simple step on design.
  • Made of orthopedic egg-crate foam, and it can control bad odor too.

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Best Dog Crate For Saint Bernese

Midwest Ovation Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Saint Bernese is MidWest Ovation Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate. The box-shaped crate is built with strong steel wires, and it has a plastic handle on the top. The heavy-duty dog crate features a garage-style door for easy access. 

  • Its four roller feet protect the floor from scratch and helps in relocation.
  • The metal crate can carry 110 pounds of weight at max.
  • The safe and secure crate ensures proper airflow inside it.

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Best Dog Harness For Saint Bernese

Ezydog Quick Fit Custom Fit Adjustable Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Saint Bernese is EzyDog Quick Fit Dog Harness. The quick-fit dog harness has neoprene padded straps, and the brand name is written on the front. The one-piece harness arrives in the market in nine brilliant colors.

  • It has rust-proof hooks and rings for adding the leashes.
  • Designed for hassle-free run, the harness does not create any bald spot, and it prevents choking completely.
  • The all-purpose harness has a handle on the back, and it is manufactured in five sizes.

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