Saint Usuge Spaniel Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Saint Usuge Spaniel is an apparent and technical French breed, laced with the ability to hunt and eradicate its prey. Physically the Saint Usuge Spaniel looks like a Shaggier and Hairier version of the Great Dane, except it is a bit short compared to Great Danes.

It has a friendly personality and can’t be bothered with aggressiveness. However, it does have a few concerning tendencies that we shall explain soon enough for you.

Saint Usuge Spaniel History

Saint Usuge Spaniel Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Saint Usuge Spaniel is a strong dog with an unfortunate history. The Saint Usuge Spaniel has been around for longer than you expect. Unfortunately, a lack of interest and Wars reduced this breed to nothing. By the end of the Second World War, only seven to eight of these dogs were left. After the Second World War, a priest who went to France learned of this dog by accident from Locals of the Bresse region.

After a thorough and careful search for the dog, our generous Priest found a female dog. Using that specimen and some others, the breed was recreated. Over the years, Munsterlander genes were also added to the recreation of the Saint Usuge Spaniel. The breed is currently in development and quite rare. This is why any major authority hasn’t accepted it yet.

Saint Usuge Spaniel Characteristics

The Saint Usuge Spaniel is known for its lean appearance and well-proportioned body. It will have a thin, slightly ghostly face. It has a medium-length muzzle and long ears. The eyes are usually large and a pretty shade of Brown or Amber. The coat remains between medium and short length. The variations for its colors are limited to Brown and White.  

How Big do Saint Usuge Spaniel Get

As stated above, the Saint Usuge Spaniel is a semi-medium-sized dog breed with moderate muscle. The height range for the male and female Saint Usuge Spaniels is 16 to 21 inches. The weight range for both males and females is 35 to 50 lbs. The weight has to be kept within the appropriate range to avoid any problems.

How Long Does Saint Usuge Spaniel Live

The Saint Usuge Spaniel is a pure breed dog with almost no potholes in its immunity. So naturally, it will have a long lifespan compared to mix breeds and other breeds. You should expect the Saint Usuge Spaniel to have a lifespan close to 13 years of age. With above-average care, the Saint Usuge Spaniel can live to 14 years or even longer. What does above-average care include? All of that has been answered in the Caring section below.

How Much Does a Saint Usuge Spaniel Cost

Currently, there are no fixed marketplaces for this dog. The main reason for that is its lack of recognition. You probably won’t find a lot of breeders with this dog. However, if you perchance find this dog, then it will cost more than 600 dollars. How do we know that? It’s a rare pure-breed dog; it will at least cost more than 600 dollars.

Saint Usuge Spaniel Temperament/Personality

The Saint Usuge Spaniel is a companion and hunting dog. To be more precise, it is a hunting dog turned companion dog. It is only natural for this energetic canine to be playful, loud, and social. Other pets shouldn’t have any problems getting along with this doggie. Humans should also have no problems befriending this doggie. It will be wary around strangers, making it a good watchdog.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with this doggie is to keep small pets close to it. Why? The Saint Usuge Spaniel has a high-prey dive, which means you may have an injured small Gerbil on your hands if you aren’t careful. Cats and Dogs, you won’t have to worry about them. Training it should be easy enough even for Novices. You just have to be encouraging and motivating.

Caring for Saint Usuge Spaniel

You probably have a lot of questions right now regarding your doggie. Most of those questions will be answered in the section below. You won’t have to be worried about anything; you only need to read.

Saint Usuge Spaniel Nutrition

The Saint Usuge Spaniel will need about two to three cups of food. Normally the Saint Usuge Spaniel will only need three cups of some good food. You have to keep the diet in check with this dog since it tends to gain weight quite easily. Usually, the food costs will remain between 300 to 500 dollars per year.

How to Groom a Saint Usuge Spaniel

There haven’t been any complaints with regards to the Saint Usuge Spaniel’s coat. It doesn’t shed much or trigger any allergies. Normally brushing its coat three to four times every week should be enough. If you feel like brushing its coat more than the required amount, then that’s even better. The bathing sessions should be managed with personal hygiene in mind. If it doesn’t need a bath, then don’t bathe it. You have to keep dental hygiene in the best shape if you don’t want any problems. You will need a Toothbrush for Dogs and Toothpaste for Dogs to go along with it.

Saint Usuge Spaniel Activity Levels

Normally the Saint Usuge Spaniel will need about 60 minutes of activity every day. Activity is a broad term and includes Walks, Games, and Drills. You won’t have any problems managing its energy levels if you know how to manage your time. A small hint is dividing the activity sessions into two or more parts. You might also want to get a Dog Harness for when you take your doggie out for walks. It tends to wander about.

Caring for Saint Usuge Spaniel

The most important thing for a doggie is the initial Deworming Process. If you don’t keep your doggie’s insides clean, the outsides won’t be any better. You can take your doggie to a professional or just use a Dewormer for Dogs. The process isn’t that complicated. You just have to feed it a few drops of the solution.

Another equally important thing to note for the better health of your doggie is its vulnerability to ear conditions. You have to use a Dog Ear Cleaner to keep its ears clean from dirt and other blockages. If you don’t keep its ears clean, then boy are you in for a treat.

Saint Usuge Spaniel Health

Most of the conditions that threaten the Saint Usuge Spaniel’s lifespan and longevity are wide and general. One of these is related to the eyes of your doggie. Some Skin Conditions tend to affect the Saint Usuge Spaniel as well. All of these conditions intensify with the onslaught and march of time. With the increase in risk, you will have to be super-careful about how you manage its health.

The older it gets, the more you have to ramp up the check-ups. Therefore, giving it CBC, X-Rays, Eye Check-ups is highly recommended. Typically, the check-up sessions should be arranged at least once per month. Giving it an MRI is also recommended if you find any concerning shifts in its behavior.

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Best Dog Food For Saint Usuge Spaniels

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The best dog food for Saint Usuge Spaniels is Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Healthy Weight Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food. This recipe is formulated to ensure that your Saint Usuge Spaniel stays healthy and active throughout its life. It is packed with real meat, wholesome grains, fresh veggies, and fruits packed with rich nutrients that help maintain a healthy weight. 

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Best Puppy Food For Saint Usuge Spaniels

Wellness Complete Health Puppy Deboned Chicken, Oatmeal & Salmon Meal Recipe Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Saint Usuge Spaniels is Wellness Complete Health Puppy Deboned Chicken, Oatmeal & Salmon Meal Recipe. Feed your new Saint Usuge Spaniel pup this recipe to ensure it stays healthy and active as it develops into an adult. This meal is crafted using natural ingredients like chicken, oatmeal, flaxseed, veggies, and salmon, to name a few, without any fillers or artificial flavors, or preservatives.

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Best Dog Crate For Saint Usuge Spaniels

Midwest Solutions Series Side By Side Double Door Collapsible Suv Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Saint Usuge Spaniels is MidWest Solutions Series Side by Side Double Door Collapsible SUV Dog Crate. This dog crate provides your Saint Usuge Spaniel a safe spot or a den to retreat to when you are not around to supervise or house train them to behave better and stay happy as long as it lives. It features double doors for easy accessibility and convenience, bearing secure latches for additional safety.

  • Design to fit SUV and other vehicles. 
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Best Dog Bed For Saint Usuge Spaniels

K&h Pet Products Pillow Top Orthopedic Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Saint Usuge Spaniels is K&H Pet Products Pillow-Top Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed. This comfortable dog bed provides a nice and comfy space to rest in so that your Saint Usuge Spaniel gets a restful sleep. The bed contains a durable premium quality orthopedic foam with polyfill bolsters that helps soothe pains and injuries.

  • Machine-washable.
  • Features secure zippers, and the cover can be removed so it can be machine washed.
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Best Dog Harness For Saint Usuge Spaniels

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