Scolden Terrier Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Scolden Terrier is a cross between the Scottish Terrier and the Golden Retriever. Both of these breeds have considerably friendly personalities. Both of the parents are also quite beautiful. Considering both parents, the Scolden Terrier can be a perfect addition to extended and small families.

However, certain things still need to be kept in mind when taking care of this dog. The following paragraphs will explain all of those needs in detail.

Scolden Terrier History

Scolden Terrier Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThere aren’t enough records of this canine and its birth. The only thing that we know about the Scolden Terrier is its parents. The Scottish Terrier is a dog from Scotland. It is believed to be at least 5 centuries old, considering records of similar dogs from Dan Leslie’s book. Hunters and farmers mainly employed the Scottish Terrier. Its graceful body and strong senses allowed it to become a good choice for a hunting dog.

The Golden Retriever, on the other hand, is more of a recent dog. It was created in the 1800s because hunters needed an able-bodied retriever. The Golden Retriever, with its thick coat, could retrieve prey from water and uplands. Their senses earned them places alongside hunters, while their personalities gave them living quarters in loving family homes. The Scolden Terrier has no well-defined purpose like its parents, but it could be a companion dog.

Scolden Terrier Characteristics

The appearance of the Scolden Terrier is not static. There are a lot of varying features. The coat, in particular, can vary between medium and long. The texture of the coat should vary between soft and slightly wiry. The colors for the coat will vary between Cream, Gray, and Black. The eyes of the Scolden Terrier should be almond-shaped. The overall body of the Scolden Terrier should be lean and slightly muscular. The jaws of the Scolden Terrier close in a scissor bite.

How Big do Scolden Terrier Get

Due to the difference in the parents’ size, the proportions of the Scolden Terrier can vary greatly. The Scolden Terrier can have a height anywhere between 14 and 25 inches. The weight is likewise pretty uncertain. However, a healthy mature Scolden Terrier doggie should be between 25 to 40 lbs. Therefore, you must understand the role of diet and activity in maintaining a healthy BMI for your doggie.

How Long Does Scolden Terrier Live

There is no fixed lifespan for this doggie. In reality, a thousand different factors affect the lifespan of a doggie like the Scolden Terrier. Roughly we would say it should live between 12 and 14 years of age. However, once we go off-paper, the numbers hardly matter. What matters is the quality of the lifestyle it gets, which will govern how long it lives.

How Much Does a Scolden Terrier Cost

Cost influencing factors for the Scolden Terrier are quite a lot. One of them is the Scolden Terrier’s appearance. The Scolden Terrier, as you know, is a hybrid dog, and its appearance can change based on the dominating genes. Focusing on the impact of that statement, we must understand that prices can vary anywhere between 400 and 1400 dollars. The healthier and the bigger the doggie is, the more it will cost.

Scolden Terrier Temperament/Personality

The Scolden Terrier, despite its retrieving and hunting nature, is one of the best family dogs. It has a protective and reserved nature around strangers. However, you still cannot employ it as a guard dog. For the people in your house, the Scolden Terrier can be one of the best companions. You won’t be depressed or sad with this canine around. One long hug and all of your worries will evaporate like Snowflakes in the first rays of the spring sun.

If the Scolden Terrier takes after the Golden Retriever, it should be friendly enough to coexist with almost any other dog or pet that isn’t small. If it takes after the Scottish Terrier, you will necessarily have to supervise it around small pets. As far as training is concerned, you can train easily. If there are any hitches or hindrances, use some Dog Training Treats. These work like magic.

Caring for Scolden Terrier

The Scolden Terrier will need a few special things and routines to maintain its health. The following section will allow you to understand the best decisions that you can make for it.

Scolden Terrier Nutrition

The nutritional needs of the Scolden Terrier depend on the size of the Scolden Terrier. The bigger it is, the more food it will need. You may have to give it a volume anywhere between one cup and three cups per day. Ideally, you should consult a vet for the right volume of food for your doggie. 

How to Groom a Scolden Terrier

The coat of the Scolden Terrier isn’t a shedding type. You can keep it dirt and knot-free easily by brushing it at least three times per week. You can brush it more often to distribute the natural oils on its skin. You have to bathe the Scolden Terrier only on a per-need basis. Bathing it often isn’t recommended. The nails of the Scolden Terrier should be kept short. You can use a Nail Clipper for Dogs to trim those nails. Finally, you have to keep the Scolden Terrier’s ears clean. If you don’t clean the ears, infections are bound to come knocking.

Scolden Terrier Activity Levels

The Scolden Terrier is by far one of the most active Scottish Terrier mixes. It needs at least an hour and a half of daily activity. You have to be super careful about its activity needs. If they don’t get their daily walks, then you are in for a tough time. One way to wear down the energy levels of the Scolden Terrier is through a Dog Treadmill. Another is to use an Automatic Fetch Machine. Both of these are essential for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

Caring for Scolden Terrier

There are many things that we could cover that would explain how to take care of your doggie. But, the most important out of all of the things is perhaps its Separation Anxiety problem. You should not undermine the position of your doggie in your house. Saturating its life by being present all the time and then being distant from it is the worst thing you could do. Instead, you have to find a consistent level of love to distribute.

Another thing that you should take care of is the initial Deworming Process. Some breeders take care of it; others don’t. Overall, it’s an easy process that can give your canine’s health a major boost. You only have to get a Dewormer for Dogs and feed the solution to your doggie. That’s all it takes to save your doggie from Intestinal worms and other parasites.

Scolden Terrier Health

The odds are stacked against the Scolden Terrier when it comes to health. There are at least ten to twenty conditions that are always ready to attack the Scolden Terrier. The most prominent conditions include Pulmonic Stenosis, PPM, Hypothyroidism, Cataracts, and Retinal Dysplasia. These aren’t even the truly dreadful ones. Nevertheless, you need to understand that the only way to save your doggie is to take it to a vet at least once per month. The vet is the only person who can help!

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Best Dog Food For Scolden Terriers

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

The best dog food for Scolden Terriers is Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. This recipe has been made keeping in mind the need to satisfy your Scolden Terrier’s nutrition needs. It is a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients which help in supporting good physical health.

  • It is a high-protein recipe for managing weight and building strong muscles.
  • Consists of healthy carbs such as peas and sweet potatoes for an active life.
  • Consists of omega fatty acids for keeping the skin healthy.

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Best Puppy Food For Scolden Terriers

Hill's Science Diet Puppy Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Scolden Terriers is Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Chicken Meal and Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food. This puppy recipe is formulated in the USA after meeting the strict purity standards. It is made with wholesome ingredients to meet your Scolden Terrier’s nutrition needs and keep the brain, eyes, and bones healthy.

  • It is made from natural ingredients, which makes the food easily digestible.
  • Consists of natural DHA.
  • Made with zero preservatives and artificial ingredients.

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Best Dog Crate For Scolden Terriers

Midwest Ovation Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Scolden Terriers is MidWest Ovation Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate. This dog crate is designed in a way to look after your Scolden Terrier’s safety needs and comfort. It is built with high-quality material and comes with the needed features.

  • Features a garage door that is easy to lift and close, hence making the usage easier.
  • The side bolt latches are given to look after your pet’s security needs.
  • Comes with needed features such as a carrying handle, a leak-proof tray, and a divider panel.

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Best Dog Bed For Scolden Terriers

Best Friends By Sheri The Original Calming Shag Fur Donut Cuddler Cat & Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Scolden Terriers is Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Shag Fur Donut Cuddler Dog Bed. This dog bed is made in the shape of a donut to provide your Scolden Terrier with a restful sleep as it helps it to curl up. The bolstered edges provide orthopedic support, and the fur layer provides warmth.

  • The raised edges provide headrest as well as relief to the joints.
  • The soft faux fur ensures comfort and also provides warmth.
  • This bed is easily washable and is available in different sizes and colors.

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Best Dog Harness For Scolden Terriers

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Scolden Terriers is Best Pet Supplies Voyager Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness. This dog harness does not only look good while your Scolden Terrier wears it but also is gentle to the skin and allows airflow. It is easy to get into and comes with the required features for a good fit and safety.

  • It is made from breathable fabric, which is gentle to the skin.
  • It provides the benefit of easy step-in and ensures good security through the snap-in buckle.
  • The best fit can be ensured with the fuzzy fastener. 

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