Serbian Hound Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Serbian Hound is a hunting dog from Serbia. That was pretty much self-explanatory, but we will explain all of that in detail below. People over the years have called it different names, including the Balkan Hound and the Balkansi Gonic.

The Serbian Hound has an interesting set of personality traits that could make it an excellent companion dog. However, its strength will always remain its hunting capabilities. Again, all of this has been explained in detail below.

Serbian Hound History

Serbian Hound Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe history of the Serbian Hound has mostly been verbatim, restricted by the lack of paper and means of writing. According to these verbal histories and different rumors, the Serbian Hound has been around for more than 1000 years. Phoenician Traders are branded with the development and creation of this canine. We don’t know whether this claim is true or not.

Their dedicated work ethic and loyal personalities made them one of the most sought-after canines in the Balkan region. These are some of the few canines that have maintained their appearance and personalities throughout the years. The first written breed standards came about in 1939. The FCI accepted the breed standards in 1940. The UKC recognized this resourceful canine in 2004.

Serbian Hound Characteristics

The appearance of the Serbian Hound is quite distinct. You can identify it even from its coat color. They will have saddle-like markings, usually of a darker shade compared to the rest of their body. These markings also circulate its neck, forming a sort of necklace of dark shades.

The general body shape and size of the Serbian Hound is medium. Their rear limbs are angled to give them their remarkable acceleration. Their chest is wider compared to the rest of their body. They look like a shorter, more refined German Shepherd with Jack Russell Terrier influences.

How Big do Serbian Hound Get

The proportions of the Serbian Hound place it in the medium category. The males usually have a height between 18 and 22 inches, while their weights remain between 40 and 48 lbs. The average height range for females is 17 to 21 inches, with their ideal weight range being 40 to 48 lbs.

How Long Does Serbian Hound Live

The lifespan of the Serbian Hound is 10 to 14 years. These figures only reflect the potential lifespan of your canine under ideal conditions. Things like genetic health problems or accidents can severely shorten your doggie’s health. You have to look out for things like those. You can find more information about these things in the section below.

How Much Does a Serbian Hound Cost

The cost of a Serbian Hound will usually remain between 500$ to 800$. You will have to be careful about scammers and backyard breeders. There is an increased risk of getting scammed when you have to import the canine. Search for this canine only with verified breeders.

Serbian Hound Temperament/Personality

The name of the Serbian Hound should pretty much sum up the Serbian Hound’s personality. The Serbian Hound is a hunting hound, so you can’t keep it around small pets. It will chase after them, and it will exceed because it’s built that way. Humans are always friendly companions from this canine’s perspective. We would recommend keeping children under supervision around this dog. They may retaliate if their ears or limbs are pulled with excessive force.

They are a bit stubborn, but not excessive concern worthy. The only people who will have a problem training it is the people who are getting it for the first time. If they exhibit some stubborn attributes, use a few Dog Training Treats or some Jerky Treats for Dogs. These can keep your doggie motivated and engaged. Who wouldn’t work for a good reward?

Caring for Serbian Hound

Everyone should know about the needs of their canine companion. The section below will explain the needs of your doggie. By the end of it, you will be able to make the best decisions for your doggie.

Serbian Hound Nutrition

The Serbian Hound isn’t much of an eater, but it will still whine for the occasional treat. You should give it no more than three cups of food. Giving it more could lead to a lot of health issues, like heart problems. Please pay attention to your canine’s diet. A lot of people recommend using Pedigree Dog Food because it’s affordable and healthy.

How to Groom a Serbian Hound

The short coat of the Serbian Hound is easy to groom. It needs three brushing sessions per week to remain safe from matts. Knotting isn’t a major problem in the Serbian Hound’s coat, so you won’t have to worry about that. The next important thing to look out for is bathing sessions. The Serbian Hound will need to be bathed after two to three weeks. You should always use a Dog Shampoo when bathing it. You should also trim its nails and brush its teeth. That’s all it takes to maintain the Serbian Hound’s classy look.

Serbian Hound Activity Levels

The Serbian Hound will need between 40 to 50 minutes of daily activity. Since it is a hound, it will enjoy agility drills more compared to the rest of the exercises. You should take it out for a walk at least once every day. We recommend keeping it in a Leash for Dogs that Pull. You really don’t want your doggie chasing after some other person’s poor cat or dog.

Caring for Serbian Hound

In continuation with the diet section above, certain foods are lethal for your canine. For example, Theobromine is a chemical compound found in various dairy products, primarily Chocolate. Humans can digest it easily, but it can lead to poisoning, Tachycardia, Ataxia, Seizures, and even death for canines. You have to keep these away from your doggie. You should also keep Garlic and Excessively Salty Food away from its diet. These can bloat and, in the worst-case scenario, death.

Serbian Hound Health

The Serbian Hound is a pure breed dog with little to no influence from any other breed. There aren’t a lot of conditions or diseases that could overcome this canine’s boisterous defense. You may be tempted to believe that the Serbian Hound has a nigh impenetrable immunity.

However, with age, this defense wears down, and so begins the descent of perfection. In short, the older your doggie gets, the more concerned you’ll have to be about it. Giving it a monthly check-up is highly recommended. You should also pay attention to its lifestyle. There is always the possibility of it swallowing some spoons or slippers. Remaining Vigilant will prevent these things from happening.

Breeds Similar to Serbian Hound


Best Dog Food For Serbian Hounds

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

The best dog food for Serbian Hounds is Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. This dog food is formulated with chicken as a main ingredient for meeting the protein requirements of your Serbian Hound. It also consists of other necessary nutrients for optimal benefit and overall development.

  • Consists of real chicken as a source of protein and healthy carbs for an active lifestyle.
  • Consists of omega fatty acids for excellent skin and coat and antioxidants for supporting the immune system.
  • It is completely made from natural ingredients and is free from poultry by-products.

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Best Puppy Food For Serbian Hounds

Hill's Science Diet Puppy Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Serbian Hounds is Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Chicken Meal and Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food. This puppy food is a perfectly nourishing recipe crafted with wholesome ingredients for the healthy development of your Serbian Hound. It is made after meeting all the purity standards and is formulated to especially support the brain, eyes, and skeletal system.

  • It is made from natural ingredients, which make the recipe digestible and delicious too.
  • Consists of DHA for supporting the vision, brain, and skeletal system and antioxidants for a well-functioning immune system.
  • It does not consist of any preservatives and is made after meeting the purity standards.

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Best Dog Crate For Serbian Hounds

Midwest Lifestages Single Door Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Serbian Hounds is MidWest LifeStages Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate. The design of this dog crate revolves around the safety and comfort of your Serbian Hound. Your Serbian Hound remains protected from an injury with the help of the slide bolt latch.

  • Multiple doors allow easy access within the crate.
  • Convenient for traveling.
  • Includes a composite plastic pan that can be removed and cleaned easily.

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Best Dog Bed For Serbian Hounds

Best Friends By Sheri Lux Fur Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Serbian Hounds is Best Friends by Sheri Calming Lux Fur Donut Cuddler Bolster Dog Bed. Your Serbian Hound will have a comfortable nap every time he sleeps on this bed. This doughnut-shaped bed is available in four shades and sizes, creating a cozy atmosphere for your Serbian Hound, which he will cherish.

  • This bed is machine-washable.
  • It is constructed from harmless materials.
  • The base of the bed is dirt and waterproof to avoid accidents.

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Best Dog Harness For Serbian Hounds

Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Serbian Hounds is Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness. You can choose from a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your Serbian Hound. This harness is crafted by dog lovers, keeping in mind the delicacy of the neck of your Serbian Hound.

  • Quick-release buckles aid trouble-free application.
  • The Dual-clip system allows the owners to attach the leash to the front or back.
  • It includes a padded handle at the back to let the owners control them in congested areas.

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