ShiChi Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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Shichi Dog Breed InformationSpunky, smart, and sweet – the perfect words to describe the adorable ShiChi mixed breed. This charming dog is a mixed breed offspring of a Chihuahua and Shih Tzu, no wonder why they’re so irresistibly cute. The ShiChi breed promises plenty of spirits and a lot of playfulness inside a tiny body that brightens the surroundings.

The ShiChi or Chi-Tzu or Chi-Shi is a small pup with tons of personality and all-rounder skills. Old or young, everyone will enjoy the company of the ShiChi; also, their extreme loyalty is quite impressive. Read on to know more about this hybrid, and see if this is the perfect one for you!

ShiChi History

The hybrids like the ChiShi do not have a very well-documented origin story and history, which adds to the confusion. Like many other crossbreeds, people believe that the ShiChi is also a result of intentionally breeding by dedicated breeders.

Though we don’t have plenty of information about ShiChi’s history, a look into its parent’s history might offer some information. 

There is a possibility that this mix of Shih Tzu and Chihuahua was developed in the last 30 years, probably in the United States. The Shih Tzu is a historical and ancestral breed that holds archaeological evidence dating back almost thousands of years ago. The Chihuahua is an American Antiquity dog that was also highly regarded in the Toltec and Aztec cultures.

ShiChi Characteristics

The ShiChi breed is more than just adorable; they have a fantastic personality and are incredibly photogenic. Along with being loyal, you can also expect the ShiChi to be a bit possessive at times. Coming to its physical characteristics, well, this canine usually has a black, white, brown, fawn, or cream color coat.

How Big Do ShiChi Get

The ShiChi is a toy-sized breed that usually weighs as little as 5 to 12 pounds, which also depends on the parentage. Being small-sized, these tiny canines grow until only 8 to 10 inches in height. Though the ShiChi mix breed might not be very big-sized, she can be very aggressive and energetic.

How Long Does ShiChi Live

The ShiChi has an expected life span of 12-15 years, which depends upon the care and nutrition the little guy is getting. However, there are certain health conditions that this breed inherits from its parents. Before you adopt or buy the dog, it’s best if you ask the breeder about the ShiChi’s parent’s background and health history.

How Much Does a ShiChi Cost

This Chihuahua and Shih Tzu mixed breed puppy can cost you almost $300 to $1000, although the price might differ on various factors. This crossbreed’s high cost is because its parents are also in high demand and tend to be expensive. It is best if you choose a reputable breeder for adopting or buying your ShiChi puppy. 

ShiChi Temperament/ Personality

First things first, the ShiChi is not very good with children, which means you should keep them away from your munchkins. Apart from that, you’re going to have fun having this little furry ball of energy at your home.

Lack of proper socialization exposure can turn the ShiChi to be timid and display aggressive behavior towards strangers.

Remember that these canines have a high-pitched and shrill bark, which usually comes out on the sight of a stranger. These lively dogs love attention and look forward to spending a great deal of time with the family members.

Whether the ShiChi is friendly around other pets or not depends from one dog to another.

Caring for ShiChi

Considering their petite size, most of you can understand that this breed does not require much exercise. Read on more to know about nutrition, health, caring, activeness, and how to groom the ShiChi.

ShiChi Nutrition

The ShiChi requires half to one cup of dry pet food every day to thrive and stay healthy. It would be best if you kept an eye so that the little ShiChi gets the essential nutrients through the meals. Keep in mind that the kibble you choose for your ShiChi should have the right blend of healthy fats and carbs.

How to Groom a ShiChi

You will be happy to know that the ShiChi is a low-maintenance pup, which does not shed much like its parents. You can indulge in a weekly light brushing with a de-shedding brush or bristle brush. ShiChi is a mix-breed that is prone to dental issues. Therefore, you must brush the dog’s teeth three times a week.

ShiChi Activity Levels

The Shichi tends to get excited pretty quickly, but they do not need extensive physical activities to be fit. Because this dog is pumped up with energy at all times, it is better to walk him with a leash. A daily walk will also ensure that the dog can explore the outside world and pick up some social skills.

Caring for ShiChi

This Chihuahua and Shih Tzu mix breed can thrive in an apartment if only a few people live in it. You need to take out time and feed the little guy at least twice a day. Though the dog has minimal exercise requirements, it is better to engage in light exercise every day.

The owner must also take care of the regular grooming session as the double layer coat can get dirty quickly. Not to forget, you must also schedule proper visits to the vet every month or so to be updated about your ShiChi’s health.

ShiChi Health

The ShiChi is considered to be a long-living pup, thanks to its parent breeds. Because the ShiChi is a mixed breed, it can inherit specific health issues from its parent breeds. These health problems include hypoglycemia, eye problems, respiratory problems, obesity.

It would help if you took your ShiChi for eye check-ups because it is at a high risk of developing various eye conditions. Because the ShiChi is very sensitive, you must not leave it outside in extreme hot or cold weather.

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