Shollie Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

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Shollie Dog Breed InformationIf you are looking for the best qualities of a German Shepherd and a Border Collie, a Shollie is for you! These doggos are anything but smart and intelligent, who have fantastic herding skills and impressive strength.

Overall, these are massive doggies that are energetic and have rigorous physical needs. At the same time, Shollies are incredibly loyal and protective about their humans, though they not be the best at socializing.

In this article, you will find all you need to know about a Shollie—size, appearance, temperament, health, and much more!

Shollie History

Shollie is a newly-recognized designer breed, almost 20 years back, which is why it does not have a profound history. However, both its parent dogs are quite prominent in their world.

German Shepherds are famous for their protection and guarding skills. Originated in 1899, these doggos are also known as Alsatian or Wolf Dogs, more so due to their wolf-like appearance. Border Collies are also hard-working pooches, coming from the early England and Scotland areas.

Thus, your Shollie is a healthy mix of obedient, loyal, energetic, and well-mannered pooch. Additionally, it is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club and Dog Registry of America in the US.

Shollie Characteristics

Shollies are medium to large size canines with a strong and intelligent personality. Owing to their size, they may not adapt to apartments and closed areas and require active dog parents. Still, they are excellent family dogs with considerable grooming, training, and activity needs.

How Big Do Shollies Get

Though the exact size may vary among individual doggos, Shollies are relatively big. They range from a height of 21 to 29 inches and weigh anywhere between 70 to 80 pounds.

How Long Does Shollie Live

The German Shepherd Dog and Border Collie both have some severe health conditions. Despite these problems, a Shollie has a reasonably good life expectancy of 13 to 15 years. However, you must meet its high nutrition and physical needs to keep the doggo healthy and happy!

How Much Does a Shollie Cost

Shollies may not be as expensive as their impressively-famous parent breeds, but they are still pricier than other hybrids. You can get a Shepherd Collie pup for about $500-$1000. You must remember to gather the pedigree and health information before adopting a Shollie puppy.

Shollie Temperament/ Personality

If you are looking for the perfect guard dogs, Shollies are the ideal match. They are loyal, alert, and love their human family. At the same time, these hybrids may get aggressive if a stranger approaches you.

Despite their massive build, Shollies love kids but may not be the same for other smaller pets. Due to their hunter instincts, your doggo may love tiny pets and squirrels, so you better not leave the two alone.

Apart from that, make sure to keep your large doggie worked-out to keep its destructive nature at bay. You may indulge the smart lad in brain activities. Also, you will have to get the doggo to socialize at an early stage. Doing this will make it familiar with other doggos, cats, and humans.

Caring for Shollie

Shollies may not be all that stubborn, but they do demand a considerable portion of your time. No, they do not crave attention, but they have high grooming and workout needs. Also, due to their extensive outdoor exposure, you will have to give more attention to their cleaning, if not health.

Shollie Nutrition

Like any other large-size doggo, a Shollie will require a nutritious diet to keep the pooch fit. The pooch will burn most of what it eats, which is why you need to ensure the food is energy-rich. At the same time, do not let the German Shepherd Collie eat a lot, as obesity makes way for diseases.

How to Groom a Shollie

Shollies have a dense coat with medium hair length and are relatively heavy shedders. That is why you may need to brush the canine daily or every alternate day to keep mites at bay. Also, keep a check on the paws, teeth, and ears of the doggo, especially after outdoor hikes.

Shollie Activity Levels

Shollies require a considerable amount of exercise on a daily basis. It may range from around 2 hours for pups to at least 2 walks for an adult. Additionally, it is best to keep your Shollie busy, mentally if not physically. Make sure to give the doggo plenty of games, training, and mental activities.

Caring for Shollie

To keep your big doggo happy and frustration-free, you must challenge the lad with different activities. It can range from training the dog to get newspapers, playing fetch, and other things. Shollies are relatively easy to train, but you must instill these habits in their puppy years.

If not given enough playtime, these canines may resort to unnecessary barking to show their boredom and frustration.

Apart from exercise, you must take the doggo for monthly vet checkups to avoid any severe health issues. Also, make sure the pooch is ready for adverse weather conditions. Though it has a thick coat, provide your Shollie with shade and enough water in summers and a cover in winters.

Shollie Health

Though these hybrids are considerably healthy, they may get a few common problems from both their parents. These range from hip dysplasia, bloating and gastric issues, and pancreatic concerns.

Standard to both parent breeds, hip dysplasia is a problem in the hip joint of a doggo. It leads to a ligament tear in the leg and hip joint, causing pain and limiting the canine’s mobility. A Shollie is highly prone to this problem, more so due to its energetic nature.

Bloat and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) are caused as a result of irregular eating habits. It may also happen due to lack of activity, causing digestion issues. EPI may also be a genetic disease, transferred from one or both the parents.

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