Siberian Boston Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Siberian Boston is one of the best out there when it comes to being a goofy clown. We wonder how an efficient machine named the Siberian Husky mixed with the Boston Terrier could give birth to such a goofy, snuggly, and harmless canine.

Nevertheless, these canines are known for their loveable natures and beautiful appearance. Their loyalty is also similar to that of ancient knights (the ones that didn’t stab their lieges in the back). There is a lot more that we have to know about this canine.

Siberian Boston History

Siberian Boston Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowWe don’t know when or where this breed was born. We also don’t have an inkling of an idea about its birth. Nevertheless, when we peruse the history of its parents, we learn a few basic things about it. The Siberian Husky, for example, was a companion-cum-hunting dog. These canines would accompany the Chukchi tribe and ease the pain of their extreme lifestyle in the coldest corner of the world.

The Boston Terrier was bred in Boston (This is the happiest fact about this canine!). These canines were bred purely for the sport of fighting. These canines would be used in bull-baiting and different forms of animal fighting. Fortunately, a sliver of sanity allowed the authorities to ban all of these grotesque sports. The Boston Terrier found a new profession as a companion dog, and everyone lived happily ever after!

Siberian Boston Characteristics

The Siberian Boston will have the sturdiness and beauty of both its parents. It will have a medium-sized body with a doughty look. It should have a medium-length muzzle with a strong jaw. The Siberian Boston should have erect ears and almond-shaped eyes. The colors for its eyes will vary between Brown and Blue. Their coat should be medium length and super dense.

How Big do Siberian Boston Get

The Boston Terrier genes make this canine a bit stout. The males and females both are usually 15 to 20 inches tall and weigh between 20 to 40 lbs. The weight is a representation of the Siberian Boston’s diet and its exercise, so it remains within the human influence. The height, on the other hand, is natural, and nothing can be done about it.

How Long Does Siberian Boston Live

Lifespans for mixed breeds are hard to calculate because these canines have varying degrees of health. However, to sate your curiosity, we believe that the Siberian Boston should live between 12 and 16 years. If you pay attention to its health and give it the right care, it will live close to the limit of 16 years.

How Much Does a Siberian Boston Cost

The price for the Siberian Boston is quite mercurial, like its temperament. These canines can cost anything beyond $600. The healthier your canine is, the more it will cost you. Credible breeders will also ask for more. There are other costs as well for medical procedures and utensils that you will have to account for.

Siberian Boston Temperament/Personality

As we said, the Siberian Boston is a ball of mushy feelings. These canines will never harm anything on purpose. Their aggression is close to nothing; you could even call them the most peaceful dogs. They do get a bit on edge when strangers approach, but that isn’t a bad thing. You can train and socialize them to be good guard dogs. As for human companionship, you probably won’t find a better dog than the Siberian Boston.

Regardless of your experience or temperament, these dogs are simple to train. If you do experience any problems with the training sessions, use some bribes! These canines are gullible and can easily be bribed with Dog Training Treats. You should also remain positive and creative throughout the training sessions. Staying stuck on a single part will steal away the big picture from you.

Caring for Siberian Boston

If you are first time owner, then you don’t have the luxury of affording to miss the details in the section below. Please pay attention for the sake of your canine.

Siberian Boston Nutrition

The Siberian Boston will need close to two cups of food every day. You can go a bit above this limit, but don’t make it a habit. Excess weight on this canine is an open invitation to health issues. Also, keep its weight regulated and within the bounds mentioned above, through a good diet.

How to Groom a Siberian Boston

Grooming the Siberian Boston won’t be that hard. The main reason for its easy grooming is its simple coat and lack of shedding. Brush its coat at least three times per week. You have to bathe the Siberian Boston based on its needs. Don’t bathe it frequently because it may trigger dryness and itchiness. Brush its teeth and keep its ears clean. Finally, trim its nails. You don’t want it to paw you with look mangy nails; you don’t want it to walk on your couch with long nails either.

Siberian Boston Activity Levels

The Siberian Boston is quite active for a canine of its size. It will take between 60 and 90 minutes to deplete the energy it accumulates throughout the day. Ignoring its need for exercise could jeopardize its mental and physical well-being. Use a Dog Treadmill to cut down on the time it takes to deplete their energy. However, it would do you well to remember the Siberian Boston will still require its daily exercise.

Caring for Siberian Boston

If the Siberian Boston takes after the Boston Terrier, it may have a hard time withstanding extreme temperature. You will have to keep it sheltered from heat and cold. The best way to save your canine from heat is to keep it inside of the house in a cold environment. Saving your canine from a cold environment is equally important.

You can save your canine from the worst of colds by getting it some essential doggie wear. The first thing that you should get is a Dog Heating Pad. These can keep your canine warm and cozy without incurring exorbitant and ludicrous costs. There are other things as well, like some Dog Sweaters and Dog Socks. These will protect will your canine from the chilly fangs of the cold while on a walk or outside. These will at most cost you between $200 and $300.

Siberian Boston Health

Mixed breeds generally have a higher probability of inheriting medical conditions. It may inherit the Brachycephalic Syndrome of the Boston Terrier. Corneal Dystrophy, PRA, and Cherry Eye are some conditions probable conditions that can affect your dog.

Being proactive is the best defense against most situations. Have your canine examined thoroughly every month. Give it all of the required basic tests to ascertain any hidden conditions. If there are any deficiencies, take care of them with the right medication and supplements.

Breeds Similar to Siberian Boston


Best Dog Food For Siberian Boston

Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Canine Recipe

The best dog food for Siberian Boston is Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. This meal is made from real bison and roasted venison meat, which extracts proteins for strong muscle development. It also includes probiotic fibers that help to improve digestion.

  • It borrows antioxidants from real fruits and vegetables to help stabilize the immune system.
  • Omega 3 and 6 acids are included in this product to help achieve healthy skin and coat.
  • This product is free of gluten and other artificial ingredients.

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Best Puppy Food For Siberian Boston

Nutro Natural Choice Puppy Chicken

The best puppy food for Siberian Boston is Nutro Natural Choice Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe. It is rich in antioxidants like spinach and kale, which provide enough immunity for a growing puppy. There is also a high protein content taken from chicken to help strengthen muscles. 

  • It includes calcium for strong teeth and bones.
  • This product includes DHA to help optimize vision and cognitive functions.
  • A combination of essential vitamins and omega fatty acids provides for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

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Best Dog Crate For Siberian Boston

Midwest Lifestages Single Door Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Siberian Boston is MidWest LifeStages Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate. This metal crate is not only strong but also sturdy and will keep your Boston safe in your absence. The crate is coated against rust and corrosion, which assures sustainability.  

  • It comes with a replaceable plastic tray which can be removed and cleaned easily with water.
  • The collapsible door of the crate has a latch key to ensure optimum security.
  • The crate can be set up and folded, which makes it travel-friendly and portable.

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Best Dog Bed For Siberian Boston

Furhaven Nap Ultra Plush Orthopedic Deluxe Cat & Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Siberian Boston is FurHaven NAP Deluxe Memory Foam Pillow Dog Bed w/Removable Cover. This bed is made from orthopedic foam, which provides relief to stressed muscles and joints to release pain. The cover is made from soft faux fur to provide a luxurious sleeping experience. 

  • The bed is insulated to help keep them warm during chilly seasons.
  • There is a medical-grade polyurethane layer that helps to provide support to the body.
  • It can be washed in the machine and is completely hassle-free.

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Best Dog Harness For Siberian Boston

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Siberian Boston is Best Pet Supplies Voyager Plush Suede Dog Harness. It is made from high-quality suede fabric, making it extremely comfortable and fashionable for daily use. It is a step-in style harness that is more dog-friendly and will avoid struggling with them to put it on.

  • Washable in the machine with other items.
  • The fabric is very cozy and helps to keep them warm.
  • There are multiple fitting points on the harness which you can use to adjust according to your Siberian Boston’s comfort.

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