Ski-Collie Information – All You Need to Know

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The Ski-collie is primarily a mix between an American Eskimo and a Collie. This makes the ski-collie a hybrid mix of the two original breeds that were bred for herding and farming. Both its parents’ breeds are known for their intelligence, gentleness, protectiveness, loyalty, and love, making it a great watchdog and a great family pet.

Ski-collies are loving family dogs but aren’t bred to serve as lapdogs. So, the owner has to make sure to provide the dog with a specific lifestyle in order to keep it happy and healthy. Let’s now jump into some interesting facts and history about the ski-collie.

Ski-Collie History

Ski Collie Information – All You Need To KnowAs there is very little information on this dog, we will not be able to specify when and where this breed was developed exactly. But it can be safely assumed that Ski-collies have their origins somewhere in the US and were developed in the late 1900s. At this time, people started to mix and breed pure breeds to meet various purposes. As there is very little information on this breed, we have to look at its parent to understand the history and characteristics of the Ski-collie.

When we look at its parent breeds, we see that Eskimo was a popular dog in circus performance. The dog descends from various European Spitz breeds, including the Italian Spitz, German Spitz, and the Keeshond. The American Eskimo was bred to be a guard dog and was officially documented by the American Kennel Club in 1944. On the other hand, Collies became one of the most known dog breeds and were primarily bred to herd various animals.

The exact origins of the dog are not known, but it is believed that it originated somewhere in Scotland or England. It was officially documented by the American Kennel Club in 1885 and became 37th most famous breed in its registry.

Ski-Collie Characteristics

As the dog is a hybrid of the American Eskimo and the Collie, it has the temperament and personalities of both its parent breeds. Your ski-collie can be alert, friendly, energetic, loyal, protective, social and responsive. The dog itself is very intelligent, making it pretty easy to train and has high activity levels, so it needs adequate exercise.

How Big do Ski-Collie Get?

A Ski-collie will somewhere be around 15 to 26 inches at the shoulders and may have a weight between 20 to 75 pounds. Ski-collies can have a long, dense, rough or thick coat, and the most common color in this breed is sable.

How Long Does a Ski-Collie Live?

A ski-collie has a life span of 14 to 16 years, which is dependent on how much care the dog gets. As ski-collies are working dogs, they do need adequate exercise in order for them to stay healthy.

How Much Does a Ski-Collie Cost?

A ski collie can cost somewhere around $800 to $2000, dependent on limited or full registration variables. The show quality of the dog, health testing, its color, gender and cost of living in that region all come into play to determine the actual cost of a ski collie.

Ski-Collie Temperament/Personality

Ski-collies are highly intelligent, they learn quickly, and are easy to train. This dog loves to interact with people but does not make a good apartment dog as it is very energetic. Ski-collies love to run and play, and a large fenced yard or country can be an ideal home for them. A Ski-collie is not overly barky but sometimes barks at strangers entering their territory.

Although the ski-collie is an athlete dog, it loves napping indoors; it is also an attention seeker and loves to get affection from people. This dog exceeds in abilities like herding, obedience and agility and is friendly with children and other pets, thus making it an ideal family dog.

Caring for a Ski-Collie

Ski-collies are high-maintenance dogs that shed hair constantly. The frequency to brush your dog’s hair depends on how thick and long its coat is. Thus, a vacuum cleaner and a dog brush are necessary items if you own a ski-collie. The ears of a ski- collie need to be checked weekly and cleaned using a cotton ball or dog-ear cleaners regularly. The dog should have his teeth brushed two to three times a week to avoid periodontal disease. Most of all, two to three hours of exercise and good nutrition are necessary to keep your ski-collie in shape and healthy.

Ski-Collie Nutrition

Ski-collies are highly energetic and require proper nutrition and exercise for them to remain healthy. In this case, food for large dogs and dog treats should be given to maintain a healthy diet of your Ski-Collie.

How To Groom a Ski-Collie

Ski-collies have a thick coat that sheds twice a year; this is why the dog requires regular brushing to remove loose fur. The nails must be trimmed once a month; however, some collies’ active lifestyle naturally trims them. A weekly wipe-out is needed in the dog’s upright ears to remove any dust buildup. Some folks also brush their teeth to avoid bad breath, and tooth paste for dogs is commonly used.

Ski-Collie Activity Levels

A Ski-collie is a highly energetic dog that needs at least 1 to 2 hours of exercise daily in order to have a healthy lifestyle. The exercises can include jogs interactive games like flyball, frisbee or obedience training. Sky-collie has moderate or high hunting drive, which is why it should be kept on a leash when outside. This active dog will adapt to indoor environments as long as its exercise is being met on a daily basis. Furthermore, Ski-collies needs about 12 miles of walk every week.

Ski-Collie Health

Some major concerns when owning a ski-collie can be Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), Dermatomyositis and Ulcerative Dermatosis. To have your ski-collie in good shape, some tests should be performed occasionally. These tests include Brain Auditory Evoked Response (BAER), Blood Gas Analysis, Internal Imaging, Ear and Myringotomy tests, Eye examinations and Oral Examinations.

Breeds similar to Ski-collie

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Best Puppy Food for Ski-Collies

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Best Dog Bed for Ski-Collies

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Best Dog Harness for Ski-Collies

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