Soft Coated Wheatzer Information-Everything You Need To Know

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A Soft Coated Wheatzer is a cross between a Miniature Schnauzer & a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier breed. They are little to average-sized canines that weigh less than 30lbs & 18 inches in height.

Their soft & wavy average-length coat comes in a range of colors & designs, is thick & weather-resistant, and is soft & wavy.

The Soft Coated Wheatzer is an excellent family pet that gets along with other pets & children. They are easy to pick up & impatient to satisfy, generally healthy & living to be around 14 years.

Soft Coated Wheatzer History

Although the Soft Coated Wheatzer has been here for almost 30 years, it has yet to make much of its name. As a result, you must research the Miniature Schnauzer & the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier’s histories.

The Miniature Schnauzer is the tiniest of the Schnauzer breeds and was developed in 1800 to chase rats & mice. Soft Coated Wheatzer were created by crossing miniature Standard Schnauzers to Poodles & Affenpinschers to produce a smaller, more friendly breed suitable for catering and as a family companion.

They were once called the Wirehaired Pinscher, but their original name was eventually given to them, although they still belong to the tiny Terrier group. Schnauzer is a German word that means “little beard,” that is exactly how they received their contemporary moniker and the nickname “old man.”

Soft Coated Wheatzer cross used to come in various colors, but today only salt & pepper, silver, black, & grey are available.

They have been a member of the U.S Breed Standard since 1926. Soft Coated Wheatzer is the 17th greatest popular cross in the U. S. During the 18th century, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier was crossed from various Terriers, including Glen of Imaal, Irish, & Kerry Blue, to labor on farms.

Despite having a long history in Ireland, they weren’t officially recognized as a legitimate dog cross till the late 1930s.

Previously, however, no records of this breed had been preserved. According to British Royal Codes, Irish residents could not own dogs valued at more than 5lbs, and if a British man wanted one, the Irish man would have to trade it to him.

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier fell in popularity when Christians were able to overturn restrictions that complete it unlawful for Irish people to possess superior dogs in the twentieth century.

However, in the early 1900s, this breed regained popularity and was even recognized by the Irish Breed Standard.

They arrived in the United States in 1940, were approved by the Kennel club in 1973, and are presently the 50th greatest popular canine in the country.

Soft Coated Wheatzer Characteristics

The Soft Coated Wheatzer is a tiny canine with soft, thick, medium-length fur that is generally wavy & comes in various colors, including black, silver, tan, pied, & merle.

Soft Coated Wheatzer has a long snout, a dark nose, & a long, dense beard.

Their almond-shaped eyes are large and attentive, with serious & alert faces. Soft Coated Wheatzer ears are trapezoidal and pendulous, & they have a strand of fur that drapes on their face. The Soft Coated Wheatzer features thick legs & a rectangular physique with a lengthy tail that loops over its back or stands up straight.

How Big Can A Soft Coated Wheatzer Get?

Soft Coated Wheatzer is a little to a medium-sized canine that weighs less than 30 pounds and stands less than 18 inches in height.

How Long Can A Soft Coated Wheatzer Live?

Soft Coated Wheatzer is generally healthy and living to be around 14 years.

How Much Does A Soft Coated Wheatzer Cost?

The average price of this breed is between 1500$-2500$.

Soft Coated Wheatzer Personality/Temperament

The Soft Coated Wheatzer is a loving and loyal dog. They have a Terrier blood but may have a predisposition to pursue small animals like rabbits & guinea pigs.

The Soft Coated Wheatzer is a fantastic companion for folks who have never had a dog before since they learn quickly and readily. They must, however, be properly and regularly taught, as well as socialized early & often. They aren’t good security dogs because they are sociable, but their loud bark might alert to hazards.

Soft Coated Wheatzer Nutrition

A Soft Coated Golden is a medium-sized dog that only needs 2 cups of high-protein and carbohydrate dog food.

How Do You Groom A Soft Coated Wheatzer?

It would be best to begin brushing your Soft Coated Wheatzer while she’s a puppy to acclimate her to the strict maintenance needs required regularly. Because the breed is prone to dental issues, you should brush your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush & specific dog toothpaste.

Cleaning your Soft Coated Wheatzer must be given once a month or as needed since too much washing might cause their skin to become dry. Brush your dog’s coat at least 5 times a day with a smoother brush, steel comb, & firm bristle brush to maintain it healthy and mat-free.

Soft Coated Wheatzer Activity Levels

Because of her high activity level, Soft Coated Wheatzer requires a lot of exercises, so you must take her out for at least an hour every day.

Puppies that do not get adequate mental and physical activity may develop disciplinary issues and get bored or nervous. They may begin to chew on your personal belongings, bark excessively, and even grow violent.

Playing fetch, traveling to the beach, playing with other canines at the park, speed training, hunting, neighborhood walks, swimming, & obedience training are all great activities for both you and your dog.

Soft Coated Wheatzer Health Concerns

In general, a Soft Coated Wheatzer is a healthy breed. They come from a long line of ancestors.

Even so, take them to the clinic for annual inspections to make sure that any potential health issues are identified early.

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Best Dog Food For Soft-Coated Wheatzer

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The best dog food for Soft-Coated Wheatzer is Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. This delicious dry food recipe is thoughtfully balanced with salmon, peas, and sweet potatoes that provide sufficient energy that lasts all day. It also contains minerals and amino acids that promote optimal absorption of essential nutrients. 

  • The natural antioxidants and probiotics promote healthy digestion and immunity. 
  • Added superfoods and omega fatty acids will help him develop healthy skin and a lustrous coat.
  • Contains balanced nutrition for overall health and wellness.

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Best Puppy Food For Soft-Coated Wheatzer

Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Soft-Coated Wheatzer is Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food. The chicken is a source of high-quality protein that is extremely important for growing puppies. The chicken and rice formula gives the meal a crunchy texture that all pets love.

  • Contains fish oil and DHA for healthy brains and better eyesight.
  • Calcium and phosphorus provide proper nutrition for strong bones and teeth.
  • This formula contains no artificial flavors, colors, or fillers.

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Best Dog Crate For Soft-Coated Wheatzer

Midwest Lifestages Single Door Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Soft-Coated Wheatzer is MidWest LifeStages Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate. This crate can become a dog’s perfect home, not only at home but even while you travel. It also slides bolt latches for better security while you’re not home or when you’re traveling.

  • The free divider panel can be used to divide the space inside as the pet grows.
  • Since the crate has two doors, you can position it properly for easy access to the pet.
  • The composite plastic pan is durable, replaceable, and can be removed for cleaning in case of accidents.

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Best Dog Bed For Soft-Coated Wheatzer

Best Friends By Sheri The Original Calming Shag Fur Donut Cuddler Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Soft-Coated Wheatzer is Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Shag Fur Donut Cuddler Dog Bed. This round-shaped bed makes him feel protected, while the bolstered edge serves as a perfect headrest. It has an insulating layer that conserves body warmth when he snuggles up and keeps him warm on chilly nights.

  • The bed has extra filling stuffed in soft faux-shag material that relieves muscle and joint pain.
  • It has a waterproof bottom that keeps the pet safe at all times.
  • This bed is machine washable and is available in two different colors.

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Best Dog Harness For Soft-Coated Wheatzer

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  • The sturdy 2-D rings can be attached to the leash during walks. 
  • The harness comes in multiple sizes to fit any sized dog, and its step-in style makes wearing it very easy. 

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