South Russian Ovcharka Information-Everything You Need to Know

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The most prominent quality of the South Russian Ovcharka is that it is a staunch protector. They were raised to be attack dogs in every way to defend the family, house, and property, and they embrace their role with passion, happily serving as opponents cite if they perceive a significant threat.

They are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and serve as sentinels for their house even when it is not requested. They are bright, but they utilize it in two ways: swiftly grasp the rigors and goals of training and create their judgments.

South Russian Ovcharka History

South Russian Ovcharka Information Everything You Need To KnowThe South Russian Ovcharka, like many other old breeds, does not have a well-documented history. Many people think they are long-lost ancestors of wolves & native Russian bearded dogs, once utilized for herding and defending cattle.

Regardless, there is considerably more indication that the breed grew significantly faster from around 1790 onwards when so many of the types diverged into their independent groupings.

It’s thought that Austrian shepherds were mated with Tatra shepherds & sighthounds during this period, resulting in huge, dominating, and tough canines with exceptional stamina. Based on the breed’s appearance and attitude, these appear to be plausible possibilities to descend from.

South Russian Ovcharka Characteristics

The South Russian Ovcharka have lengthy, shaggy exterior coats that range in length from 4 to 6 inches and come in various colors, like white, fawn, and grey, with a thick undercoat as their foundation layer.

They are highly powerful and based on a heavy bone structure behind their ragged surface. Like a wolf’s, their heads are extended with the skull roughly the same length as the black-nosed snout. Their eyes are black and oval-shaped, and their ears are triangular and folded, although they are little for their skull.

Their chests are wide and deep, & their backs are muscular and straight. Their forelegs are similar in length, while their rear legs are well-angled and thigh muscles are thick.

How Big Can A South Russian Ovcharka Get?

The South Russian Ovcharka are huge canines that reach at least two feet tall & weigh up to 100 pounds.

How Long Can A South Russian Ovcharka Live?

The lifespan of a South Russian Ovcharka is 9-11 years on average that depending on upkeep.

How Much Does A South Russian Ovcharka Cost?

The cost of a South Russian Ovcharka ranges from 1000$ to 3000$.

South Russian Ovcharka Personality/Temperament

Although South Russian Ovcharkas are typically laid-back and friendly towards their families, they maintain much of their old reputation as guardians.

They are not a difficult breed to teach since they are quite bright, but their strong-willed character means that even after being thoroughly trained, they will frequently try to make their judgments unless informed differently.

Because of this, they require a firm and continuous hand to maintain optimum conduct.

They will frequently try to establish themselves as the family’s dominant member if not provided instruction regularly. They prefer spending time with their families, but they are equally content being alone as long as they have had enough exercise.

They will frequently patrol their house or yard, ensuring they cannot see or hear something possibly threatening.

They can be a touch standoffish, particularly with strangers and other dogs, due to their independence gained during years of guarding over flocks & families. They will require extensive socialization early on whether they are to coexist with either frequently with minimum complications.

They are also somewhat nice to youngsters by nature, but they should be socialized to avoid mishaps. They also demand a lot of activity, so they perform best in an active household with a big house, a big yard, or a good dog playground – yet another incentive for early & comprehensive socializing.

South Russian Ovcharka Nutrition

A South Russian Overcharka is a large dog that only needs 4.5 cups of high-protein and carbohydrate dog food.

How Do You Groom A South Russian Ovcharka?

The South Russian Ovcharkas are rated a moderate to high maintenance breed because of their unusually long coats. They shed moderately between seasons but surely unload in the spring, necessitating regular brushing and combing to maintain their coat clean, untangled, and matting-free.

They’re known for transporting dirt from outside, and while they do a decent job of keeping themselves clean, you can bet the remainder will end up in the home, so the more they’re brushed, the more under control the problem will be.

Many owners prefer to have them brushed, trimmed, and cleaned by experts, but it is feasible to do at the house for any owner who is determined enough to do it regularly.

Although they are typically safer for dogs with bigger ears, their folded ears must be watched since they are prone to accumulating extra moisture and wax, which can cause ear infections.

To maintain proper oral health, they would need their nails cut as needed and their teeth washed at least once a week, just like any other breed.

South Russian Ovcharka Activity Levels

This breed is called high-energy because of its vast muscle and innate endurance. They will normally exercise themselves, even if only to a little extent, by patrolling the area if left alone in the yard, but they will be far more prone to getting disturbed or frightened if they have pent-up energy.

To maintain their happiness and health, they need at least 16 – 18 miles of jogging or walking each week or 70 minutes of daily activity. This dog is not suited for an apartment and requires a home with lots of space on the inside and a safe backyard on the outside.

South Russian Ovcharka Health Concerns

In general, a South Russian Overcharka is a healthy breed. They come from a long line of ancestors.

Even so, take them to the clinic for annual inspections to make sure that any potential health issues are identified early.

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