Spay And Neuter Chihuahuas – All You Need To Know

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Spay And Neuter Chihuahuas All You Need To KnowThe Chihuahua is a breed that is small in size but carries a massive personality. It has a very adorable nature and all age groups like them. Even though it is a very tiny breed, it does not shy away from any competition. 

These tiny fur babies require regular maintenance. You must take care of their health and well-being. So before you bring a Chihuahua home, there are certain wellness tips that you must be aware of. If you already have a Chihuahua, we advise you to pay regular visits to the vet.

In this article, we shall discuss an essential part while it comes to taking care of your pet- spaying and neutering. If you want to know whether or not to get your Chihuahua spayed or neutered, continue reading!

Why should you get your Chihuahua spayed and neutered?

Chihuahuas are spayed and neutered for their well-being. Most owners don’t think of it as a necessary procedure, but it is actually quite beneficial.

Spaying and neutering can help you keep your pup in good health. Spaying prevents heat cycles. It also protects your dog against prostate cancer.

Another benefit of having your pup fixed is that it prevents them from running away from home. It is a natural procedure and helps your dog live a healthy life.

How much does it cost to spay a Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are small dogs. Spaying should involve care and caution. It is a slightly expensive procedure and can be complicated if not done by an experienced vet. The neutering process is comparatively more straightforward.

Worried about your dog? We understand. Spaying is not very painful. Vets consider this a very normal procedure. It also has a standard recovery time. However, you must consult a qualified vet for the procedure.

Spaying a Chihuahua can cost between $50 to USD 100 through a reduced program. It might go up to USD 200 in the absence of a program.

When to spay a Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas should be spayed before the first heat cycle, according to some experts. The ideal period to have your Chihuahua spayed is between 3 to 7 months. This prevents the chances of mammary tumors.

Chihuahuas are spayed even at a young age of 18 weeks. However, vets claim that pups should be of a healthy size and weight to undergo spaying. This allows them to be fit for the anesthesia and the surgery.

When to neuter a Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas should get neutered between 2 to 6 months. This is to avoid any medical issues related to young age. Young dogs can have medical complications if neutered too early. It is better and safer to neuter them at a later stage.

Some people prefer getting their dogs neutered very early, but it is a risky procedure. Some reports indicate that early neutering might cause joint troubles in Chihuahuas. It is best to choose a time when your pup is healthy and can take on the surgical process.

Is it safe to spay and neuter a Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas take 10-15 days to heal from the spaying and neutering procedures. Even though some studies suggest urinary incontinence post spaying, it is not extremely common. It is safe to spay or neuter dogs.

Spaying and neutering have very few health risks. They are, in fact, quite beneficial. They help in reducing aggression and the risk of cancers as well, keeping your dog healthy.

Summing up

Chihuahuas are tiny furballs that can bring so much joy to your lives. These little fur buddies need regular care and grooming. You must take care of the grooming and health procedures of your pup from time to time.

Spaying and neutering is a common process, and most dogs don’t have many complaints after going through it. These procedures can be stressful for you, but with an experienced vet, your pup is in safe hands!

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