Spay And Neuter Dachshunds – All You Need To Know!

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Spay And Neuter Dachshunds – All You Need To KnowA dachshund has an impressive body, because of its short legs and long body features. Also, the hair of the breed is smooth and long, which makes it even more attractive. If you own a miniature dachshund, then lucky you! They are not only lovely to play with, but also keep your house mice free.

However, there’s a responsible side to the first few months of bringing home a Dachshund. Visiting the vet, getting shots done, regular health check-ups are mostly cared for in the early stages. After that, comes the decision of whether or not to have your dachshund spayed or neutered dawns upon you.

It’s natural for you to have multiple questions about the process since it’s a major decision. To help you make a choice, we’ve covered everything you would want to know about spaying or neutering your dachshund. So if you are planning to spay and neuter your dog, continue reading!

How much does it cost to spay a dachshund?

Neutering a dachshund is not as costly as spaying. Because while spaying any breed, there are lots of complicated steps performed. The cost of spaying will differ according to the service you will take from your vet. 

Usually, the cost of the spaying of a dachshund is between $50 to $100. If you want to spay your miniature dachshund, then it will cost you around $60. 

When to spay a Dachshund?

Owning a dachshund is never easy because you have to go to vets and do check-ups too often. In spaying, the female dachshund breed’s uterus and ovaries are removed by a small incision in the abdomen. 

There is no mandated time to spay them, but most of the vets suggest spaying them before the first heat. Usually, most of the dog owners spay their pet in the fifth month itself. 

But for a miniature dachshund, spaying should not be done at an earlier stage. It is better to go for a personalized opinion as it can cause major risks like IVDD.

When to neuter a Dachshund?

In the case of a male dachshund, you should neuter them when they hit puberty. Neutering a dachshund at an earlier stage will not give many benefits. But when the neutering is done in the puberty period, the benefits will last for a longer time.

The ninth month is a good time to neuter, as the aggression will lower down, and the behavioral traits will improve too.

Is it safe to spay and neuter Dachshund?

Neutering and spaying is a major surgery. It may lead to the risk of infection, side effects, and other complications. However, it has been proven through research that these complications are not common, and if they do occur, it would only be minor. The procedure is not painful as the dog is under general anesthetic, so it doesn’t feel a thing.

There are several myths related to neutering and spaying. One of them is that your dog may become fat and lazy. However, that is completely false. Sexual reproduction has nothing to do with body fat. Make sure you take your dog on regular walks and exercises so that it stays fit after the procedure!

Final takeaways

The whole procedure of spaying and neutering does not cause any pain to the pup. Moreover, these can help to save the life of your dog, as they will be less prone to diseases. Hence neuter and spay your puppy at an early age so that they do not become lazy, and you will be able to enjoy walks with them for a longer time!

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